How my 35 f gynecologist 46 f made me squirt for the 1st time ever. (fantasy)

I 61 m was having a conversation with a friend about role playing, Dr., Postal worker, CEO, etc.

She tells me a short story about a visit to her gynecologist . I love the Dr. role play she exclaimed, saying, I’ve actually gotten turned on at the gynecologist, especially one that was so slow and gentle going in, with that glove and her fingers all lubed up. OMG

Me: Your Gyno was a girl ? That’s so hot coming from you.
I got a visual with you laid back on the exam table, feet properly positioned, legs spread wide and quivering in anticipation of the Drs. lubed surgical 🧤 gloves and with her left hand slowly parting the soft flesh folds of the labia, eyes closed waiting for the soft touch only a female Dr. can administer.

Slowly tracing the inner of the vagina, all the whole accidentally on purpose brushing the most sensitive part of your female anatomy the clitoris, with one fell push she had penetrated your soft inner walls of your beautifully glistening pussy.

A soft moan escaped your mouth while biting the lower lip and trying to maintain the fact that your a wife a mother and company professional.

And then it happens, your 1st squirt all over the female Dr. who then proceeds to be horrified only for a moment, at this point she regains her composure and buries her face between your long luscious legs and starts lapping at your pussy like a kitten getting it’s first taste of warm mother’s milk.

Your legs go numb as they squeeze her head almost making her pass out. This doesn’t deter you at all wildly shaking you grab the Drs. hair pulling as if it were reigns on a 🐴 horse wanting to slow it down, slowly the convulsions begin to subside and you regain control.

With a wicked smile on your face you pull her up and lock lips in a slow french kiss her face covered within the warm inner regions of your love tunnel.

The end.

NSFW: yes

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  1. snoop1361

    To who ever reads this, this was written about 5 am while laying in bed one morning and it’s my very 1st attempt at story writing.
    Thanks for reading,

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