19F Landlord punished my mouth


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I (19F) got off work and had 10 missed calls. A few from my landlord and the rest from my brother (18M). Long story short, turns out my brother broke into an empty apartment to have sex with his girlfriend (18F) and the landlord caught them.

The landlord agreed not to call the cops so long as we paid for the damages and said I needed to come back to his place for a few minutes. I knew what this meant as he has a reputation of being a perv and hitting on women.

With no other choice, I went to his place. He didn’t say anything, but pushed me on my knees while unzipping his pants. He pulls out his dick and it was massive and veiny.

I begin to suck his dick and he puts both hands behind my head to force me to go deeper. Then one of his hands goes down the front of my shirt and he starts squeezing my breasts.

It doesn’t take long before he cums in my mouth and I run to his kitchen sink to spit it out. I rinse my mouth out and before I get back to the living room he has put his dick away and standing at the front door and that was it.

We didn’t even speak to each other. I like being used and my brother reminded me that I deserved it for being a slut.

NSFW: yes

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  1. ResistFluid1743

    That night made me horny so I called my fwb and we had the best sex in a long time.

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