I get off to the idea of no one around me knowing I’m a sex freak.

Is this a fetish..?

I’m not claiming to be porn star level good, or even 50% that.. BUT, I have been very sexual since I was a teenager and my outer appearance does not align with my freaky ass nature lol I feel like my vibe is generally “good girl” and I am more of a soft motherly type with friends and children and whatnot, but for some reason the contrast between how I am in public vs how I am in private with my husband just drives me insane.

When we are in public and bump into someone he knows, especially if we just had sex before going out, I get SUPER horny at the wondered of this person chatting to us like everything is typical meanwhile I literally just blew my husbands mind like the little sex freak that I am… like I can still taste him in my mouth or feel myself leaking his cum into my panties, meanwhile he is talking about the weather to his buddy?! Hahaha

I genuinely just love the idea that no one expects us to be as weird or wild in bed, and i especially love hanging out with his single friends because I like how they have no idea how good my husband has it with me and I sort of like to think they’d be shocked if they knew. And maybe a little curious.. I know I’m not attractive to them or anything, but I also don’t think you necessarily have to be physically attracted to someone to be curious about how sex is with them lol

Do I have a bit of an ego about all this? Maybe lol but it’s only because I am literally eager to do anything and everything to make my husband happy and I’m proud of being able satisfy him so well. 🙈

NSFW: yes

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