The stranger in the car [part 3] – Short Sex Story


I couldn’t help but moan into his mouth due to the intensity of it all. Everything was so blissful. I kept on leaning forward and put my hands around his neck and pulled him in closer, holding him tighter. His hands went from my face and traveled along the length of my back and then on my ass. He lifted me up so fucking easily and put me on top of him. He put the car seat all the way back to give us more space. We were kissing all this while, his tongue in my mouth, fighting for dominance, and me grinding on his lap.

A growl left his mouth and in just the blink of an eye, his hands went under my skirt and brushed through my underwear.

The sensation was just indescribable.

“Baby, you are soaked.”, I started grinding against his fingers and rested my head in the crook of his neck.

His thumb started rubbing my clit and his ring and middle finger entered me at once. We both moaned at the sensation. I gasped at the sensation of his long fingers in my vagina and I started biting him on his neck. He hissed at first but then tilted his neck to give me more space.

His thumb started increasing its pace and I jerked forward at the sensation a weird noise left my mouth. I moved back, held onto his shoulders as leverage, and stared into his eyes and his face that had that unknown smirk.

“That’s it, sweetheart. Let it all out for me. I wanna hear every noise escaping that throat. I wanna know what makes you shiver with pleasure, what makes you drip with need, what makes you moan uncontrollably, and what makes you shout my name.”

I reached my high and I could feel it. I clenched around his fingers so tight. He started going at an inhumane pace as if making me cum would make him proud and I know it would.


I curled my fingers inside for her to make her cum faster. She was so fucking tight and wet that I couldn’t think about getting my cock in there just yet or else I would have blown off like a teenager in high college.

I curled my fingers inside for her to make her cum faster. She was so fucking tight and wet that I couldn’t think about getting my cock in there just yet or else I would have blown off like a teenager in high college.

“Vince, I..”, she trailed off.

“Yeah baby girl, cum for me, I’ve got you”, and that made her orgasm flow in no time.

She fell on my shoulders and panted as she came down from her high. I took my fingers out of her and her releases glistened on my fingers. I could see her smile as she closed her eyes.

She looked so gorgeous.

I licked her juices off of my fingers as I held eye contact with her, her eyes widening at my crude appreciation. “You taste like candy,” I said as I noticed the small shiver that went through her.

She sat up and roved her eyes over my body and sat still to let her take it all in.

“What’s going through that beautiful head of yours?”

She smiled slightly at my question and bit her lips before answering, “You’re so big.” and ran her hands down my torso and on my tattooed arm.

“You haven’t seen anything yet babe.”

She flushed at my response and I curled my hands around her thighs to pull her in closer. The beast inside me howled in pleasure at the way she felt under my arm, the contrast between her pale skin and my tanned one. I could feel the heat from her thighs branding my lap as she instinctively rotated her hips on mine.

“That’s it, little girl, take what you need from me. Grind that pussy on my cock like I am inside you already.”

“Oh god, Vince.”, she said breathlessly as she started to move faster.

“If I lifted you from my lap would I be able to see how wet you are for me even though you just came on my fingers.? You love it don’t you, I effect I have on you.”, her cheeks flamed with the mixture of embarrassment and arousal but that didn’t stop her from grinding on me.

“Show me, baby girl, let me see how badly you need me in you.”


This wasn’t me, I wasn’t the sort of girl to randomly go at it with a stranger who was nice enough to offer me a ride home, but I don’t know what had gotten into me, I could still feel the heat flaming from my cheeks, but I wanted nothing more than to show him what he had asked for.

It doesn’t add up, I wasn’t supposed to be this wet, I just came on his fingers which surprised me because from the minimum experience I had in the field of sex, with my previous partners, I usually had one round but with Vince, I was wet again.

His pupils dilated at the sight of them so wet and he groaned, making me wetter than before. ing one hand on his thigh behind me. My other hand moved to the hem of my skirt and I lifted it up to show him my white Lacey panties.

His pupils dilated at the sight of them so wet and he groaned, making me even wetter than before.

I watched as he reached forward and traced the wetness with his middle finger which was inside me a few minutes ago. I wanted him to rip off my panties, unbuckle his pants and just ram himself inside me.

I didn’t wanna forget this night, ever.

“Goddamn Tina I can’t wait any longer, I need to taste you properly.”, and within the blink of an eye, I was spun around to see we were in the back seat of the car with my legs spread wide over his shoulders. I hastily brushed my hair out of my face in time to see him drag my underwear off, a hunger in his eyes that made my insides clench with excitement.

I felt his fingers spread my pussy lips aside so he could see my insides and another wave of embarrassment flooded me.

“So fucking gorgeous”, he breathed out reverently. The tone of his voice calmed me down immediately, and in a move that surprised even myself, I reached down over my hard clit and started to rub it with my middle finger.

“Are you going to stare at it all night or are you going to get a taste?”, my voice was sultry, one that I’d never heard before. I could hardly believe it was coming from me.

A wicked laugh burst out from him and caressed my wet pussy. I jerked slightly at the feeling and he knocked my hand away so that he could have complete access. Before I could blink, his mouth was on me. My back arched high, a loud cry leaving me at how good it felt.

“Oh my god”, the words were a loud, choked cry. The heat and perspiration leaving our bodies had fogged the car’s windows. We were hot and sweaty and it was even hotter.

His tongue lapped my lips, licking up every drop of my wetness and leaving a trail of his own in its wake.

Goosebumps popped everywhere on my skin, my nipples going diamond hard as his tongue moved up the hard bud of my clit, flicking me rapidly, driving me so fast to the edge, I was shocked.

Fuck, you’re gonna make me cum”, I moaned. He pulled away slightly, meeting my hazy eyes for a moment before looking down at my pussy. I felt a finger trace against my pussy hole and then my ass hole which made me jerk up even violently and his hands pushed me down. The sounds of my wetness, hot and thrilling at the same time.

“Feel free to come whenever, baby.”

My nails scraped along the leather of his car and he bent down, taking my clit between his lips and sucking on it at the same time as he pushed a finger inside. The combination of the pressure on my clit and the feeling of his finger inside me pressing a sensitive spot on my inner walls had me climaxing without warning.

I screamed loudly, shaking in full body spasms as the strongest orgasm of my life consumed me. I never imagined it would feel like this- I’d read orgasms like these in books but I figured they were all exaggerated.

Holy fuck had I been wrong.

He pulled his finger out of me and straightened up and then slowly set my legs down on the seat and picked me up to help me straddle him again.

Too much straddling but I liked it.


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And she just gave me the most gorgeous smile ever.

NSFW: yes

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