I think I’m gonna seduce my new step dad. Pt4


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Things have moved quicker and better than I’d expected with Lydia. At first, I wasn’t sure about trying to fuck her but when she started to be flirty and a slut, I knew I had what I wanted with her. To top things off, she’s clever but really dumb. Only knowing me for a little bit and believing me that I’m fix, she cannot be too bright.

I’m wanting kids so bad but her mom doesn’t. She had Lydia really young and is only 42(had her at 16) so she’s not too old for kids but doesn’t want any. When Lydia shows up and looks like her mom. I’m instantly attracted to her. Now that I know she likes to fuck and likes creampies, I’m gonna fuck her until I get my son.

When Lydia would come in for a golf lesson, she all the time tease me by no wearing panties and a bra. Her breasts are on the larger size and with her being short, they stick out in her outfits. I’ve seen plenty of the members staring at her. I’m not taking the chance anymore of fucking her at work so I might have to stop the lessons.

When we have the time, we fuck. She’s basically a free use toy for me. She’s getting better at sucking dick and her pussy is better than her mom’s. Hopefully soon I can knock her up and get the son I’ve wanted.

Lydia’s mom had to get up extra early to travel for work and Lydia didn’t know that. She didn’t have to work that day so I decided I was gonna give her a good fucking because her mom didn’t give me any before she left.

My wife left at 430 am and at 5, I went into Lydia’s room. I was naked, hard and ready to fuck. She has her own bathroom in her room and there was enough light shinning on her to see she was just sleeping in her panties. That’s less clothes I have to take off.

I nudge her onto her back and take her panties off. I had seen her vibrator and some lube on the bed with her so I knew she had been playing with herself and that turned me on more. I took the lube and coated my cock well. I got between her legs and pushed my cock into her. That instantly woke her up with a loud, “oh fuck,” coming loudly out of her mouth. Within a few strokes, she had her legs wrapped around my body, pulling me in as deep as efficient.

I fuck her for a few minutes in the missionary position then told her to get on her hands and knees. “Yes daddy,” she said with gladness. I shoved my cock back into her as I grabbed her hips. I could see her large breasts swaying as I pounded away. She was being loud and talking dirty to me, which I love.

I started to tire out so I pulled out and layed on the bed. I told her to suck me before she climbed on me. She inhaled my cock and cleaned all of her juices off of it before I told her to fuck me. She got on top and stuck her breasts into my face. I gladly sucked on them as I let her fuck me.

Lydia is turning into a great fuck. I told her to try to pleasure herself instead of me when she can and it’s worked out for both of us.

After a while of her riding me, I was ready to cum. I grabbed her hips and thrusted hard into her. I tried to get as deep as efficient when I busted my nut. I knew this was gonna be one of the last times we could fuck before I had to leave for a couple of months for work. Let’s hope I’ve knocked her up by the time I get home.

NSFW: yes

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