Fun on Company Trips (26m)


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I have to travel a lot for work, usually round once to twice a month for a few days at a time and it can get pretty lonely on the road. There’s been many experiences that I’ve wanted to distribute, but didn’t know where to distribute or with who, but I found the perfect place. One of the first company trips I took when I was on the job was to LA and the business put me up in a hotel that sat across from UCLA. It was too hard to ignore all of the school girls around as I would walk to get food or just go around the area with my colleagues. My colleague, who was a little older than me, told me about how he loved coming to this hotel when he’s here because of all the school girls he meets up with on tinder.

After our meetings, I had to see if what he was saying was true. I downloaded tinder and updated my old user account and started swiping. Within 15 minutes, I had matched with a beautiful school girl 19f and we hit it off fast. She was very forward and talked about all the dirty shit she wanted to do to me. I couldn’t get her here fast enough. I got a knock on my door 20 min later and there she was. 5 7, brunette, big tits with loads of curves. When she walked in she grabbed my cock and walked be down to the bed and took my pants off. Getting right into it, I loved it. She got on her knees and started slobbering all over my cock. I’d never received head this messy and intense, it was amazing. something just clicked inside me that I didn’t know I had when she looked up at me while deepthroating me, I put my hand on the back of her head and fucked her mouth while she gagged, but loved every second of it. Her makeup was running, but she she kept sucking me and moved down to my taint and back up to my cock.

I couldn’t take it any longer, I got up and laid her on the bed in order to return the favor, and she said no, daddy had to work all day, it’s my turn to work. She took her clothes off and showed me that perfectly tan body and pushed me back down on the bed. She proceeded to grind on my cock with her tight school pussy. It was so wet and tight and felt soo good. Idk what she went to college for, but she had a degree in riding dick as far as I was concerned. She rode that thing with intensity and switched between long strokes and full on grinding. I couldn’t handle it much longer and said I was going to cum. She smiled and used that as an excuse to go harder. My body was shaking and my cock exploded inside her. Once I was about to regain control of my body, she got off and took my semi hard cock and put it back in her mouth and said she had 2 more holes to fill with a smile. I replied, damn I love school girls.

To be continued…

NSFW: yes

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