I (M32) matched on Tinder with my HS Student Teacher (F36) Part 1

When I was a senior we had this beautiful 22 year old student teacher for my history class. She was 5’6, maybe 120 pounds and fit. Brunette with a nice tan and green eyes that just popped. We all had the hots for Ms. L.

I was never some big stud with game so I all the time just joked around with her. That’s my game. Make ‘em laugh and make ‘em forget I’m not a model lol. We all the time kept in touch after high college but never anything that crossed any lines or anything. We stayed friends on Facebook and while I was in school she got married to an older guy. Lucky dude.

Well that all changed a few weeks ago as I had a few glasses of wine and downloaded tinder. It had been a few years since my last relationship and I was on tinder years ago, figure why not see what’s out there.

I have a thing for a wide variety of women, so I put my settings from 25-40. Would I want a relationship with a 25 or 40 year old? Not necessarily, but it’s Tinder and I was lonely so away I went.

A few days go by and there she is. “Jen”, 39, “Just got out of a long relationship, not sure what I’m looking for”

Swiped right. Of course. It’s Ms. L. God damn does she look even better than 18 year old me wondered. Still had that tight body that seemingly got better with age. Her main photo was her on a beach somewhere in a cheeky bikini and I do not remember her having such an ass on her.

I also didn’t think she’d ever swipe on me. I was a student of hers a hundred years ago so I just assume she’d think it’s a little weird.

I was wrong

I wake up the next morning to a message from Ms. L “ —— oh my god I haven’t seen you in so long! You look great! What are you doing on this stupid app?”

“You look great” I wondered sounded like what your friends would say if you lost a few pounds lol. So i shot my shot to see if I had an actual chance.

“It’s weird to call you Jen but hi Jen! I’m just looking for love in all the wrong places, I wasn’t expecting to actually match with you. Speaking of great, the view on that beach is pretty amazing yourself”

Cringe. Kill me. Did i just hit on my old teacher? By boyishly hiding the fact that I’m staring at her ass?

She laughed it off. She said the divorce had been hard and she needed a little confidence boost.

We kept chatting for a bit and i said to her, I’m not sure what you’re looking for exactly but here’s my number and hopefully we can chat more.

Then a text from a number I don’t have saved hits…

“Honestly? I’m looking for fun. Would it be weird of us to go grab drinks and see what fun we can have?”

We grabbed drinks a few days later. Part two coming

NSFW: yes


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