I loved it in public place! I wanna go again. [23F] – Short Sex Story

The other night I couldn’t sleep and I was really horny so I decided to go try out a new outfit. Which was a slightly oversized hoodie, a garter belt, some stockings, and high top converses.

Immediately after getting dressed, I realized how good I looked and decided to do my hair and makeup too.

I stood in the mirror, took some pictures, and then decided to put in a butt plug. Which all just made me even more horny. I grabbed one of my dildos and starting to suck it, only a few bobs of my head in and I though “I want to feel the fresh air while I do this”.

I drove around for 15 minutes and found an empty parking lot that wasn’t too well lit, but wasn’t dark either. I drove around in it making sure there weren’t any cameras, and finally pulled over in front of a company that had really reflective windows. I suctioned the dildo to the hood of my car, leaned over and started sucking the dildo.

At first I kept stopping to make sure no one was coming and to look at my reflection in both my windshield and the company’ window. My hoodie was only slightly oversized, so with me leaned over the hood of my car my butt was showing.

Not even 30 seconds in at this point and I could hear cars down the road, I started getting paranoid and kept looking around. Not too long later I saw a car come down the road.

They didn’t slow down or anything, so I didn’t think they noticed me. As a few more cars passed I relaxed even more, to the point where I wasn’t even checking anymore. If I heard cars, I kept going about my company.

After some time I stopped using my hands and instead used them to spread my cheeks aside, stopping to look at my reflection. All I could think was “what a whore”. I kept playing with my dildo, started to hear more and more cars passing, I wondered maybe I should look up and pay attention. Instead I went with, “If someone stops then they stop. Maybe they’ll give me the real thing. Hopefully someone stops.” which really got me going.

I don’t know how long I did this for, but I got bored and decided to stop. I sat down in my car looking at my legs that were only covered by stocking and a garter belt thinking about where to go next.

Since it was way too late, I just went home. I wondered more and decided next week on my day off I want to do it again. This time I just don’t know if I want to go to the gas station and fill up my tank (if I do this, I don’t know if I should go close to my house in the suburbs, in the less nice side of town, or far away), maybe to the adult store (which has an arcade or theater), or if I should go for a longer drive and stop at a rest stop.

NSFW: yes

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