Christmas With a Demon [F20] [Succubus] [Summoning] [Lesbian] [Partly Exhibitionism] [Fictional]

The flurries of snow danced wildly around the frozen window of Rayne’s apartment as she lazily twirled the blinds cord in her fingers. Winter break had started nearly a week ago, and while Rayne enjoyed the break from her studies, it could really only last for so long before she began to get bored. All her friends were away with their families, and the constant snow outside was enough to keep her confined to her home anyways. She would have liked to see her parents, it wasn’t like she hated them or anything, but she highly doubted she could afford transportation halfway across the country, especially this close to the holidays. For now, the best she could do was have every-other-day video calls with them, something they still greatly appreciated from what she could tell. Rayne idly traced patterns onto the frozen window, the cold from outside condensing on the window again mere seconds after she began, covering any of the designs she had just created. She laughed slightly, sitting up and wheeling her chair back to her desk at one end of the room. and strolled over to her bed, collapsing onto the soft mattress. Rayne sighed as she stared up at the dark gray ceiling above her, trying to think of anything she could possibly do.

With a sudden click, she remembered the book she had found all those months ago, her face turning a bit red as she recalled what had happened with it the night she had. She sat up, brushing a strand of her dark purple hair out of her face as she did so, and leaned over the edge of the bed. She reached down underneath, stretching as deep under as she could before her fingers connected with the rough leather surface. Rayne pulled the book out from under her, gazing at the wrinkled cover and smiling. She blew softly onto it, causing a cloud of dust to arise from the tome. Walking over to her desk, she pushed apart a stack of graded papers, further adding to the overall clutter of the table. She dragged her chair over and sat down, flipping through the pages to try and discover anything that might be of interest. She wasn’t really all that horny, just curious to see what types of things she could potentially conjure from the magical book. The pages of the book were very clearly old, the yellow tint that covered each page only mildly distracting from the faded writing and torn parchment, making Rayne wonder just how long this book had been sitting on the pavement before she eventually found it. As she paged through the book her mind wandered. Thinking about Christmas… and how she’d be spending it alone this year. She subconsciously wished to be with someone, as sad as it sounded.

She was shot back to reality when she heard a soft, preppy knock at the door. Rayne shut the tome, slid it away on her desk and got up, straightening her hair and adjusting her clothes as she went. She carefully opened the door, and was shocked to see that no one was there.

“Hello?” She called out into the hallway. She received no response. She shut the door again, plopping back into her desk chair and sighing. “This is some Edgar Allan Poe shit,” She muttered as she began to reach for the book once again.

“Hey I’ve heard of him before!” An excited voice said from somewhere in the room. “The Raven, right?”

Rayne shot out of her chair, slamming into her bed and the wall behind it. She frantically looked around for the source of the voice.

A tall woman stood in the center of the room. Her long black hair fell around two curved horns at the top of her head, past her striking yellow eyes, and down to her chest. Her skin was red, a fact Rayne could easily tell by the fact that nearly none of it was covered, save for her chest, legs and crotch, all covered by black lingerie. The woman cocked her head to the side, confused, as her equally red tail swished behind her.

“Are you okay?” She asked, her voice slightly deeper than before. “You seem so scared…”

“H- How did you get in my apartment-” Rayne stammered as she stared at the figure in front of her.
“Didn’t you summon me?” The woman asked.

“Summon?” Rayne muttered to herself. She cast a glance at the tome, resting on her bed… was it feasible to summon something without any phrases?

The woman followed her gaze to the book.

“Yeah!” She smiled, pointing at it. “Yeah! You used that… did you not?”

“I… I guess I did-” Rayne said, relaxing against the wall.
“I’m Azia, a succubus, but you probably already knew that,” the woman said, smiling again, revealing rows of sharp teeth.
“R- Rayne,” Rayne said, “And no, I didn’t really know that- to be honest I didn’t really mean to summon you…”

“Oh,” Azia’s smile faded. “I guess I should leave?” She turned to the door, starting to walk over.

“Wait!” Rayne called out. “Can… Can you stay?” She stared at the bed beneath her, unable to meet the succubus’ eyes. “Just to… keep me company for a bit…?” Rayne’s cheeks flushed with embarrassment, unable to look up from her dark sheets.

Azia smiled warmly, walking over to Rayne and sitting next to her.

“Sure I can!” She said, wrapping her arm around the other’s body and pulling her close.

Rayne couldn’t help but stare as her new position put her head almost directly over Azia’s cleavage, the black lace bra barely stopping her dark red breasts from spilling out.

Rayne was brought out of her trance as Azia stood up, walking around the room.

“Isn’t it nearly Christmas up here? Shouldn’t there be decorations ‘n stuff?”

Rayne was once again embarrassed as she fiddled with the sheets.

“Yeah- I haven’t really gotten to it… just the tree.” She gestured to the undecorated pine that stood in the corner.

“Well this just can’t do!” Azia exclaimed, “Come on,” She said, grabbing Rayne’s wrist and pulling her up. “We’re decorating this place!”

“O- Okay,” Rayne stammered, taken off guard by Azia’s optimistic mood.

The two spent hours stringing decorations around the apartment, talking with each other as they went. As much as Rayne tried not to, she couldn’t help but admire Azia’s body as they worked. The way her hips swayed when she walked, the way her thighs seemed to taunt her as they jiggled hypnotically with every step, how her enormous breasts bounced around in her tight clothing… It was more than enough to keep her motivated throughout the time they worked. Rayne couldn’t help but feel a bit silly as her only business was someone she summoned, but she pushed it out of mind and continued. By the time they had finished, they were both tired and sweaty from all the running around, (Rayne noticeably more than Azia), and they both collapsed onto the bed. They lay in silence for a while, both admiring their handiwork. The bright and happy Christmas decorations greatly contrasting the otherwise morbid atmosphere of the room, making Rayne and Azia both giggle as they looked around.

They lay for a while longer, before Azia finally adjusted to where Rayne’s head rested in her lap.

“Is there anything you wish to do now?” Azia asked as she ran her hands down Rayne’s arms and sides. The heat emanating from her hands was a little surprising, but Rayne found it oddly soothing as the heat trailed around her body, seeping through her thin shirt.

“I didn’t have anything in mind,” Rayne replied, resting against Azia’s thick warm thighs.

“Well…” Azia began, her voice much deeper than before, “I am a succubus, and I’m sure you’re well aware of what succubi do~”

Rayne stiffened as the implication of the other’s words hit her. While she hadn’t been horny before, the proximity to Azia’s body, as well as the hours of staring she had just committed had worked its way around her mind… and crotch. It was clear Azia was fully aware of that by the looks of it, and Rayne thought if the demon had known she was staring the whole time.

Rayne sat up, positioning herself so her legs straddled the other’s. She looked into Azia’s yellow eyes as the succubus’ hands continued to trail over her clothed body.

“Well?” Azia’s sultry voice asked.

“I- um…” Rayne’s voice trailed off as her cheeks flushed. “Can you… um-”

Azia smirked. She decided to take pity on the girl in front of her, grabbing the back of her head and pulling her into a deep kiss. Rayne let out a surprised “Mmh!” But quickly adjusted to the other’s sudden move. Azia slipped her long thick tongue into Rayne’s mouth, Rayne reciprocating the best she could as the heat within her grew stronger and stronger. Azia trailed one of her hands down Rayne’s back, using the other to keep their lips locked. Her fingers danced down her back, and Rayne shivered as her fingernails brushed down her ass underneath her skirt. Azia broke free from the kiss, both of them panting before looking into each other’s eyes once again.

“Azia- I-”

Before Rayne could finish her sentence, a sharp ringing from her phone interrupted her.

“Shit,” Rayne panted. “I forgot I was gonna video my parents today… would it be alright to wait a bit?”

“Of course!” She got up and took a seat behind Rayne’s desk, Rayne’s eyes focusing on her swaying waist as she went. She looked up at the other and smiled. “I’ll wait here ‘till you’re done.”

Rayne opened her laptop directly across from Azia at the desk.

“I’ll be quick,” She said, a note of anticipation in her voice. A few moments later she smiled, waving at the screen.

“Rayne!” A man’s voice boomed over the computer’s speakers, “How’s our girl?” “Ooh you decorated!” A female voice rang out.

They talked for several minutes, mostly Rayne’s parents, as they caught her up on every little detail that had gone on since their last call.

Azia traced her fingernails along the wooden surface of the desk. She was as patient as she possibly could, but eventually boredom took over her. An idea flashed into her mind as a grin slowly spread over her face. Slowly, she dragged her stocking clad foot across the floor, Azia’s height and the width of the table making it easy for their feet to connect in seconds. Rayne’s eyes briefly shot across the table, but focused back onto the screen to not arouse any suspicion. Azia drew her foot up Rayne’s leg, the smooth fabric of her stockings making it easy to slide up, causing another glance, this time more nervous to be cast across the table. As Azia brought her foot up to Rayne’s inner thigh, Rayne cast an even more nervous look over at the other, who simply smirked seductively and continued her journey up Rayne’s body.

Azia continued until she reached the other girl’s crotch, pausing for a moment to see if Rayne would react. Rayne kept her focus on the screen in front of her, trying her best to ignore the woman across from her. Azia began to rub gently down Rayne’s panties, gliding gently up and down her lips keeping a constant tempo. Rayne kept her focus, but Azia could tell her breathing had quickened as the succubus began her teasing. Rayne continued to act ordinary, even as Azia began to increase her speed and she could feel the heat rising in her pussy, creating a small damp spot on her panties. Azia pushed her foot into Rayne’s crotch suddenly, causing Rayne’s breath to hitch and her teeth to clench.

“Is everything alright dear?” Rayne’s mother asked.

“I’m fine,” Rayne said smiling. “Just a hiccup.”

Azia admired how she recovered, but decided to make it a bit more difficult for her. As she drew her other foot towards Rayne’s clothed pussy, she made sure Rayne had no idea until it suddenly pushed into her clit, causing Rayne to gasp and grab onto the table with a begin.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Her mother asked again.

“Y- yeah, I think I might have caught a cold from the weather…” Rayne responded, gripping onto the table as Azia used both of her feet to stimulate Rayne’s pussy.

“Poor girl,” Her father responded, “There are several medicines you can try you know… for instance i remember-”

Rayne’s father began to list off the many different home remedies he could think of, droning on and on so much Azia couldn’t help but entertain Rayne more. She continued to knead the girl’s crotch with her feet for several minutes, before deciding Rayne had had enough.

Enough of that at least. Rayne tensed up as she saw Azia begin to disappear over the edge of the desk. A few moments later, she felt soft, hot hands begin to spread her thighs aside. Rayne shot a look down, catching Azia’s lusty grin as she pushed her face closer to Rayne’s wetspot.

Without much warming, she stuck out her inhumanly long tongue and began sliding up and down Rayne’s spot, causing the girl to let out a small whimper as she did. Rayne tried her best to act casual, but Azia could tell she had begun to sweat, and her white-knuckled grip on the desk’s edge only seemed to grow tighter as the hungry succubus continued. Eventually she pulled back, giving Rayne a small break from her oral assault. It didn’t last long however, and Azia relished the small squeak of pleasured fear Rayne slipped out as Azia slowly peeled the girl’s soaking wet panties away from her slit. She made a show of dragging the panties down to the ankle, massaging Rayne’s legs as she went. Once they were out of the way, Azia barely wasted any time to begin dragging her tongue up and down Rayne’s sopping pussy, giving a little flick of her tongue at the other’s clit every time she swiped up. By now Rayne’s reactions were audible, and while she did her best to hide them, the story of her cold was getting more and more worrying to her parents by the minute.

“Are you one-hundred percent sure??” Her mom asked, worry evident in her voice.
“Tell us what you’ve been feeling lately, and don’t miss a single detail!” Her father added on.

Azia realized Rayne would have to be talking for a while, and decided to take the opportunity as she began to slowly push her long tongue directly into Rayne’s honeypot.

“W~ well I’vAhn!~ I’ve b- been coughing aand ah!~ been ahnn~ a little sssniffly~” Rayne managed to get out through moans of pleasure.

Azia decided to take pity on the girl, pulling her tongue out and waiting for her to finish talking about her imaginary symptoms. The second she was finished and the conversation had moved on however, Azia immediately dove back into Rayne’s pussy, digging her mouth and tongue as deep inside of her as she could go, resulting in a sudden “AHn!~” to slip out from Rayne’s mouth.

This only motivated Azia to go further, grinding her nose against Rayne’s clit as she slipped two of her fingers into her hole with a *squelch.* Rayne instinctively bucked her hips at the pleasure, only amplifying it further. At that point the sensations were too great, and she yelled out in the middle of one of her father’s sentences as she gripped the edge of her computer.

“HEYLOVEYOUSORRYGOTTAGOBYE” she managed before slamming her laptop shut and bucking once again into Azia’s face as her orgasm hit her.

“A~ Azia wait FUCK!~” She yelled as the combination of sensations pushed her well over the edge.

Rayne squirted all over Azia’s face as she continuously bucked into her, Azia swallowing as much of her cum as she could.

Eventually she pulled back, licking her lips and coming out from under the desk. Rayne lay sprawled out in the chair, her sweaty body heaving with every panting breath she took. Azia smirked as Rayne slowly lifted her head to glare at the succubus.

“It was just too tempting~” Azia smiled as she circled the desk to stand beside Rayne. Rayne took the opportunity to jump up from the chair, catching Azia off guard and slamming her into the wall, rattling a nearby record nestled on the gray surface. Rayne pinned the other’s arms back and locked their lips in a kiss, sliding her tongue into Azia’s hot mouth. Azia gave a sultry giggle and returned the favor, pushing her long tongue past Rayne’s, invading her throat with her tentacle-like organ. Rayne struggled to keep focus with the enormous tongue dancing around her mouth, but tried her best to keep the position she was in. They both eventually broke away to catch their breath, both panting from the lack of oxygen.

“Someone seems excited~” Azia taunted. Rayne responded by shoving the other onto the bed, getting on top of her and pinning her to the dark mattress. “I’m just getting payback,” Rayne grinned, locking their lips in another kiss as she trailed her hand down to Azia’s slit. She drew her fingers up and down the demon’s drenched lower lips, gently massaging Azia’s labia as the other let out a pleasured sigh. Rayne dropped off the bed onto her knees, breaking the kiss and bringing her head level to Azia’s honeypot. She wasted no time diving into the succubus’s crotch, momentarily surprised by the overwhelming heat emanating from Azia’s core.

“Mmhh~” Azia moaned as Rayne’s tongue dug further and further into Azia’s pussy. She lightly grabbed Rayne’s hair and pulled her head further in, inhaling sharply at the immediate increase in pleasure. Rayne continued to work the succubus’s pussy with her tongue, licking faster and more passionately as she felt Azia’s breathing quicken. “Ohhhh yeah~ keep going keep going~” Azia moaned, locking her thighs around Rayne’s head and pulling her even closer. “Just like that, just like that~” Rayne pushed as far as she could into Azia, licking up as much of her juices as feasible. “Fuuckkk~ right there don’t stop~ don’t stop I’m gonna cum~ fuck Rayne I’m gonna cum I’m– Ahhn~!!” Azia’s entire body convulsed in orgasm, her legs locking so tight that Rayne was completely trapped between her thighs.

Azia held Rayne in her stasis for a few moments longer, before finally letting go, collapsing backwards onto the bed. Rayne fell back to the dark wood floor with a thud, gasping for air for the first time in several minutes, her face covered in Azia’s cum. Once her breathing relaxed again, she slowly stood back up. She walked over to Azia, still laying back on the bed, and sat down next to her. Azia’s position made her large red breasts extremely visible in the dim light. The steady rise and fall of her chest was hypnotic, every bead of sweat on her body glinting in the light of the window. Rayne continued to stare until Azia finally looked over at her. Smirking, the succubus made a show of gently jiggling her chest around, laughing as Rayne looked away, embarrassed.

Azia sat up and crawled over to Rayne, leaning on the girl’s shoulder and tickling a finger down her back.

“You ready for more?” She whispered into Rayne’s ear.

“I’m not really sure…” Rayne responded with a slight shudder at the touch, “I came a lot already…”

Azia smiled. Dropping a finger down to her pussy, she brought her wet finger back into Rayne’s mouth. Rayne felt a change almost immediately. One moment she felt tired, the next she felt a sudden surge of energy wash over her entire body.

Rayne’s eyes widened, “What did you-”

“Don’t ask me how,” Azia responded with a laugh, “Truth be told I have no idea. Something about stamina or whatever.”

“Doesn’t matter~” Rayne whispered, pulling Azia into a deep kiss. She lifted her leg over the succubus’ and leaned back, pulling Azia forward until their crotches connected with a wet *squelch*. The two immediately groaned from the sensation, breaking the kiss to get some air. Azia moved her head over and bit down into Rayne’s shoulder, causing the other’s breath to hitch. Slowly, the two began to grind their bodies together, their lower lips sliding against each other with ease. The two were unable to contain their voices as the fire between their legs burned hotter and hotter with every passing second. Azia wrapped her arms around Rayne’s back, her nails digging into her as she let out a low “Mmmn~,” her head still positioned at Rayne’s neck. They began to move faster, both of their bodies flowing like a wave against each other, desperate for more and more pleasure.

Within all of the needy thrusting, their clits connected, sending shocks of bliss coursing through both of the girls. Rayne cried out in pleasured surprise, and Azia let out a sharp moan as she dug her nails deeper into Rayne’s back. The two began to thrust harder and harder, both of them edging closer and closer to climax. Rayne’s breathing became ragged as she felt the intense pressure building up in her crotch. “Fuck~ Azia I’m-” “Me too!~” Azia managed through pleasured gasps. Right before her peak, Rayne reached behind Azia and grabbed the base of her tail, yanking as hard as she could.

Azia’s eyes rolled back into her head and her mouth dropped open in a silent scream of ecstasy, her cum shooting all over Rayne’s body as the other soon followed. The both of them continued to aggressively crash into each other, neither of them wanting their waves of bliss to end. Eventually they both fell back, their lower lips still connected in a large pool of liquid. Rayne laid sprawled out on the bed, panting heavily as Azia slowly sat up, nearly falling back down from dizziness.

“You had… no… right to grab my t-tail like… that…” She scolded through ragged pants.

You c-cant tell me you didn’t like it though-” Rayne responded with a laugh.

Azia pouted, dipping a finger into the pool of juices and tasting it.

“Let’s go one more time, I have something to show you.”

“Fine by me~” Rayne said, sitting up. Azia slipped her leg under Rayne’s, assuming the same scissoring position from earlier. She dropped a hand down to her crotch, pressing a finger to the tattoo above her womb. The tattoo began to glow a deep red, softly emanating a low hum for a few seconds.

Rayne immediately began to feel different, but she couldn’t quite understand what it was.

“What happened?” She asked. “I feel… weirdly hot…”

“Touch my clit,” Azia replied, edging back a bit and presenting her bud to the other girl.

Rayne complied, carefully reaching down and lightly squeezing Azia’s throbbing clit.

Rayne threw her head back in a sharp “Ahn~!” As pleasure shot through her body. “W~ What the fuck!?”

“Our feelings are linked~” Azia stated with a giggle. She slipped her fingers into her sopping pussy, watching with a smile as Rayne arched her back and let out another moan. Azia continued to finger herself, smiling as she watched Rayne convulse around out of unseen pleasure. Eventually Rayne got ahold of herself, utilizing one of her brief moments of reprieve to grab Azia’s tail, using it to pull the succubus towards her. Azia moaned sharply at the sudden touch, taking her dripping wet fingers out from her pussy and jabbing them into Rayne’s mouth. The two continued making random attempts at pleasuring the other almost like a competition, until their lower lips connected with a wet kiss. Rayne came almost immediately, triggering Azia to do so as well. The two were so drunk on pleasure they didn’t even stop, continuing to grind and thrust and pull and scratch, purely focused on climaxing again, again, and again. Eventually, Rayne came with a final, eye rolling orgasm, and blacked out.

She awoke several hours later to an empty apartment. The flurries of snow outside had relented their assault on the world, now only a gentle rain. Slowly sitting up, she noticed the light was on in the kitchen, and a small plate had been left on her desk. She stood up, nearly slipping in a pool of liquid that had collected on the floor, and walked over to her desk. On the desk there was a short handwritten note, and a small plate of cookies. The note read:

“Sorry I couldn’t stay, being a succubus is a fairly busy job. Figured I’d leave something here so as to not be an ass.

P.S, the cookies might be terrible, I have no idea how to bake.”

Rayne picked up one of the cookies and tasted it. It was indeed terrible. She laughed and set the cookie back down, walking back over and sitting on her bed. She once again had a lot of cleaning to do.


[Thank you for reading! I’m very new to writing erotica, so feedback is greatly appreciated! (Also, I apologize if the formatting is a bit weird it was copied from google docs.)]

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