Finally fucked my tutor!!

My tutor (33M) has come down to visit me (25F) at least 2 times before our third date. He lives about 350 miles away from me. We agreed to not have sex before then, and we were very patient. I have given him a few blowjobs since our first date, so I have been looking forward to finally feeling him inside me! Well other than my mouth that is! I won’t bore you with the details of our third date, and jump straight to where I finally fucked him!

We headed back to the hotel he was staying at after our third date. He wanted to put on a movie for some background noise first. He was having trouble working the remote and was trying different distances/angles to change the channel. I asked him to give me the remote so I could try. I stood up on the bed after he gave me the remote to try higher angles. As I am flipping through the channels he then proceeds to remove my tights. He sees that I am wearing a body suit (those tops that have buttons that snap together towards the bottom). He is surprised, and excited to slip it to the side to get his first taste. He notices that I am extremely wet and not wearing any underwear. He smiles as he removes my top. He is on his knees on the bed looking up at me and begins to eat me out like no one has ever done before!

This man is eating me out as if he hasn’t had the pleasure of eating someone out in forever! I knew he loved eating pussy, but didn’t realize how passionate and willing he would be about it! I grab his hair to pull him in closer to me. His hands are holding on to my ass at first, and then glides his hands up to my breasts. He starts playing with my nipples and I am moaning in pleasure. That’s when he decided to grab my ankles and pull on them so I could fall back on the bed. He pulls me in close to his face, and licks me clean! I can feel myself making a mess in his mouth. He comes up for air after some time and he appears to be extremely sweaty. Turns out I made a mess all over his face! He comes up to kiss me and I could taste myself on his lips. I love how I taste so I make out with him for a few minutes to get a proper taste.

He wanted this night to be focused on my pleasure since I had already given him a few blowjobs. He also wanted to show me his gratitude for my blowjob skills. As I am kissing him I can feel his rock hard dick on me. I grab it and begin rubbing it on my wet pussy before he slips it inside me. I then quickly get him on his back because I wanted to ride him. After a few minutes of riding him I finish on his dick! I have never finished so quickly before! He flips me back on my back and puts one leg over his shoulder. I was surprised at how easily he could move me around. Being thrown around like a rag doll felt amazing!

Every time he got close to finishing he would stop and eat me out again. He was set on not letting himself finish that day since he didn’t get the chance to return the gesture. I finished 3 times, and really wanted to taste myself on his dick. I licked him clean by only using my tongue. He made me feel like he worshiped me, and that he truly loved the way I looked, tasted, and smelled! This time he left me wanting more, and ready for the next time I get to see him!

NSFW: yes

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