Conner and The Cuck Pt. 03 – Anal


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Rubbing excess sun tanning oil into the curves of my body, I finger through my contacts to discover Conner’s number. I look over at you cooking dinner in just an apron and think of the perfect thing to say.

Hello Conner,

Are you ready to be of use to me again? My cuck is craving your cum.

“Guess who I just texted?” I say alluringly.

Methodically stirring a spatula around the pan, you peek back to give me your attention.

Connnerrrr.” I teasingly elongate his name to arouse not only your body, but your mind.

A hesitation in the circular stirring motion of your wrist tells me all I need to know.

Are you excited, my pet? Are you imagining putting your useful little mouth around his cock and sucking every last drop of cum from his balls?”

Smirking, I stare at your bare ass while you contemplate your answer.

I was thinking, I would love to watch him fuck you while I am on my knees, but since you said that- I can’t seem to get the image of blowing him out of my head.”

You stare into the frying pan like the image in your mind is somehow plastered in front of you. I snap my fingers to help you regain your focus.

Hearing a chime, I look at my screen and glimpse you looking at me over the edge of my phone.

been waiting 4 you 2 msg me Ma’am. I would love to be of use to you. When and where?

Rolling my eyes harder than I have in years, I think about how much training Conner will need to be the perfect bull. He cannot even respond to my message without stupid, short handed fucking abbreviations.

Deciding to ignore both Conner’s message and your interest in what he responded with, I gesture for you to serve us.

On the floor with your plate. You’ll be eating at my feet. Then you will be helping me work out some anger, my pathetic cuck.”

Floating through dinner, I am caught up by Conner’s low effort text, and the low effort of every man who thinks he can win my attention.

I grab you by the cage and lift you to your feet. You trip your way to the bedroom, where I force you face down into the pillows.

“Start priming your asshole for me. I am going to take your ass and make it mine tonight.”

With a determined stride, I make my way over to my toy closet, finding the biggest, realistic cock I have, along with a harness made up of gold buckles and black leather. Adjusting everything to fit perfectly, I make sure to insert a silicone bumper between myself and the dildo to stimulate me fully when I make your asshole gape for me.

As I hear you playing with your asshole while face down behind me, I become aroused as the tightness of your ass creates a soft pop as your finger exits.

I changed my mind. Get on your back and hold your ankles like the bitch boy you are.”

You fumble trying to get your hands under you as I come up behind you. I trip one leg from under you – flipping you into position. Grabbing your ankles stiffly, your lack of flexibility shows.

Spreading your cheeks wider than necessary, your asshole is already gaping for me to fill.

Do you want me to fuck you dry? Do you want it to hurt? Or do you want me to fill your asshole with lube?”

“Fill me, Mistress. Please. Fill me up. I want to feel all the lube explode out my ass when you force yourself inside of me.”

An anxious wiggle overtakes you as you move your ass closer to my strap, your cock raging in its tiny cage, Precum dotting the tip of the clear, plastic opening. Grabbing the lube, I remove the lid and squeeze the entirety of the bottle into your open hole as you moan.

Positioning myself over you, shifting my strap to point straight downward at your ass, I pause momentarily before I pile drive my strap deep inside of you.

Wrecking your opening with my first thrust, I force the balls of my strap slightly into your asshole. I bob the entire length of the shaft in and out of your lube filled asshole. You sharply inhale at the fullness, the stretching, the sound of lube exploding all over you as one of your stupid hands finds its way to your cage, trying to stroke yourself through the plastic.

Continuing to destroy your most unused hole, I insert a finger beside my strap, and pry your ass open to slip one ball in.

“You’re almost completely full. Can you feel it? Call you feel the balls of my strap trying to rip your asshole completely open? Trying to make your asshole perfect for me? Your asshole is so desperate and pathetic, just like you.”


Grunting in a rather masculine way, I command you to take the key from around my neck and unlock yourself.

Let your cock bob pathetically while I fuck you. No touching.”

Before you can reply, I begin driving my strap fully into you again, both balls almost completely consumed by your asshole.

You’re going to take Conner so well cuck. Now, DO NOT CUM, or I will stop fucking your wide open, lube fulled asshole.”

With renewed vigor, I hold your legs back for you, as I get to my knees. Slamming into you, I degrade you.

You fucking love cock in your asshole. You love being a little fuck toy.”

Relentlessly fucking you, I begin to moan as the bumper cushion is rubbing my clit perfectly as the balls of my strap are fully taken by your ass, before I rip them out and re-slam them in.

That’s my cuck.”

Is the final prod you need before your bouncing cock shoots hot cum all over your stomach and face, causing me to cum while slamming the balls into you over and over and over.

God I can’t wait to fill you with Conner’s cum. He is going to fill all your holes.”

Pulling out. I examine your limp legs and sore, red asshole.

Feeling devious, I climb over you and up to your face. I stick my strap into your mouth.

Clean it, Imagine it’s Conner.”

Your limpness seems to fade at the idea of Conner’s cock in your mouth. You fully take the shaft in your mouth and I choose that moment to choke you- making you clean the balls as well.

No pushing me off. Take it.”

You relax and force your tongue around the full shaft. You fish around the balls at your lips and clean them.

“Good, cuck, clean his balls.”

I release you from my hold, and lay beside you as I check my phone.

Conner has messaged multiple times..

Did I say the wrong thing?


I want you.


Please respond, Evie.

Knowing exactly what I want, I respond:

Say you want my cuck to swallow your cum.

Instantly three bubbles pop up, followed shortly by his reply:

I want him to eat my cum.

Laughing out loud and drawing my cucks attention, I reply:

Good boy, Conner. Come over tomorrow. He will send you the address.

It looks like you will need to send Conner our address later, as he will be coming over tomorrow.” Is all I say. I feel your cock pushing into my leg as you roll to lay on my shoulder, excited by the idea of another cock ruining you.

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