Football Ep. 02: Laura Woods – Celebrities & Fan Fiction

This is a fictional series and tales of sports presenters talking to clubs before the new football season 2023/24.

Celebrities included: Melissa Reddy, Alex Scott & Laura Woods

Football 2023/24 – Episode 2 with Laura Woods

The new football season was just around the corner, and as ever, the main channels had sent their presenters out to get some inside knowledge of the season ahead.

Laura Woods was on the third day of media for her favourite club and the one where she knew the most players. There had been rumours about a couple of the players who may have had their way with Laura, but none of this had ever been confirmed.

The stunning looks of Laura were clear to every player, and her down-to-earth nature and knowledge of the game were admired.

Laura arrived at the ground 15 minutes early for an appointment with a manager and got chatting with one of her alleged exes.

A player spoke, “You look fit today. How are you?”

Laura was wearing long black trousers and a tight-fitting T-shirt. It was her go-to relaxed look which worked for her.

The response was Laura was friendly as ever, and to answer the questions with I’m good, she got to work on digging and finding out plans for the club that season. The player said they’d been extremely busy the last two days, and he explained he knew the first team weren’t seeing her today, as the manager needed her help elsewhere. Laura was a little surprised, as what had been agreed was a chat with the manager, then a few of the stars of the team.

The player left with a parting opinion, “You’re so fit. I think we need another night out.”

Laura remained calm and waited for the manager’s secretary to take her to his office.

Laura spoke, “Good morning. Lovely to see you again. How are you?”

The manager looked at Laura and immediately matched her smile. He responded he was good and knew the drill of interviews for the last 3 days, said he had 15 minutes and would answer any questions she had. Like the day before, he offered her a drink and sat next to her.

The manager was sitting in the same chair Melissa Reddy had sucked him off the day before and was looking at Laura thinking if he could get a repeat performance from a different presenter.

Laura was getting lots of good information for her show, and the manager made it clear when he was done answering.

The manager spoke, “Do you know who sat there yesterday?”

Laura knew exactly who had been to the club that week, and confidently said, “You had Melissa here yesterday, and no, I won’t suck you off!”

The manager was shocked that news had travelled so fast, but he knew it was worth asking, “Do you not fancy the challenge of sucking me off faster?”

Laura replied, “I know Melissa is good. I’m more of an action girl.”

The manager coughed a nervous cough. He’d had the pleasure of fucking Alex Scott the previous year, but this year, wondered a blow job was the best he could do.

Laura spoke, “What do you fancy?”

The manager could feel his cock enlarging in his pants.

Laura added, “You took Alex over your desk last year, right? If you are letting me talk to your star players, I’ll bend over for you, and you can stick your cock in my pussy, or my ass.”

The manager and Laura knew from a player, that he had no plans for his first team to have any further sexual action that week with presenters. On day 2 after Melissa, the players were requesting more and more media days, so they could fuck more and more presenters. Players were forming lists of who they wanted in the locker room, and the manager needed to draw a line.

The manager spoke, “Laura. You have no idea how tempting that is. Trouble is, I can’t give you access to the first team, or to say it another way, I can’t let them have access to you.”

Laura replied, “What’s the plan today? You need to fulfil your media commitments, or no one will visit next year?”

The manager had a plan and ran the idea past Laura. He explained that the academy team, full of a few under 20’s who were gonna get added to the first team squad, but had wind of the day before with Melissa, and he was worried they were gonna leave the club, as they missed the advantage!

He added that the news from the physio was each of them is well-endowed and is injury free of groin strains and said an angle of her story could be future stars.

He asked, “How does this sound to you? There about 4 of them, who know you are visiting, and were very keen to see you?”

Laura rolled her eyes in disappointment to miss out on the first team, but she liked the sound of young men. She knew full well, you don’t visit these clubs for interviews, without advantages to both parties.

Laura spoke, “You say 4 of them. Where are we meeting them?”

The manager explained they were waiting outside, and they could be interviewed in his room, with him in attendance.

Laura stared at the manager’s cock in his pants and told him clearly, she was disappointed with the change of the plan, but would happily check the young lads out, under the strict proviso that his cock came nowhere near her. She didn’t mind seeing it, but she wasn’t taking sloppy seconds.

A nod came from the manager and Laura stood, as all 4 young lads walked in. They all stood against the wall, as Laura checked each of them out physically, as if it was some kind of military presentation check. All 4 lads were in their shirts and shorts, and just off the training field, so had sweat on their bodies.

Laura spoke, “Well. I’ve been asked to check you all out and make sure you are fit for purpose for the first team. Do you know what that means?”

All players looked confused, but as Laura continued it was explained to them what she expected. And in doing so, walked over to the manager’s desk, undid and took off her blouse, and then dropped her trousers to leave her in bra and pants only.

Laura looked at the first player on the left, “You. What would you want to do to me?”

A nervous response came, “I. I. I would want to come over to you and kiss those lips.”

Laura responded by asking him to remove his top. The next boy and the remaining two were asked the same question, all with kind responses. All boys now stood with their naked upper half.

Laura turned to the manager, “And you?”

The manager replied, “I’d be over there like a shot, ripping your underwear off and fucking you silly.”

Laura replied, “Right answer. Boys don’t be polite. Modern footballers think forward. Drop your pants and let’s see how big your cocks are?”

All 4 lads were now naked with a mixture of cock sizes, 6 inches, 7 inches, 9 inches, and one lad 10 inches, who was keen on Laura.

Laura slowly removed her bra and pulled her pants down to show a small strip of pubic hair. She could see the boy’s cocks twitching.

The boy’s nervousness was disappearing in seeing what a fucking sexy woman they had in front of their eyes.

A player spoke, “Can we fuck her boss. Can we fuck you, Laura?”

The manager replied, “She wants to be fucked. We will call it extra training.”

Laura was quickly surrounded by 4 young lads, and with cocks she wanted a feel and taste of each of them.

One of the boys spoke, “Let’s pin her down guys. I want to see that pussy stretched out and see how much she can take from each other.”

Laura encouraged the boys to spread her out on the boss’s desk.

Laura’s body was stretched out on the desk as if she was being strapped to a bed. Her arms were reached out above and wide of her head, and her legs were stretched wide, as 4 boys took charge of holding down a limb each.

The manager returned to his chair and pulled at his cock to wank himself off as he watched all the action.

Laura spoke, “Fuck me, boys. I want you.”

One of the boys had now positioned his head between Laura’s legs and started to lick her out. While another was flapping his cock against her face, asking for her to kiss it, as two others looked more nervous.

Laura with the sight of cock in her face, grabbed it and said she wanted to feel his cock at the back of her throat.

The young lad couldn’t believe his luck as pushed his cock into Laura’s mouth. It felt warm as his cock swelled inside, as Laura sucked down, and put him into heaven.

Laura looked like a pro, as her head bobbed up and down tasting the lad’s manhood in full.

The lad was moaning, “Oh wow, you feel so goooood.”

Laura’s lips were gripping tighter around the hard cock in her mouth, and as she started to suck more and more of the lad’s manhood, you could see he was ready to explode.

“I’m going to shoot my load. Oh wow. Amazing.”

Laura couldn’t suck any harder than she was, she could taste his wet spunk coming.

“I’m cumming. I’m cumming inside you. Oh, Laura!”

It was unlikely, but it felt like a pint full of spunk was emptied, as the man fell away from Laura, as she took a big gulp of spunk and swallowed it down.

Once Laura cleared her throat, she encouraged the biggest and most well-endowed lad to come forward and stick it inside her pussy. She was moist and was happy with the work which had been going on between her legs.

Laura spoke, “I need your big cock inside me. Fuck me harder than you’ve fucked all those little girls you mess with.”

For the lad who had been Laura moist, he stood back and along with another lad started jerking himself watching her spread out on their manager’s desk, looking sexy as fuck.

A lad spoke, “I’m warning you, Laura. The girls struggle to take this inside their pussies.”

Laura replied, “Bullshit. I’ve had far bigger. Stick it in me and stop talking the talk.”

With 10 inches of cock close to Laura, she reached out to grab the lad and pulled him closer to kiss his lips and to tell him again, to stick his cock inside her.

The lad reached down and pushed his cock inside Laura. The first 6 inches went in with ease.

Laura spoke, “All of it. I want all of you inside me.”

The lad spoke, “Fuck. For a small lass, you can take it deep.”

With Laura’s legs wrapping around the lad, he was left with his hips pushing cock deeper and deeper inside her pussy.

The manager spoke, “Sorry lads, you didn’t need to see this.”

As Laura was being well treated by his academy team, he remained in a great seat watching it all. It was too much for him when he could see Laura’s legs wide aside and being pounded.

The manager groaned, “Oh fuck. Too hot for me.”

From wanking his cock furiously, it was finely too much for the manager as he jerked himself to an explosion.

Laura spoke, “You dirty bastard. Hope you were inside me then, with your thoughts.”

A pause existed before the manager nodded and confirmed he had cum thinking of Laura. No imagination of Alex or Melissa was required.

Laura loved the feel of his cock inside and started moaning and groaning, as the young lad pumped her senseless. He was loving it.

Laura moaned, “Oh god. Give it to me. Fucking all of it. I want you to cum inside me.”

Everyone else in the room was rock hard from watching Laura spread on the manager’s desk, with her nipples hardening, her breathing quickening, and gripping more and more tightly around the lad’s waist.

The lad groaned, “Why are the young girls I fuck not like you. FUCK.”

Laura spoke, “I want you. Explode that sticky spunk inside me. DO IT.”

An almighty moan came from the young lad, as he could take no more.

Laura spoke, “That’s it. That’s what I want more of. Don’t stop.”

With all the energy the lad had, he kept his cock inside her, as his teammates gathered around and jerked themselves crazy.

Laura spoke, “Are you all going to cum for me. Cover me, cover me in your spunk.”

The lad inside her could take no more, he pulled out and took his cock in his hand and what spunk he had left exploded over her pussy and legs.

With the other lads standing over Laura, they loved what they were seeing, and couldn’t believe their ears in what she wanted.

The manager remained seated and had cum in his hand, whereby the lads in the academy team started shooting this creamy spunk all over Laura’s body.

Laura was creamed up, with spunk in her hair, her face, breasts, and stomach.

Laura spoke, “Yes boys. I love a good covering. Hope you score in the first team this year.”

All 4 lads and the manager had shot their loads, and Laura was left to pick up the club shirts which had been thrown on the floor to wipe herself clean.

Watching her ass as she bent down, was too much for the manager.

The manager spoke, “Your ass deserves a good pounding. Shall I get some other lads to join us?”

Laura looked back and demanded her ass got fucked the next time she was there. Laura expressed she wanted the 10-inch cock again, or if there were any bigger ones in the club, that she wanted anal, as it was her favourite.

The lads looked disappointed; they hadn’t asked more questions themselves about what Laura might want. But as she got dressed and walked out the door, they could only dream of her return.


COMING SOON — Episode 3 with Alex Scott

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