Azure’s Accidental Discovery – Anal

Azure writhed on the bed, playing with her nipples as her boyfriend Liam lapped at her clit. He slipped two fingers inside her, her wet pussy relaxed and granting him easy access to prod her g-spot.

“Oh, yes, just like that,” she gasped.

Her moans of pleasure grew louder as he inserted a third finger, stretching her cunt to prepare for a hard fucking. Liam could feel her juices soaking his hand and dripping down her crack and onto the sheets. He sucked her clit in between his lips, applying suction while thrumming it with his tongue.

“Ah, oh, yes, yes, yes, more,” she cried out as her orgasm crashed over her.

Liam’s lips parted, breaking the suction on Azure’s clit as he gently stroked it with his tongue, prolonging her orgasm without overwhelming her delicate nerves. Azure’s thighs clamped shut, trapping his head and hand in place as she rode out the waves of pleasure running through her body.

Eventually, her thighs relaxed and her knees dropped to the sides, freeing Liam to sit up and lean over her exhausted body.

He slid his fingers from her sopping cunt and rubbed her wet pussy lips.

“We made a bit of a mess today. You came so much, even your ass is soaking wet,” he teased gently, his fingertips sliding through her juices to rub her tight asshole.

“Mmm, that feels good, actually. Keep rubbing there?” Azure mumbled, her brain still foggy from her orgasm.

Surprised, Liam did as she asked, rubbing circles around Azure’s puckered star. They’d only been dating for around six weeks, and this was the most adventurous they’d been so far. They’d discussed their fantasies, including his fantasy of pounding her ass, but their sex had been fairly vanilla while they’d gotten used to each other’s bodies.

Azure’s hips started to move as the new stimulation reenergised her.

“Mmmm, yes, oh, I like this a lot,” she muttered, more to herself than to Liam.

“Yeah? You like me rubbing your asshole? You want more?” His cock, already hard from going down on her, bounced against his abs at the wondered of exploring anal play with Azure.

Fuck yeah, see if you can get your finger in there,” she suggested, breathing heavily.

Liam coated his fingertip in the juices dripping down from her pussy then gently pressed it into the centre of her pucker.

“Oh, that’s it, that’s it, that feels so good, ow. Stop,” she cried out suddenly.

Liam froze. He’d felt his fingertip swallowed by her ass moments before she cried out in pain, and he could feel the tip throbbing inside her, her anus tight around his knuckle.

“Ooh, maybe that wasn’t the best idea after all,” she chuckled. “Can you take it out? Slowly.”

He eased his finger out as gently as he could.

“Well, now we know anal play is off the table,” he said ruefully.

“I wouldn’t say off the table entirely,” she said, propping herself up on one elbow. “It felt so good when you were just rubbing my asshole. Actually… let’s try this.”

Azure sat up and pushed Liam over and onto his back so she could straddle him reverse cowgirl, pausing briefly to roll a condom onto his hard cock.

“Oh yes, this is what I needed,” she moaned as she slid down his length, feeling his cock stretch her deeper than his fingers could reach. She leaned forward, one hand in front for balance while the other pulled her ass cheek to the side to expose her pucker to Liam.

“Rub my ass, Liam? I want to feel it while I fuck your cock.”

With a wicked grin, Liam reached for her ass, his thumb gathering up the slippery fluids being pushed out of her pussy by his cock. He propped his head up with one arm behind the pillow so he could watch Azure ride his cock while he rubbed his lubricated thumb in circles around her tight star.

“Oh, yes,” she groaned. “Oh, Liam, I’m gonna cum again, this is so hot.”

Azure moved faster, her rhythm becoming erratic as her orgasm built. He could see her asshole relaxing the closer it got, and he moved his hand away from her ass, not wanting to accidentally enter it and throw off her orgasm or hurt her again.

By now, Azure was bouncing on his cock, sliding up until the tip was barely in before relaxing her muscles to slam down to the base of his cock again.

“Yes, yes, yes, noooooo,” she moaned, as she rose too high and Liam’s cock slipped out of her wet pussy.

Before Liam could move to assist, she’d repositioned and slid back onto his cock as he felt the slippery warmth of her pussy walls clenching around him as she rode him faster.

A few moments later, he popped out again, and again, Azure cried out at her interrupted orgasm as she repositioned.

Liam’s brain, entranced with what he was seeing, made the connection too late, his mouth opening to warn her right as Azure’s relaxed asshole swallowed the tip of his dick.

Chasing her orgasm, Azure didn’t register at first where Liam’s cock was, only that it was inside her and she could slam down.

“Wait, that’s, ohhh,” he started to warn her, cut off by her sinking down on his cock, taking it to the hilt in one motion.

“Ohhhhhhh,” she groaned, feeling him fill her deep, deeper than she’d ever felt before. In the moment, she couldn’t tell why, but his cock felt different than it did a moment ago, but oh so good, and her orgasm was so close. She rubbed her clit and rode him faster, clenching down as her orgasm finally peaked.

“Yes, fuck, oh Liam, yes, I’m, I’m, I’m cumming, fuuuuuuuckkkkk.”

The rhythmic clenching and tight grasp of Azure’s ass triggered Liam’s orgasm, and he came in spurts, his cock being milked by her ass and her orgasmic spasms.

Exhausted, Azure collapsed forward. As Liam’s cock slipped out of her ass, she realised what had happened.

“Oh, fuck, that wasn’t the right hole,” she said with a tired laugh.

“Are you okay?” he asked, voice full of concern.

Azure sighed as she wondered about it, taking inventory of her holes, and the tenderness around her ass. She tried to sit up, but instead just rolled over, her legs stretching up towards the head of the bed.

“Yeah, I think I am. My muscles are all jelly, but I’m okay. Better than okay. I don’t think I’ve ever cum that hard before.”

She watched as Liam got up to dispose of the condom and brought back a wet wipe to clean her up.

“You’re not sore?” he asked as he gently wiped away the fluids from between her legs, and especially around her anus, the brown star now slightly swollen and pink.

“I am a little sore, but in a good way. Like the way it feels after you give me a hard pounding, just, in a different place.”

She sat up to kiss him, appreciating his concern for her.

“Thank you for being so gentle with me. And for stopping earlier, when I asked you to. I know that’s probably not what you’d had in mind when you said you wanted to pound my ass.”

“No, it’s not, but it was so hot, seeing you cum while riding my cock with your ass like that. I think that’s my new fantasy.”

“I think we’ll have to explore your fantasies a bit more, stud. With actual lube next time. You’re right though, that was really hot. And now that I know it fits and doesn’t hurt, I want to feel what it’s like for you to really pound my ass.”

“Oh really?” Liam teased, grabbing Azure’s ass cheek, making her moan in both arousal and discomfort.

“Hm, but maybe not tonight,” she replied, snuggling into his chest, her exhaustion taking over. “Ask me again in the morning and we’ll see how I feel.”

Liam hugged her close, thanking his lucky stars for the day he met her at that bar six weeks ago. He fell asleep with her in his arms, both dreaming of exploring Azure’s anal delights in the future.


Thanks for reading, I hope you liked this little stroke fic. It was an idea that kept surfacing while I was trying to rewrite the next part of the Kinky Brazilian.

Note: this is a story about fictional Azure, not real Azhura. I’m just not very imaginative when it comes to names.


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