A first for three of us. (FMFM20s) Pt4

I look down and both Brooke and Mia’s mouths are on my cock. I lay back and enjoy. They take turns sucking and licking my balls. I can tell who’s doing g what because Mia is able to take me all in. I can hear the girls kissing some when they are switching places. I’m not sure I’ve been so hard in my life.

I hear Mia tell my fiancé that I have a great dick and she’s luck to fuck me whenever she wants. She thens climbs on top of me and easily puts my all in. I love Mia’s breasts and she loves the attention I give them.

Brooke was sucking and playing with my balls when Jesse walked in. He was naked and his BBC was at full attention. “Looks like I’m missing out on the fun,” he says as he get behind Brooke. He guides his big cock into her and he eyes roll back into her head. She must be used to his size because his thighs were smacking her ass almost instantly.

In a couple of minutes, Jesse made Brooke cum. She pulled away from him, needing a break. Mia moved to reverse cowgirl and sucked Jesse while still fucking me. Brooke came up and kissed me and whispered to me she needed a break and wanted to be alone with me. I asked Mia and Jesse if me and Brooke could be alone and they respected our wish. Mia did have to clean my cock off with her mouth before they left. It was in no time, we hard them fucking.

Brooke cuddled up to me and told me that this was fun but she’d had enough and wanted to go home. I told her that was fine and we could leave after lunch. She kissed me and thanked me. I rolled over on top for her and began to slowly make love to her. We kissed and I sucked on her neck and breasts as I took my time with her. I gave her a small orgasm and she then wrapped her legs around me and told me to go hard and cum in her. I picked up my pace and came inside her a few minutes later. We ended up falling asleep cuddled together.

We got up and showed and went out into the living room around 12. Jesse was up and dressed and I could hear Mia in the shower. Jesse asked if I wanted to join her but I refused. I told him that I’d love to take everyone out for lunch but we had to leave afterwards because a family issue had popped up. He looked disappointed but understood.

We had a great lunch and said our goodbyes. On the ride home, Brooke said she enjoyed the visit but didn’t want to see Jesse like that anymore. I also think she was a bit jealous of me fucking Mia but I didn’t ask. I messaged Jesse the next day about our feelings and he understood. We visited him one more time without Mia there and no sex. It was a great one time thing and perhaps Brooke will be open to having another time with another couple or perhaps another lady. I can only hope for the latter.

NSFW: yes

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