I [F18] had sex with my manager [M41] so I could become a full-time waitress.

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This took place a little over 2 years ago, I’m turning 21 later this year. When I first moved to New York, I managed to quickly discover a job at a restaurant, I was a hostess. Eventually, I was able to wait tables part-time but still, most of my hours were for shifts as a hostess, which only paid minimum wage. I didn’t have a lot of savings and I was also studying on the side.. New York rent is expensive.. I kept pestering my manager to give me more hours and make me a full-time waitress, but there weren’t enough shifts available.

After a couple months, my manager announced that he would be leaving to open another restaurant in the city and would take some experienced staff with him. He ended up taking me apart to tell me that he really wanted to make sure I was promoted to full-time server before he left. I needed this so badly. He asked if I’d like to talk about it with him at his apartment later that night, which I agreed to.

When I got to his place I realised right away something seemed a little off. He had a glass of wine waiting for me, he smelt like he had used half a bottle of cologne and lead me over to his lounge where he sat very closely to me. As we discussed me becoming a full-time waitress, he rested his hand in my thigh and that’s when I realised what was happening.

Yes, I did it. Keep in mind I never felt threatened or pressured. I wanted the promotion, he wanted sex and I was ok with that. Did it make me feel a little dirty? Definitely. But it was actually a really fun night that I don’t regret.

I sucked his dick as he fingered me on the lounge, then I jumped on top and rode him until he came inside me. I was on birth control at the time so I said it was okay. He insisted I join him for a shower, we continued to play in the bathroom, he ate his own creampie out of me while also eating my ass from behind. He roughly fucked me against the shower wall squeezing my tits from behind, he came inside me again within minutes.

Was it worth it? Absolutely! At the time I was barely able to pay my bills. I was literally living pay cheque to pay cheque.
Unfortunately the restaurant ended up closing down a few months later, things were so bad for businesses during Covid, so I never got the chance to earn much money.

NSFW: yes


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  1. macguges

    Huh, so that kind of thing happens. I’m not that surprised. I’m glad you enjoyed your transaction and gained more lucrative employment. What do you think would have happened if you weren’t so game? Would you still have found the better job you deserved?