[Masturbation][Bro/Sis][incest] [Voy]Brother and Sister Move Into A House – Short Sex Story

I should have put “Chapter Two” in the title but I forgot. Whoops.

Part One



Part Two

Life went on and they continued their lives. Josh started his new job and Sarah went back to college the next week.

They lived their seperate lives. For the most part they didn’t see each other. Josh worked long hours and Sarah had her own social life and spent a lot of her time holed up in her room studying.

Josh almost thought Sarah forgot the incident but every so often she would sneak in a reference.

Once, it was while he was doing dishes, he had grabbed the dish soap to add it to some hot water. “Yeah splurt some of that in there.” She had said. “Yeah. Splurt! Just like you did on my butt. Splurt! Splurt! Splurt!” He had been suprised but laughed and the rest of the evening went normal.

Another time something had fallen under the TV stand and she bent over to get. “Don’t get any ideas.” She had said. “I don’t want cum all over these jeans.”

He knew what he did was inappropriate and he wasn’t sure how exactly she felt about it. She didn’t display any outward hostility towards him. They got along when they were together but for the most part they just didn’t see each other.

Since moving his dating and social life had stopped cold. He worked long hours and his job consumed his life. The money was good but he barely had any time for himself and he wasn’t sure how to get started establishing a new friend group.

He thought about the incident with Sarah frequently and it was sometimes fodder for his masturbation sessions. He felt bad after he came every time, like he was taking advantage of his sister somehow by thinking of the memory.

One night he was home and Sarah was in her room. He was jacking off thinking of the incident and it was impairing his judgement. He worked up the nerve to talk to her about it.

He went out of his room and rapped on her door. After a few seconds she answered, the headphones she was wearing wrapped around her neck.

“Yeah, what’s up?” She said.

“Hey, um. Hey, so I wanted to ask you something.” He said and gulped.

“Sure, shoot. What’s up?” She said

“Ok, well, you know back like two months ago when we moved in? And we were wrestling and I kinda, you know…”

“You came on my butt, yeah.” She said and made a jerking off motion.

“Yeah, that. He said. He licked his lips. “I just wanted to say I’m sorry and I hope things aren’t weird and I hope it wasn’t a big deal.”

She shrugged. “I guess it’s OK?”

His horniness go the better of him and he sadded” I just wanted to make sure you weren’t mad and it seems like you’re not and if you’re not mad then could, ah, could I do it again?” He said the whole thing quickly.

She just started at him for a moment.

“Oh. Ah. Well!” She said and made a nervous laugh. “You want do it again? Like, wrestling and seeing my butt or what?”

“Yeah, just like, looking at your butt and jerking off on it. I think about it a lot and I want to do it again. I mean, if it’s ok with you.” He said and then quickly added “I mean, if it’s not a big deal I thought I could do it just one more time because I want to.”

She look around nervous and stammered for a minute, clearing caught off guard.

“I mean, like, it was weird but it’s not gonna send me to therapy.” She said and laughed nervously again. “You’re not the first person to see my butt and I’ve had cum on me before… I just… I’d prefer not to? Like, it’s weird.” She motioned with her hands. “Eh, you’re my brother you know? You’re not supposed to see my butthole and jerk off on it!” She made the jerk off motion.

Dirty thoughts were coming into Josh’s head unbidden. He erection strained against his underwear in his pants. It turned him on to hear her talk about people seeing her naked and with cum on her. As she was talking he was thinking about what her face would look like while she was giving an enthusiastic blowjob.

“I’m just really, really horny and I know it’s weird or whatever. But I just want to do it one more time. Like, just once more and we’ll call it good. If it’s not a big deal can you just do it and it’ll be over with?” he said

She stared at him. She had been working on an assignment and she had another essay due later this week. True, she had mostly been mostly distracted by her phone and she hadn’t gotten much work done but she did have a lot to do.

His facial expression looked piercing like he was looking through her. She could feel his lust palpably. He looked at her a different way that he normally did. She was almost frightened by the intensity.

“You know? Fuck it, yolo.” She said. She took off her earset and throw it across the room onto her bed.

She unbuckled her belt and threw that on the bed as well. Josh mouth opened slightly, his eyes widened and his breating quickened.

“Ok, just the butt right?” She said and turned around. She wrapped thumbs around to the top of her jeans and underwear and pulled it down to her ankles. She stepped out of her pants and underwear and kicked them away from her.

Josh reached a hand into his shorts and started caressing his penis.

She was standing up, her bared naked butt underneath her shirt. She gave it a wiggle.

“Here’s that moneymaker!” She said and gave it a slap. “Your sister’s butt! The butt of a woman that came out of the same vagina as you! Your flesh and blood!”

She started gyrating her butt as she danced in place.

“Hey, just like… hold it still.” He said in a low voice, his hand stroking his hard rod.

She let an exagerated sigh. “Oh my god! Ok here, take a REAL good look. Just soak it up my sweet brother!”

She bent and grasped both butt cheeks and spread them. Josh let out a groan as the pleasure in his penis increased. He could see her full butthole exposed but also he could see her pussy mound below it. He had masturbated so many times to the memory of her exposed butthole and it felt amazing to see it again.

“Here you go!” She said excitedly. “My premium butthole! Usually I use it for other things but today it’s target practice for my brother’s cum. This is exactly what I went to college for. I’m going to add this to my Linkin profile.”

“What… how many times have you had sex?” He said in between heavy breaths.

“Me? What?” Her voice returned to a more normal tone. “Ah, since I started college…. I don’t know. A lot.” She snorted. “My freshman year not so much but I picked up since them. I’ve been hoeing it up lately.”

“What… tell me… more..” Everything about this was turning him on and he was barely touching his penis to keep himself from coming.

“Just fucking around with people. Or sucking around. I kinda stopped fucking people cuz they don’t want to wear condoms and I don’t want a baby or an std.” She said the last part in a sing song kind of way. “But yeah, your sisters is getting her tonsils painted with cum. Usually by guys I don’t know that well, either, wow what a role model!”

He couldn’t hold back and with a deep groan cum started erupting from his penis. It was a deep visceral orgasm and it produced an astonishing amount of cum. He completely splattered her butt with cum.

“Ah! Nice! Good job! Bullseye, you got cum on the center of my asshole!” She laughed and stood up straight and turned around to face him.

She reached her hand to her backside and wiped some cum off her backside with her bare hand. She pulled her hand around around presented it to Josh.

“Oh wow! Great! Look at this? Do you need any of this back?” She said

“Ah, sorry. Thanks… I…” He said

“Look, it’s cool. You got a huge nut. I got some really weird karma with the gods of horniness by doing a good deed.” She said. “I’m gonna take shower and clean off.” She held her cum covered palm in front of her like wounded limp.

“Ah, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that. I don’t want…” He struggled for words.

“It’s really ok. Everyone does stupid things when they’re horny. And, hey, now I have a deep dark secret I could use to blackmail you if you’re ever president.” She used her non-cummy hand to grab some sweat pants and started walking to the shower “Let’s just not do that again, ok? Or talk about it?”

“You can repay the favor by opening the bathroom door…” She said “My hands are full of cum and a change of clothes.”

He opened the door. Instead of walking in she looked at him with a huge grin on her face.

“Hey, look!” She lower her mouth to the hand with cum on and sipped some like she was drinking milk from a bowl. “Oh, yum!”

He grimaced instinctly and she laughed.

“Dude, come on! You just came on me! Also, I’ve had a lot of cum in my mouth. It’s not a big deal to taste cum anymore. Ok byyyye!” She shut the door in his face and a few seconds later he heard the shower running.

Josh felt guilty. But he also started to feel slightly horny knowing she was stripping completely nude in the shower and he wished he could see her nude body again. He wasn’t sure how his body still possesed the capability to get hard again because of how much life force he had expended during that orgasm.

He felt he should make things up with Sarah but he wasn’t sure what to do. He decided he would do exactly what she said and just not bring it up again. He retired to his room and would jerk off two more times that evening while thinking about tonight’s encounter.


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