(F47) That one time I fucked a student (M19) during a private lesson while my husband was watching


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Last year I used to offer private home tuition to students who were struggling in class and I’ll never forget this one time. I was giving these classes at my place in my office. When this student asked me for a private lesson I felt he had something on his mind since he had no difficulties in my class. But I still said yes because why not.

So he arrived and we went to my office. The lesson went as usual until he started trying to flirt with me. At first I was flattered that such a young man could discover an old lady like me attractive but I tried to remain profesionnal until… I noticed my husband was spying on us. For some reason it turned me on a lot and I wanted to put on a show for him. So I flirted back with my student.

I still don’t know how it escalated this quickly but I ended up half naked on the desk with his face buried in my ass. I then swallowed him and let him fucked me as he wanted. All along I was still staring at my husband and I could see how much he was enjoying seeing me getting used by a younger man. I let him cum on my breast and we resumed the lesson like nothing happened.

NSFW: yes


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