[F] i started selling viids and piics of myself and I feel ashamed but turned on

I am not gonna talk for long , but I come from a family and a culture that kinda sees nudes/pornography and sex as just for after marriage . But online world kinda opened my eyes and made me begin masturbate and learn about different kinks and stuff . And even tho I enjoyed sexting with strangers and so on. I never imagined myself showing off online. But last few weeks I have been struggling with school payments and money because of a family situation, that I started to sell stuff of myself …. It started with simple nudes and now it’s videos of me moaning and masturbating and everything . I keep my face hidden. And I’m definitely not a model girl… I am just a ordinary school student from middle eastern origins . I’m not gaining much tbh cause I am a nobody. But I feel ashamed cause I’m doing something wrong but I get turned on whenever I see customers happy with my stuff and so on .. and I just started to daily masturbate with my customers now

NSFW: yes

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