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Chapter 3

Kassandra needed a way into the Cyclops’ lair that wouldn’t let the brute know she’d been there. She contemplated killing them one by one day with her spear, but dead bodies tell just as much survivors that someone was there. Stealth would be her only option. At the moment she crouched behind some bushes, trying to learn the guards movements. It was nighttime, so there was little chance of them seeing her. More likely they’d hear her in the eerie silence of midnight.

“Damn. This is why I stab people in broad daylight instead of scurrying about like a mouse.”

Every move of hers Kassandra could hear the creak of her dried out leather sandals. Her sword thumped on her thigh and clinked when it hit something nearby. Even her dress was a liability as it caught on the bush, rustling it and making slight tearing noises. If they caught her she’d easily survive and still be able to steal the obsidian dick. But not only would the Cyclops’ wrath be immediately directed at her and Markos, not a single person would dare buy it off them.

Every precaution had to be taken, no matter how humiliating it could be. So with great reluctance she took off her sword and spear. She removed her sandals and slowly pulled off her gray dress. Kassandra couldn’t bring herself to remove her undergarments. Despite the fact it didn’t cover much anyways, it at least let her have some sense of decency. She noticed how her pubic hair stuck out from the small strip of fabric that cover d her pussy. Maybe later she’d take the time to shave herself like she’d seen local whores do.

Basically naked with a bit of fabric covering her most intimate parts, she felt the cool breeze on her exposed tits. Crouching back down, Kassandra began to make her way to the house of the Cyclops. Moving to and from patches of tall grass, she kept along the perimeter for a moment before spotting a piece of wall she could climb over.

As soon as the guard nearby made his round past the wall, Kassandra moved quick and straight to it. She was over the wall in an instant, but as she let herself fall to the ground, she felt her undergarments catch on a jagged piece of the wall. It would have been simple to recover if the fabric just ripped. But unfortunately it held strong, pulling taut and leaving her hanging. Her muscles worked against her now as her weight made the undergarments dig and pull into her pussy.

Kassandra struggled to escape, but all that did was dig it in deeper. A sharp white hot pain was coming from her pussy like a bolt of lightning from Zeus to fry her brain. She clenched her teeth to keep from making noise, but couldn’t stop the frothy drool coming out. Slowly though, the pain morphed into pleasure. Through the haze in her mind she felt her pussy grow wet. Then the wall cracked and she fell to her knees, the imminent orgasm thankfully subsiding ever so slightly.

She looked behind her and saw the undergarments had been stretched out beyond use. There was no time to think as she heard footsteps coming closer. In one fell swoop she yanked the undergarments off and made a break for inside the house. Just as Kassandra stepped over the threshold, the footsteps from before sounded behind her. Then they stopped.

“Hey! Who brought a whore here and didn’t share?” Nobody answered. “Whatever…at least I got something to jerk off with after my shift.”

As the perverted man took her undergarments away, Kassandra was made aware of how she now stood totally naked in an enemy base. Worse still, her pussy was swollen and throbbing, streaks of her juices running down her thighs in an infinite stream. Still, she had a mission and intended to see it through. There seemed to be no one in the house. As long as she was quiet, she could wear h for the obsidian dick.

The house was filled with luxuries, gold, food, clothes, all things taken from the people of Kephalonia. And then finally, sitting on a table in the bastard’s room, there sat the thing. Overcompensation was the first word to come to Kassandra’s mind. Next was that the thing must be worth a small fortune. Last was how good that thing would feel inside her aching pussy. No one around, a nice bed nearby, and at all times in the world.

“Well…I might as well get some use out of it. Gods know the Cyclops hasn’t.”

Grabbing the obsidian dick, she saw how enormous the thing truly was. As long and thick as her forearm, the gold veins ran its length just like real ones. Flopping down onto the bed, she spread her legs into almost a split and brought the dick close to her needy pussy. Rubbing it along her opening, the cool surface felt good. Soon enough it was slick with her girl drool and ready to go. Putting the tip at her entrance, she gently pushed it in.

“By the Gods!”

Even just the tip was enough to send small orgasms coursing through her body. With reckless abandon she shoved the rest of it inside. Deeper, deeper, it went down to the hilt of the shiny balls, punching against her cervix. Stretched out more than ever before, a bigger orgasm ran through her, but still it wasn’t enough. Her eyes had instinctively shut from the pleasure, but something inside her warned Kassandra to open them. But it was a mistake as the first thing she saw was a rusted medallion.


Philonius didn’t think it efficient that his dick could get any harder that night. But lo and behold him walking into the Cyclops’ for a secret jerk off session when he saw the legendary misthios fucking her own brains out. He’d been given that medallion, but never wondered he’d get the chance to use it. She was too far gone in her lust to notice him walk up to her. A quick flash of the medallion and her shocked expression turned to one of drowsiness and sleep.

“All right, one command and one suggestion. Gotta make this count.”

He wondered of all the things he could make her do. Strut in front of everyone naked. Suck off every man in the place. But then he remembered how the other guys didn’t distribute their whores with him. The many nights he’d been stuck with his hand and a hole in a bed he’d made. No, he was given this opportunity and he planned on being selfish just like everyone else. But even so, he couldn’t go to crazy with the command and suggestion the masked man had said.

“Put the dick on the floor and do squats onto it.”

Like the warrior she was, Kassandra heaved herself off the bed in one motion, put the dick down and got into squatting position with great ease. She raised herself up onto her tiptoes and then brought her wet pussy crashing back down onto dick. Even in her hypnotized state, her body reacted, and she let out a noise between pained grunt and slut’s moan. Philonius could see the bulge in her abdomen even with the ripped muscles in the way.

Up and down she went. BAM! BAM! BAM! Her ass slammed into the floor so hard he wondered cracks would appear. With the show in motion, he pulled out his dick and wrapped it in what could only be Kassandra’s undergarments. He jerked hard and fast, trying to keep pace with the misthios. Her moans grew louder, an orgasm surely on the horizon. Philonius was close as well.

He cummed first, more than ever before. Ropes of semen came out straight into the fabric. The cloth became slick and heavy with his jizz. Just as he was finishing, Kassandra went down one more time before stopping with a shudder. Her own cum exploded out around the obsidian dick. Those once strong legs gave out, and she fell forward onto her knees. Her ass stuck up in the air with the dildo still sheathed in her soaked pussy.

“By the will of Hades I could die happy now,” Philonius said.

Still, there was the matter of the suggestion. He still held the undergarments turned jizz rag and an idea popped into his mind. He knelt down and whispered in her ear. He told her that when she found the dick, the best way of escape was to sneak it out in her pussy using her undergarments to conceal it fully. So he managed to get the ruined fabric back onto her, but realized it had been pulled too loose somehow. Philonius remedied the problem by pulling hard on the undergarments until they were pulled taut again and knotted them around her braid. The result was that the dick was securely inside her, but now any movement her part dug both the fabric and dick deeper inside.


Kassandra couldn’t believe she wondered this was a good idea. Every step she took sent a shock of pleasure through her pussy. Not to mention some man must of gotten to her undergarments first and jizzed into them. The semen kept her pussy slick, warm, and horny beyond belief. Still, it seemed the Cyclops didn’t pay his men well enough, as she was able to escape easily.

Making it back to her clothes, Kassandra grabbed her spear and cut the undergarments out of her hair. The pressure on her pussy lessened, and as she peeled off the clothing the dick slowly came out as well. She had to use her muscles to full push it out though, causing one final orgasm to go through her as it popped out onto the ground. Shiny and clean as the day it was made, Kassandra put the obsidian dick into her pack after putting on the rest of her clothes. Normally she’d never go without undergarments, given how a sufficient breeze could blow her dress up and expose her. However, not only did she not want to wear semen encrusted undergarments, her still gaping pussy felt a bit better with the cool night air on it.

“Now back to Markos. Hopefully he has more undergarments for me to wear…”


Pulling herself out of the Animus, Layla tried taking it easy for a bit. The many orgasms Kassandra experienced had also rocked her system as well. Looking down, her pants, which had only just dried, now had a large wet patch again. Layla sighed and pulled them off along with her thong for the time being. There was no point in wearing them if they kept getting ruined like that. Hot and flustered still, she took off her remaining clothes, but decided to keep her bomber jacket on.


There was a notification on the computer, and really could only be one thing. Her delivery of sex toys had been delivered to the pickup point. It was a cool summer night, and the open window let in a soft breeze that helped calm her down. She wondered about putting her clothes back on but decided against it. As an assassin, she’d have no trouble sneaking to and from the pickup point without people seeing her practically nude body. So, with just her jacket and boots on, she opened the safehouse’s front door, making sure to lock it on her way out.

Down the stairs to ground level and out onto the dimly lit street, she only had about a ten-minute walk to get there. As far as she could tell, there was no one out this late at night. Starting out, she kept to the shadows, taking the time to avoid any streetlights. However, as she got closer to her destination, she began to grow lax. At some point she dispensed with the stealth and walk straight and tall down the sidewalk. Each time she passed underneath one of the lights, she felt tingling sensation coming from her pussy.

On the corner of two streets, she saw the set of lockers used to hold pickups for numerous delivery businesses. A bright light shined down, making it clear to any who might come by her state of undress. Confident no one was around, she stepped into the circle of light and opened up her locker. There sat a large bag with no discernible logo or words on it. The size made her think that perhaps she’d gone overboard on how many sex toys she’d bought.

“Hey! How much for an hour babe?”

Layle froze. Slowly she turned around to see an unmarked black car behind her. The window was open, and a man in his sixties hung out of it. In his hand was a wad of cash. Layla smelled booze, cheap cologne, and the distinct smell of dried up jizz. Shock and fear gave way to confusion, then that gave way to the realization that the man wondered she was some sort of street whore.

Trying to keep some sense of dignity, Layla said, “Too much for you old-timer.”

He pulled out a second wad of cash. “I can afford sweetheart.”

Trying to ignore her stiffening nipples, Layla said, “Sorry, I uh…I’m on my way to a different client right now.”

“Well, all right then. Hopefully next time I catch you when you’re in between jobs.”

“Yeah, well…” Layla didn’t know how to reply.

“You must be new,” he said with a small chuckle. “Going in the buff is amateur hour. Try get some sexy clothes that tease the customer.”

“What?” Despite the situation, Layla felt this blow to her pride couldn’t go unanswered.

“Yep. And you might want to get some work done if you want to keep up with the other whores. A big set of tits and a fat juicy ass will take you far in this business kid.”

And with that, the old man drove off, leaving Layla confused, and very pissed off.

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