The beginning of an office affair PT 1


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Yesterday at work myHLM coworker Fmid40ish came into the office looking hotter than I’d ever seen her. I noticed she had had her hair done and had new highlights. Now to be fair, the only reason I noticed it is because my wife had recently had highlights put into her hair. She also had new heels I’d never seen her wear. I tend to notice small details.

She and I have all the time had a cool relationship. Have similar interests. What connected us was she watched and actually loved football, she was the daughter of a football coach and has brothers that played so she legit understood the game and we’d talk about games from the weekend and make bets on the upcoming games etc

When she got to her cubicle we said our good mornings. I could tell she was annoyed/in a bad mood. I asked what was wrong and she said it was a long morning already. I shot back without even thinking, “how can you be having a bad morning with amazing new highlights and kill em heels on?”

Her face lit up with a gigantic smile and then she frowned. I wondered I said something offensive so I apologized( I don’t want any HR problems). She then said no it’s OK, its just that I got my hair done for my anniversary and my husband didn’t even notice. And I wore these heels with the sexiest outfit I could think of and he didn’t even look up from his iPad when I came into the room.

Well of course the only logical question I had next was “well what did you have on?” She says ” Nothing! I had on nothing! Fresh out of the shower, lotion on, smelling good, looking good, body shining, and he wouldn’t even put down his iPad to look at me.

“Whaaat, no way you came in with just those heels on and he didn’t attack you”

“Well that was what I was hoping for but he didn’t do shit”

“Damn if you came in a room I was in dressed like that, you wouldn’t even be able to make it to bed before I was all over you”

“omg shut up! You’re just trying to make me feel better.”

“LOL I’m forreal. Don’t beat yourself up, you look amazing. Maybe he was tired or something”

“Oh god, if I hear that excuse one more time I’m gonna explode. I work hard too but still have energy for fun”

” lol well damn, I’m sorry to hear that. You sound pretty backed up”

“You have no idea. Maybe I should get a DH.”

“What’s that?”

” a designated hitter”

” you wanna coach baseball? Figured you’d become a football coach first”

” ya know, a designated hitter. Somebody that comes in for a specific situation. Not an everyday player, just to fill in when I need him. My husband is amazing everywhere else but the bedroom so maybe I need a designated hitter for that situation”

“I see, I see”- was she throwing out hints or just talking? “Well that could be interesting, and tricky. Your DH would need to know that you don’t want to break up your marriage, and understand that it could never be more than physical. You’d also probably want them to be in a marriage as well so they won’t get crazy and try to break up your situation”

“That’s true. So I need somebody that understands my situation and that I love and will never leave my husband but gets that I have an itch that needs scratching?”

” That seems to be the kinda player you’re after coach”

” Do you know of any available players that fit that scouting report?

“I swing my bat pretty well”

“Oh yea? And you’re cool with the contract terms if I sign you?

” yep, you already have your franchise player, you’re just in need of a DH, relief pitcher if you will. I can handle that. Sign me to a 10 day contract and let’s see if it gets renewed after that.”

“LOL you’re funny. Don’t coaches get to bring the player in for a tryout before signing?”

“I’m confident I’ll get the contract. When is the tryout?”

“Today, 12 to 1pm”

“During lunch?”

” what, your bat doesn’t swing between the hours of 12 and 1?”

” lol sure it does”

” good, I’ll meet you at your car at 12. Don’t be late”

” See you at 12, coach”

We then settled in and started the work day. If you want to know what happens next let me know.

NSFW: yes


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