Angie and the Circus – Fetish


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Living a listless existence in a passionless marriage to a philandering workaholic, Angie drifted aimlessly through life. Seeking distraction, she bounced from tavern to bar each evening, her husband still at the office or only God knows where, looking for anything or anyone to whom she could cling or relate. She mostly ended up in some scoundrel’s bed, sweaty and sticky before making her way home in the wee hours of the morning.

One particular evening, she had ventured far from her home to near where the railroad yard spread across the landscape near the fairgrounds. She could see the brightly painted cars of the circus lined up as they were in town for several week’s performances. Strolling along the street, enjoying the night air, she was surprised to see a group of clowns from the circus going into a nearby bar far down the street. She made her way in that direction, leery of the dark alleyways and rough neighborhood. Reaching the building, leery of the surrealness of it all, she paused before approaching the entrance, slipping into the alley beside the bar to consider whether or not she really wanted to go any further.

Standing in the darkness of the alley, hidden from view and considering her options, she heard behind her a rustling sound and then a wet splashing sound. She turned with a gasp, startling a pretty little clown girl who was squatting next to some garbage cans taking a pee, “OH MY GOD!! You scared me something awful!! HAHA!!” She wiggled her ass, trying to shake away any stray droplets before jumping up and yanking up her colorful, striped bloomers, “Hey, what’re you doing back here anyway? Strange place for a regular girl to be hanging out.”

Angie gawked at the girl for a moment, her brain spinning, “You’re a clown…. “

The clown girl just smiled wide and stepped right up to her, “That I am. I hope yer not one of those people who’re scared of clowns. That’s always a real disappointment cause we’re really very friendly and fun. Yer not one of those are ya? I think I can tell you really love clowns…” The clown was talking really fast and in an animated fashion, coming closer and closer, peering up into Angie’s face, almost right up against her.

“No, I love clowns… you’re really cute!” Angie was mesmerized, taking in the sight of the girl, inhaling the intoxicating scents of cotton candy and what else? Sex?

Before she could move, the girl cheered, “Yay!! I knew it!!” and threw her arms around her, hugging her close. Smiling and hugging the clown back, Angie was unprepared to receive a wet, open mouthed kiss, the clown’s tongue suddenly in her mouth. Her mind reeling, her body went stiff as the clown girl pushed her up against the brick wall of the bar and began to make out with her. Feeling conflicted and horny anyway, she wondered “What the hell?” and kissed her back, pulling the small, cute clown close, thrilled by the bizarreness of the situation. She didn’t really go for girls, preferring dick in almost every circumstance, but this wasn’t something that happens every day and life’s just too short to not take benefit.

Before long, the clown was groping her breasts through the thin top she wore and Angie’s hand slipped inside the back of the girl’s bloomers grabbing at her saucy little butt, “Oh wow, we’ve got a live one here!” the clown whispered, wiggling her ass in Angie’s grip before reaching up under her skirt to yank her panties down, painted clown fingers sliding into the folds of her sex, rubbing her slit, juicy now and achingly itchy with need. Moaning and trembling, Angie held on, her brain clouded with lust as the little clown molested her in the alley, fingers slipping inside her wet, twitchy twat, fucking in and out grinding against her throbbing clit.

In no time at all, Angie’s orgasm exploded, the clown girl cheering as the woman’s legs buckled, letting her slide down the wall to sit in the weeds, legs splayed out, panties dangling from one ankle, her skirt bunched up around her waist. Bending down to give the dazed woman a last kiss, the clown whispered, “Hey, when yer ready, come in and meet the gang. I’m sure they’re gonna love ya!” Angie just gaped up at her watching her skip off around the corner of the building with a blank expression, too dazed to react.

When she was able to stand, she got up, mumbling to herself, “What the fuck just happened?” and stumbled to the edge of the building where the clown disappeared, peering around the corner to see that no one was out front, although she could hear the clowns inside, talking loudly, having a good time. She paused, considering whether she should take benefit of the girl’s invitation before shaking her head and turning to head back towards her car, “Nope nope nope…. No way…. Too damn weird for me….” She drove home slowly, replaying the encounter in her mind over and over, surprised to discover herself aroused before forcing herself to think of something else. That night she dreamt of dancing with a clown girl in a field of daisies.

The next day, she couldn’t stop thinking about the clowns and especially the clown who molested her. Sitting over her coffee, mumbling, “I’m not even into girls…. But god that was nice…. Sweet little clown…mmmm….” Her fingers slipped inside her robe before she knew what had happened and found her clit throbbing, sex wet and hot and ready. She jumped up, squeaking with a begin, “OH MY GOD!! I’ve got to stop this! What the hell am I thinking??!!” spending the rest of her day pushing thoughts of clowns out of her mind.

As the evening fell though, Angie found herself parking her car in the same spot as the night before, stepping out to peer down the street towards where she saw the clowns going into the bar. Sure enough, they were there again, laughing and talking loudly as they strolled into the building. Hesitant and unsure, she stood on the sidewalk for a long time before slowly walking up the street to the front of the establishment, unable to see in the windows but listening to the clowns inside, obviously having a wonderful time. She almost turned back several times but kept thinking of the night before and hoping to maybe see the little clown again.


Finally, she reached for the handle of the door, her curiosity overcoming her caution, and ventured inside to be greeted by a surreal scene. Seated in the middle of the cramped space was a group of men and women, still in their makeup and costumes, already swilling large glasses of beer, talking and laughing loudly. She stopped just inside the door and smiled, cheered by the lively group, but not sure whether to go in or step back out as the clowns were boisterous and occupied most of the space. Before she could decide, several of them noticed her at once, including the small woman from the night before who waved and shouted, “Hey, there she is. She’s the one I was telling you guys about. HEY, come on in and sit with us!” The other clowns smiled and cheered and motioned towards an empty chair that they pulled up.

“Are you all by yourself? You look like you could use some friends!!,” bellowed a lanky guy with poofy, red hair and a striped jumpsuit, “No one should be alone on a night like this and we’re the most fun yer gonna find around here!!” At that the group all laughed and nodded, friendly and jovial, but a number of their eyes seemed to size up her slender figure, lingering and hungry.

Shrugging off an uneasy feeling and flattered that they perhaps appreciated her appearance, she made her way farther into the tavern to slide into the offered chair, gladly taking a cool pint that was handed to her, “Hi guys…. I’m Angie… I’m guessing you’re from the circus?” The obviousness of the answer made them roar again with laughter, the female clown sitting closest to her sliding an arm around her to hug her close.

“Of course we are!!! HAAHAAAHAAA!!! Maybe you wanna join us, huh? Hangin with the clowns is the first step you know…. once you go clown, you never go back… or something like that. How does it go?,” said the friendly hugging girl. She had clearly started drinking before reaching the bar.

“Dumbass… better be glad we look out for you or you’d lose your way back from the tent every night,” shouted the tall one with the red hair. “Your hot ass doesn’t hurt matters either. Har har HAR!!!” He reached around to grab her ass, reaching under her tutu, making her squeal and squishing Angie between them, the smell of sweat, greasepaint, alcohol, and something like cotton candy mixed with sex strong and intoxicating.

Angie sat with them for hours, drinking beer after beer and listening to them tell stories and laugh. They nudged her this way and that, different clowns whispering things in her ears, more and more outrageous as the night went on, hands bolder and bolder touching and groping. The housewife, despondent and frustrated with her home situation, more and more inebriated and aroused, and curious at the behavior of these bawdy clowns let them take their liberties with her, kissing and fondling, then groping and fingering, her blouse pulled up, bra having disappeared, pants open with sticky fingers in her crotch, lewdly handled and displayed in the middle of the rough bar. She found herself making out with the cute little female clown again, straddling her lap as all the clowns laughed and cheered her on. Somehow she was suddenly topless, the girl’s lips intoxicating against her own. Her head was spinning, hands caressing her body, a sweet, greasy smell in her nose. What were they doing? Smearing something on her skin, rubbing it all over. They laid her back across the table, the clowns gathering around as her pants were suddenly tugged down and removed, leaving her naked, hands holding her arms and legs as they painted her face now.

She looked down her naked, now white painted body with a begin as she realized the tall, lanky clown with the red hair was between her legs, slapping his enormous cock on her slit. As she stared, disoriented and confused, drunk and horny, she realized that the clown’s dick was painted white. He had opened the front of his striped jumpsuit and his whole body appeared to be painted white. Her eyes went wide in wonder, fascinated by the bizarre scene playing out, a gasping moan escaping her lips as he pressed the thick head of his dong against her wet, quivering cunt lips and pushed his way inside. As the clowns held their eager captive, legs spread wide, he began a rhythmic thrust, deeper and deeper each time, her moans filling the tavern, different hands caressing her bare, painted skin, pinching and pulling her nipples, lips upon hers, tongues in her mouth. Out of her mind as he used her, she suddenly had an orgasm, her body spasming under him, writhing on the table, the clowns cheering for her pleasure.

She didn’t notice when he finished, filling her with his seed to be replaced by another. She eagerly opened her lips and lapped as a cute clown girl straddled her face, a painted slit presented for her consideration. Her ecstasy washed over her, on and on, orgasms running together, each male clown taking a turn as the puddle of cum under her ass grew, the river of goo seeping from her abused hole. She didn’t even notice when one wedged his fat rod into her ass, the slimy spunk spilling down her crack providing more than sufficient lubrication, her sphincter loosened by her inebriation and extreme state of arousal. She eventually blacked out, body exhausted, spirit overcome, fuck drunk and sprawled on the sloppy table in the middle of the small place, covered with sweat and cum, juices and paint, hair plastered to her painted face, a smile on her lips.


She regained consciousness some time later in the wee hours of the morning, laying naked on a table, nudged awake by the owner cleaning up before opening for the morning crowd, “Hey, you been here all night? You gotta get goin… I’ll prolly have people coming in for their morning constitutional soon.” He sighed as he helped her off the table, shaking his head as she stood on wobbly legs, cum sliding down her greasy, painted thighs. She smelled like all kinds of sweat and sex mixed with greasepaint and a whiff of what… Cotton candy?

“Oh my god… I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to spend the night here… hey, do you happen to see my clothes anywhere?” She looked around in the dim light, self conscious being naked and in such a messy state in front of the older gentleman. She found her top and slacks in a pile on the floor, but her underwear was gone. She pulled the garments on over the sticky mess coating her body, the cum soaking through her pants, her blouse sticking to her as well. She gave the bar owner a shrug and turned to leave, “I guess I’ll clean up once I get home…sorry for the mess….” She left, giving him a little wave and looked up and down the street, self conscious of her painted face and disheveled appearance, but it was completely deserted. She hurried to her car and headed home, getting curious glances from other cars as she drove through rush hour traffic made up in her new clown face. She noticed her reflection in the rear view mirror and smiled, “Oh, that’s really pretty cute!” Her face was expertly done and hardly smeared. Despite having been drunk and gangbanged then left sleeping on a bar table for only a few hours last night, she felt strangely exhilarated, the high from how much she liked her clown face being the icing on the cake of all the fun she had with the clowns the night before.

When she pulled into her driveway, she found her cuckold had already left for work, leaving her alone in the house. She rolled her eyes and shrugged as she nearly skipped in the side door. “Honey, I’m HOOOOME!!”, she shouted to the empty house, mockingly. Upstairs in her bathroom, she stripped off her grungy clothing to get cleaned up, stopping to stare at herself again in the mirror, naked and covered with white grease paint. Mesmerized, she slid her hands over the surface of her skin, the layer of paint with dried patches of cum and who knows what, the faint smell of sex and sweat and makeup and again… cotton candy. So strange. She couldn’t help feeling aroused, painted nipples achingly stiff, her pussy juicing up quickly, that itch that cannot be denied. Before she knew it, she was rubbing herself furiously until cumming almost immediately. Standing breathless on rubbery legs, she stared at her reflection, fingers still in her sex, body twitching and hot. She did it again and again. watching herself in the mirror until she could hardly stand before staggering to the bed where she fell, molesting herself for who knows how long, until she was completely exhausted and drifted off into a fitful sleep, dreams of being naked at the circus, surrounded by clowns and crowds and music.

She didn’t wake up until evening, jumping up to quickly clean up before her cuck returned home, reluctantly cleaning the greasepaint off with shampoo until all remnants of her previous night’s debauchery had washed away, leaving only an underlying excitement and a stain of shame. She put on a light, short dress, neglecting any underwear since she suspected she’d only lose it anyway and had a quick bite to eat before racing out the door to drive back to the bar where she met the clowns.

Parking down the street as before, she hurried to the bar, finding it empty but for the bartender and a couple of old men, “Are the clowns coming? Or have they already gone?”

The bartender gave her a weary look and shrugged, “No missy… they’re shipping out today. The show’s over.” He nodded back over his shoulder towards the train yard, “They’re probably still around if you want to catch them before they roll out.” He wearily bent back to his task of wiping beer glasses dry and lining them up on a shelf.

“OH my god!! Thanks!!” She gave him a quick little wave and ran out the door, ducking down the alley where she saw the clowns emerge the night before and found the hole in the chain link fence where they must have come through. Ducking through and then stumbling across the tracks towards the circus cars, she found the clowns easily enough as they were strangely in their makeup, standing and joking around outside their car. A number of them noticed as she ran up to them and turned to greet her, “Hey!! You came!” “Woohoo!! It’s the clown slut from last night!!” “Hey girl, what’chu doin here?” They seemed genuinely happy to see her.

“Hi guys… I ummm… I wanted to see you again. Believe it or not, I had the best time last night…., ” kicking at the gravel, she suddenly felt shy and a little ashamed by what had happened and blushed furiously as she looked down at her feet. She suddenly had second thoughts and wanted to flee, “I hope it’s ok that I came…. maybe I should go, I don’t know what I’m doing here….”

Before she could make a move, a couple of clowns grabbed her and hugged her tight. She recognized the big clown with red hair and striped jumpsuit and the little clown that molested her, ‘”Nonsense!! We made you a clown last night and you’re one of us now. In fact, when I saw you, I thought maybe you’d decided to come with us.” He looked down at her, seeming to be waiting for an answer.

“Yeah, come be a clown!!” “We’ll have fun!” “You’ll love it!!” All the clowns started laughing and shouting encouragement, hugging and groping her tits and ass under her skirt right out in the train yard. Smiling and laughing, she stumbled from the arms of one clown to the next, considering the offer. Right about then, a horn sounded and the clowns all got excited, “Uh oh!! Time to go!!”

The red headed clown got a hold of her, gazing down with a smile, “So, you coming or going? Now’s the time to decide and not sure when we’ll be back.” He gave her a hug and let her go, waiting for her answer.

Her mind raced, looking back up at the clown, her body tingly, wet and horny from being with them, thinking over the last several years of her dismal existence. She impulsively nodded, nearly screaming “Yes!! Please take me with you!!”

The clowns all cheered together, then lifted her up and carried her onto the train car. Once they got her inside, they ripped her dress off her body and threw it out onto the tracks along with her shoes, “You won’t be needing any of that stuff anymore. Strictly clown clothes for you from here on out!” A couple of clown girls pulled her over to a stool in front of a mirror and sat her down, “Ok, now to get you made up again. We see you washed it all off from last night, although it was in pretty rough shape when we left, so just as well… HAHAAA!!” Laughing and chatting, pausing now and then to pinch her nipples or grab her ass, they began to apply the greasepaint to her face, outlining her features and adding clowny details, “Now pay attention cause you’ll eventually being doing this yourself.” The painting continued down her neck and all over her body, fingers slipping into all her crevices to cover her all over, causing her to squirm and gasp, making the clown girls laugh and smile, “Yeah, feels good, doesn’t it?”

Right about then, the train started to move, Moggio’s shoes and torn dress laying on the gravel where the clowns threw them, dwindling in the distance, “Say goodbye to your stupid regular life… only fun from here on out!!” They stood her up and turned her around, her naked flesh jiggling as all the clowns cheered, slapping her butt and pinching her, “Alright, now for some more clown fun and games!!” “CLOWN ORGY!!” Suddenly all the clowns started getting out of their outfits, her face guided to a rigid white cock. Without hesitation, she opened her mouth, letting the clown slide it deep until she had tears in her eyes. Another cock slid into her from behind, filling her wet hole before beginning a hard pounding. It went on for hours, cock after cock in all her holes, wet painted cunts pressed to her face, fingers invading every part of her body, clowns fucking and grinding all around her.

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