I fucked my son’s teeball coach while hubby was at work – Short Sex Story

This past spring my youngest son played tee ball and so I assumed the role of sports mom and took him to practice every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

We just moved to the area so I really didn’t know anyone and usually just sat in my lawn chair off to myself while all the other moms gossiped.

The coach was a dark haired young man who doesn’t have any kids but works at the college and seems to like enjoy coaching and being on a ball field.

He’s tanned perfectly and not a day older than 25, well toned and gorgeously brown eyes and beard. Did I mention he’s fit as fuck?

After the season was over, our family was out of town for the pizza party and awards ceremony and so the coach said he’d drop the trophy off at our house. I made sure my son spent the night with his grandparents the previous evening and that night my husband and I had wild sex the whole night, but little did he know, I was thinking of the coach the whole time and hoping my plan would work.

The following morning, when hubby headed to work I put on the sluttiest outfit I could and waited for 10am.

On the dot, the young coach appeared at our door and I was wearing a low cut top with no bra.

He had intended to only drop the trophy off but I insisted he come inside and within 2-3 minutes he was really coming inside me.

His young body gave me a fucking like I hadn’t felt in a long time. His cock was gorgeous and his balls bounced against my ass as he pounded me. That night, hubby insisted we have sex again and little did he know I was a cum dumpster by that point, having had sex three separate times in 24 hours.

Before hubby even put it in me, he went down on me and began slurping up “my wetness”. “I’ve never tasted you this wet before!” he said, completely unaware that he was most likely tasting our son’s coach.

NSFW: yes

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