I let him finger me at a music festival in front of my friend [26F]

So this happened a few months ago at a big music festival that is a few hours from my school. I went with a group of about 8 girls one of which I am really good friends with. We live together and she is as slutty as I am so it makes for a fun time. After taking pictures and mixing more substances than I’ve ever imagined I ended up making out with a boy I met at the festival. We were kinda together for the whole day and we grouped up with my friend and her little fling.

The four of us went to an artist I can’t remember. I was fucked up but having a great time with him. I was grinding on him and could feel his boner on my ass through my skirt. During the concert he started playing with my pussy and started fingering me out in the open. I tried my best to play it cool but when I looked at my friend to see if she noticed me I saw her laughing at me. After a while of this I told him to call an Uber to our Airbnb where we ended up fucking all over my bedroom!

NSFW: yes

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