10 Years Later – Fetish


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Maria and Devin had known each other for 15 years, time and life had got in the way of them staying in touch. Maria was born and raised in Hawaii but now lives in Boston and Devin lives in New York. Maria at all times thought what happened to Devin so she decided to do some online research and found that he lived in New York City. She was very interested in reconnecting with him so she nervously decided to give him a call. After multiple attempts of putting his number in her cell phone but not hitting call. she finally called! As the phone was ringing she could feel her armpits starting to sweat! He finally answered and to her surprise he had been trying to connect with her! Devin at all times liked maria, she was sexy! They talked for a little over an hour and her pits were so sweaty by the end of the conversation. They had planned to talk again later in the evening.

Just as Maria got off the phone with Devin, her boyfriend walked in the door and gave her a hug and he noticed her sweaty armpits, she told him she had just connected with a good friend after 10 years. He wanted to know more about her friend, Devin. She told him everything and now her pits were even more wet and smelled. She nervously asked her boyfriend if he would be OK with her meeting up with Devin and he was fine with it. Her boyfriend, Matt, loved her sweaty and smelly armpits.

It was about 6pm and Devin called and they talked for another hour and decided that they should meet. Devin booked a flight to Boston. She told her boyfriend Devin was flying to see her and she would love to introduce them. Matt was really looking forward to meeting her friend!

It was getting late so Matt and Maria decided to go to bed; Maria raised her arms above her head and Matt could smell the intoxicating musty smell from her pits. Devin had really made her sweat. Matt gently rubbed and kissed her armpits. The more he touched her, the bigger his boner got. She began rubbing his hard cock as fast and furious as she could and as she was rubbing it, he put his hand in her armpit and she was so sweaty. He grabbed her by her armpits and moved her on top of his hard cock. and told her to ride him good! As she was bouncing up and down on his cock, he had his hands in her armpits, which by this time, we’re just soaked with sweat. She raised her arms above her head and he could smell them. As she was still riding him; he slowly ran his fingers down her arms and into her armpits. He could see her armpits glistening with sweat. Matt came deep and so much inside of her wet pussy. She rolled over and he kissed her smelly pits.

Time flies by, it was Saturday and Devin’s plane would be landing in 1 hour. Matt knew that Maria had to be nervous. He was gonna drive her to the airport so he could meet Devin. Maria loved the fact that Matt had an armpit fetish and at all times let him smell and touch your armpits whenever he wanted. They arrived at the airport and got parked. It was 82 degrees outside and Marie look good; she was wearing shorts and a light blue, silk sleeveless top. When she got out of the car, Matt saw small sweat patches starting to form on her blouse, he was getting a hard on.

They arrived near the security checkpoint where Devin would be arriving from. Maria was nervous because it had been 10 years since they had seen each other. She raised her arm to tuck her long dark hair behind her ear and Matt got a whiff of a musty scent. He looked at her armpit and the sweat patches were bigger and the silk blouse clung to her wet pits. Matt knew that the waiting and anticipation was making her sweat more. Maria was getting more nervous as time went by, Devin’s flight had been delayed for another 15 minutes. Finally her phone rang and Devin told her that he just landed so should be there in about 10 minutes. Matt noticed the sweat patches had were getting even bigger and he saw Maria feel her pit.

There he is, she told Matt! She reached up and hugged him and Matt just wanted to cum in his pants because her silk blouse was so sweat stained by now and he noticed when Devin hugged her, his hand was in her wet pit.

They drove Matt to his hotel and the car was smelling like Maria’s sweaty armpits. She gave Devin a hug and they planned to meet up the next day. Matt noticed that her sweat patches were down the side of her blouse and he could see the silk hugging the wet skin. All he wanted to do was fuck her.

The next day arrived and Maria, Devin and Matt were gonna meet in downtown Boston for a walk around the city and to talk. Maria was wearing a sexy light green colored sundress with a lace, short sleeve sweater over it. He could already smell her. He suggested she take off her sweater because it would be pretty hot. He saw sweat patches in the armpit and couldnt help himself, he reached over and felt and smelled her wet pits. Devin arrived and they decided to ride the trolley, it was packed., Maria stood and held onto the overhead bar while Matt and Devin sat on the bench. Matt could see the sweat patches in her pits getting bigger and it was so sexy to see some dark armpit stubble. He saw Devin looking at her armpits too. They were getting off the trolley and Maria grabbed Matt’s hand and put it in her wet armpit and Matt had to use the restroom so he could jerk off real quick!

Matt was turned on by how sweaty Devin made her! He wasnt jealous at all but more intrigued. They had a great day in the city. They laid down on the bed together and her pits were dry and smelly. Matt asked what made her pits so wet when she was around Devin. The question really caught her off guard and she wasn’t sure what to say; but she told him that she was just nervous and excited that he was here so it really made her sweat. Matt started drilling her with questions about her past relationship with Devin and she divulged everything, It turned him on. He raised her arms and her pits were super sweaty again.

He was hornier than fuck and wanted some good sex, he cuffed her to his bed, arms above her head. She loved being cuffed and giving the sexual control to him! Her aroma was making his cock so big and hard. He sat on top of her as she squirmed and tickled her sweaty pits. The more he tickled her, the sweatier she became. He stroked his dick while looking at her wet armpits. he could see beads of sweat forming among the sexy dark armpit stubble! He put his hard dick inside her wet pussy, he had his hands on her armpits as he thrusted himself back and forth. He could feel his cock getting bigger inside her. The bedroom smelled of her wet musty scent. He came good and hard inside her. He kissed her wet filled pits and uncuffed her.

Morning came and it was time for Devin to leave. Matt felt her armpits in the morning and they were very dry but smelly. She reached for her cell phone to call Devin and let him know they were leaving to pick him up and take him to the airport. Maria was driving this time and traffic was terrible; Matt knew Maria hated driving because it stressed her out. While sitting in the car outside Devin’s hotel room, Matt reached over to feel her pits and they were soaked. Devin got in the car and they took off! Of course Matt had a gigantic hard on because he knew how sweaty Maria was. They all said their goodbyes and Matt noticed Marias pits were drenched in sweat as she got back in the car! She was wearing another silk sleeveless blouse. Her pits were getting more wet as they were caught in rush hour traffic. She raised her right arm over her head and he could could see her pits sparkling with sweat and since Maria was Hawaiian; the sweat was glistening on her dark skin.

Matt had at all times wanted to ask Maria if she would be interested in swinging with another couple. He has to approach her at the right time. If she decides to swing, the story of Matt and Maria may continue…

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