I watched my best friend get fucked during a party (F18)


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The other night, I wasn’t really feeling up for a party, but my best friend managed to convince me to go. And OMG, am I glad I did!

We arrived at the house and started downing drinks like there was no tomorrow. Things got hazy, but all of a sudden, we found ourselves kissing and dancing together. It was wild! And then, out of nowhere, this guy joined us. Talk about heating things up!

You won’t believe what happened next. My best friend grabbed our hands and led us into a bedroom. They wasted no time, making out and undressing each other. It was intense, to say the least. They even invited me to join in, but I decided to sit on the couch and watch instead.

As I sat there, my excitement skyrocketed. The sight of him fucking her from behind while she locked eyes with me, moaning in pleasure—it was like a dream. I couldn’t withstand any longer. Overwhelmed with desire, I gave in and started pleasuring myself right then and there. It didn’t take long before I reached an incredible climax.

Wow, just thinking about that night gets me all hot and bothered. It was a steamy and unforgettable experience that I’ll cherish forever. Sometimes, unexpected moments can lead to the most mind-blowing adventures!

NSFW: yes

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  1. HornyGlasses

    Looking at your profile, you went from being a 47yo teacher to being an 18yo liar

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