A Lustful Growing Contagion – Ch. 07 – Fetish

I threw open the door to our house, seeing that mom was now in the process of putting on her shoes.

“Woah! Take it easy on the door. It will break if you cont-” Mom got cut off mid sentence as I embraced her in a big hug, resting my head on hers, closing my eyes. “This is, unexpected, but I always enjoy your hugs,” mom says as she hugs me back, and I can hear how she takes a deep breath while gently pressing her face into my chest.

“I hope you know that I’ll always be here for you if you need me,” I gently say, planting a quick kiss on the top of mom’s head.

“That’s so sweet of you. And I know that you are here.”

“If you need anything, just ask me. You don’t have to fight the virus alone ya know,” I say. Mom goes quiet for a couple of seconds, before I feel her shaking in my arms, and how my shirt becomes wet. I held her closer, tears falling to the floor, her sobbing growing louder. We stood in the hall for a few minutes, holding each other closely as I let mom gather herself. With a large sigh, mom pulled away, and when I looked down at her face, her eyes were swollen, her face flushed and tears had soaked both my and her shirt.

“I-I *sob* I really appreciate your kindness. I love you so much,” she says, pulling my arm, letting me know to bend down, and when I lowered myself, she planted a big kiss on my cheek, lingering a bit. Wiping away her tears, she swallowed the spit that had gathered in her throat as she took a step back. “I’m going grocery shopping. Do you wanna come with me?”

“Sure, let’s go. I can drive if you want.”

We made our way to the car, mom opened the passenger side and took a seat, while I pulled out my phone, shooting a quick text to Victoria.

“Me and mom are going shopping. Do you or Viola want anything?” I watched the three dots bounce on my screen. Victoria replied.

“Ice cream, and lots of it. Viola wants vanilla and I want strawberry

Putting my phone away, I start approaching the car, and as I wrap my fingers around the handle, I notice something. The door to the house across the street opens, and out peeks the nervous head of Tabia. Glancing around her, she opens it fully as she cautiously steps outside. Tabia is originally from Egypt, somewhat apparent by her light brown skin tone and pitch black hair, but she had been adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Harris who lives across from us. Tabia is the same age as me, having known each other during our childhood but never interacted much after we had turned 15. Now 7 years later, she was like a stranger, but I still see her from time to time.

Going goth somewhere around after we had stopped talking, her long black hair had been shaved on her right side, wearing mostly black with heavy eyeshadow, sporting a nice tattooed sleeve on her left arm. Tabia had always been a quiet girl, which had continued into early adult life.

I raised my hand, waving towards her, and she responded with a quick and shy half wave, before hurrying down the street. Opening the door, I took a seat next to mom, pulling the seat belt over me as I started the car.

“Our guests want some ice cream,” I said as I began backing out of the driveway.

“That sounds wonderful. I also want some now that you mention it,” mom said with a giddy voice, which made me feel at ease. “Who did you wave to sweetie?”

“Tabia. She was on her way out.”

“I haven’t seen her for ages, I wonder how she’s doing. Her mom and I used to be so close, but that changed once you two stopped needing us to plan playdates,” mom chuckled to herself, pulling out her phone to check her shopping list. “Drive us to the supermarket.”

For the next 20 minutes, we sat in the car and listened to the radio, making small talk and laughing at the dumb jokes I made. I parked close to the entrance of the supermarket. We entered the store and grabbed a cart, starting to check off the list, one product at a time. I headed off to get the ice cream, grabbing three large tubs, one vanilla, one strawberry and one mango. As I began to walk back, I passed the bread section, where I saw a large woman, long brown hair, probably in her late 20’s, eating and stuffing herself with bread. From her cart which she had tipped over, she grabbed cartoons of milk, chugging them down as well, her belly quickly expanding, bigger than Viola’s. Moaning like crazy, she dragged herself and her bloated stomach further up the aisle, taking more bread off the shelves as she voraciously devoured it.

I chose to continue walking, and I could see how two security guards came rushing towards her, the last I saw was how they tried to drag her away from the shelves. Making my way to mom, I placed the tubs of ice cream in the cart, not mentioning what I’d just witnessed. Mom had finished off the list, and as we paid for everything, I could see that the woman from the aisle was being transported on a four wheeled box cart towards the other end of the store. I tried to distract mom from the large woman, but I could see how her face turned a little sad as she glanced over at her, looking down at her own body. I then gave her a comforting hug, before we left the supermarket, driving home.

Mom was quiet on our way back, and I felt worried for her, so I decided to turn the radio off as I began talking:

“Wanna talk about it? You won’t end up like that, I promise.”

“How do you know that?! What if I go grocery shopping and the hunger just takes over, or even worse, what if my pussy takes over, making me rape an innocent man?!” mom cried out, tears running down her face as she shriveled up into a ball in her seat.

“I know because you’re my mom. You’re amazing, and you wouldn’t let the virus do anything you didn’t want,” I said, my voice serious as I put my hand on mom’s lap. I could feel her tense up as the last words were said, her breathing quickly, as two teary frightened eyes looked at me.

“I-I-I…” was the only thing she could say, before she put her head in her hands as she began crying again. I gently stroked her thigh, trying to comfort her, but to no avail, feeling how she almost was shivering in her seat. Pulling into the driveway, mom quickly got out, still crying and ran into the house, leaving me alone in the car. Grabbing the groceries, I made my way into the house, putting them away, but leaving the ice cream out. I grabbed one of the larger spoons, picking up the mango flavored ice cream and walked up the stairs, going to mom’s room.

I softly knocked on her door, waiting a couple of seconds but not getting an answer. I decided to knock again, and I could hear her disheveled voice yelling from the room.

“I wanna be left alone John! Please just let me be for a while!”

“Alright, but I’ve left a tub of mango flavored ice cream outside your door. I know it’s your favorite,” I responded with a raised tone that tried to remain soft and comforting, not wanting her to hear how disheveled it really was. Drawing my hand back from the door, I felt a little lost as to what to do now. Walking back downstairs, I took out three more of the large spoons, one tub of ice cream in each arm as I walked back upstairs, opening the door to my room.

Victoria and Viola still laid on my bed, close to each other as they were in the middle of watching a movie, some sci fi movie by the looks of it. Victoria hits pause as I enter, raising herself up from the bed so she now sits with her back leaned against the wall.

“You brought ice cream!” Victoria exclaimed, her smile wide. I responded with a forced smile, which both of them reacted to. I handed them each a tub, Victoria getting her strawberry and Viola her vanilla.

“What’s wrong John? You look, worried,” Viola said with a soft and caring voice, opening the tub and scooping out some ice cream.

“Yeah, it’s mom. She’s been feeling a bit down to say the least,” I said as I also scooped a bit of ice cream and ate it, resting myself against Viola’s stomach, which she seemed to enjoy very much.

“What happened?” Victoria asked.

“Well, while we were shopping, a lady in the supermarket who was infected devoured a bunch of the bread, and mom noticed,” I said as I ate more ice cream. “She hasn’t accepted the virus as well as you two have I guess.”

The two of them looked at each other, and Viola gently stroked my back as she ate more of her ice cream.

“You really care for your mother huh. You’re such a good son you know,” Viola says.

“But am I enough for her? She really seemed distressed about this whole thing and I couldn’t comfort her,” I say with a sad tone, sinking down so I only leaned my head against Viola’s belly.

“There’s not much you can do right now, but we might know what will cheer you up,” Viola said with a sultry voice, and I could hear both Viola and Victoria giggling amongst themselves.

“What did you have in mind?” I asked as I rose to my feet, placing my large hand on Viola’s belly.

“Well… Sex of course, but not with us…” Viola continued, her voice a little short and annoyed at the last part of her sentence. I looked at them with a muddled expression, opening my mouth to ask what they meant but Victoria cut me off.

“We sorta, c-called that woman who you, uhm, ‘helped’ on the bus last week. She seemed surprised and very shy when we called her, but…”

“But she wants to see you again, at her place,” Viola interrupted, placing her hand over Victoria’s mouth. “Your girlfriend here wanted you to send us some pictures of the two of you. She’s quite the slut.”

“You called her?” I asked, I couldn’t believe it. Victoria removed Viola’s hand from her mouth.

“W-well, you can not fuck us right now, we’d get to big and I for one want to be able to walk on my own soon. Viola wasn’t that keen on the idea, but we managed to compromise.’,” Victoria said with a red face, looking shyly at Viola.

“Compromise?” I asked them.

“That comes later dear, but for now you can go see that other slut,” Viola said with a demeaning voice, clearly not overjoyed with the idea. Victoria pulled out a piece of paper, and I walked over to her.

“You sure about this?” I asked Victoria, looking at her with a serious expression. She nodded with excitement, leaning in as we kissed deeply.

“I’m sure. It’s just so, I dunno, hot seeing you pleasure other women,” Victoria said, glancing over at Viola who was in the process of eating a large bit of ice cream.

“Alright. If you’re sure,” I said as I grabbed the note from Victoria and gave her a quick kiss, looking at the address.

“Don’t forget about me John, give me some love too,” Viola said with putted lips, gesturing with her finger to come to her. I made my way beside her, kissing her as well, which she really enjoyed. As I pulled away, Viola said with a seductive voice: “Take some ice cream before you leave.” I could see how she scooped up a large piece of ice cream with her spoon, guiding the spoon to her mouth as she wrapped her plump lips around it, taking out the spoon and showing me the ice cream in her mouth. I chuckled to myself as I kissed her again, licking some of the ice cream from her tongue, pulling back after a bit, seeing her proud and satisfied expression, quickly glancing at Victoria who had her mouth wide open, surprised by Viola’s display.

I waved goodbye to both of them as I walked out of the room, and I noticed how the tub of mango ice cream had disappeared from outside of mom’s room. Heading down to the car, I put the address into Google Maps as I started driving away. The masked asian lady was a bit away, so it took me about half an hour to drive over there. As I parked outside the apartment complex, I noticed how nice this place was. A cozy walkway into the apartment’s inner yard, tall trees that casted a much needed shadow, and tall white walls with wooden paneling made up most of the apartment.

Checking the note again, I walked over to the third entrance, putting in the code, opening the door when the light turned green. As I began walking towards the stairs, I saw an asian woman sitting on the bench next to a potted plant. It was her. For someone infected with the virus she was still very small and lean, sitting neatly on the bench, dressed in a white blouse and a pair of high waisted jeans. Her darker tanned skin was almost flawless, her short black hair reached her chin on both sides, with a bit of lift at the ends, a short ponytail in the back. Without her mask, she was incredibly beautiful, a narrow face with a cute chin, her lips full and her eyes a nice deep brown coloration.

I approached her, waving carefully as she looked up at me.

“Hi. It seems that we meet once again,” I said, reaching out my hand to greet her. Her small hand trembles as she takes mine, and we gently shake hands.

“H-h-hi…” she stammers, not at all the confident woman who’s pussy I had rubbed on the bus. “L-l-let’s go u-up to m-my apartment. It’s on t-t-the first f-floor.” Quickly standing up, she leads the way up the stairs, walking to a door which she unlocks and we walk inside.

I’m met with a large open space that’s a mix of a living room and a kitchen. I hear footsteps jumping and running our way, as two dogs, one large irish setter with shiny brown fur and long floppy ears and a much smaller basset hound with a long face. They both run up to the woman, licking and wanting to play, she bending down to greet them too before shooing them away.

“You’ve got very cute dogs,” I say, watching the two of them running out into the living room.

“T-thank you, they are v-very cute, I suppose,” the asian lady responds, taking off her shoes, and I do the same as we walk into the living room. “P-please, take a s-seat on the couch, I-I need to d-discuss something with you.” Sitting myself down on the very comfortable couch, I watch as she heads to the bathroom. The Irish setter struts up to me, looking at me curiously. Stretching out my hand, I let it sniff and lick it, before it jumps up on the couch, laying its head in my lap. I start stroking its soft fur, and I can hear how he seems to enjoy it.

The bathroom door opens, and she walks towards the couch, taking a seat on the other side of the dog.

“I hope that Prince isn’t too b-bothersome,” she says as she scratches the dog on his lower back.

“Not at all, he’s really friendly. What’s the other one’s name?”

“Flo,” she answers, looking away from me, seeing how she slightly trembles. “I just wanna say t-that I’m s-sorry for how I came onto you on the b-bus. I’m mortified about what I did.”

“Don’t be, it was, really nice,” I shyly said, thinking back to our encounter. “What’s your name by the way? My name’s John, wondered it would be a good idea to, ya know, introduce ourselves”

“Kassandra… I don’t know why I did that, it’s n-not like me at all, and when your girlfriend called me I wondered it was all a prank…” she quietly says, looking down into her lap. “I-I-I mean, what man would be a-attracted to my ugly body,” her voice melancholy and without any melody. I placed my hand on her thigh, gently stroking it.

“You’re super attractive,” I said, kneeling down in front of her and wrapping my arms around her as I pulled her in closer. “I mean, you’ve got a really gorgeous face, and your tits are amazing.” She began to slightly blush, looking at me with teary eyes.

“You’re just saying t-that, but thank you…”

“How are you feeling Kassandra? I know a few who’re also infected with the virus,” I say as I continue to scratch Prince behind his ear.

“W-w-well, I’ve been holding up,” she quietly says, clearly hiding something. Her chest was quickly rising and falling, her breathing quick and shallow.

“How do you wanna do this? My girlfriend is a gigantic voyeur apparently, so she wants some pictures after,” I said as my face grew red, not believing that I just said that. Kassandra was also blushing, and she looked around nervously.

“I-I-I know. She told me. I’m okay with it, and for h-how, you can take m-me to the bedroom…” Kassandra lifted Prince off her lap, him clearly wanting some attention, as she began walking towards the bedroom and I followed.

The bedroom was decorated simply, one or two plants, a large king size bed and a desk with a laptop. There’s another door, probably a closet, with a pile of folded clothes placed on the floor in front of the door.

“Y-you can tell me what to do John,” Kassandra said, sitting herself down on the edge of the bed. I gently approached her, putting my hands under her white blouse, and took it off her, revealing her dark tan skin, her C-cup breasts contained by a pink bra. “I k-know I’m not much to l-look-” but she couldn’t finish her sentence, as I interrupted her by kissing her, stroking her soft exposed skin at the same time.

“You’re really hot. You can take off my shorts while I take off your pants,” I said, beginning to unbuckle her belt, pulling down the jeans exposing her lean thighs which were basically only skin and bones. Kassandra did as I told her, pulling off my shorts as I crawled onto the bed next to her, removing her bra so her perky tits came free. “If I recall correctly, you said that your puppies could at all times use more love,” I whispered, lowering my mouth to her dark nipple, gently sucking it as I played with the other. Moaning out in pleasure, I could feel how Kassandra shuddered from the stimulation, sliding off her panties.

“T-that’s really nice, you’re s-so good,” Kassandra said between breaths, her body starting to shake as I now had started teasing her opening. Continuing with the nippleplay and teasing, Kassandra begged me to continue, to start fingering her, but I liked to see how she twitched and moved her hips. “Put them in, *moan* please put them in…” she interrupted herself, which caused me to look up at her. Her expression had shifted from her withdrawn self to a more confident one, her eyes narrowing in an alluring expression as she stared down at me, a raging lust swelling behind her pupils. Smiling seductively down at me, she took her free hand and grabbed my wrist, pushing my fingers inside of her.

“Do as I tell you,” she said with a lower and lascivious voice, pressing my head towards her breast with the other hand. “Be a good boy and keep sucking for me while you *moan* rub my clit.” Her demeanor had completely changed, now resembling the lady I had met on the bus. Following her command, I started sucking her nipple again while rubbing her clit, sliding my fingers in and out. I felt how her hand pulled my underwear down, grabbing my cock in her soft small hand and began to slowly stroke it.

“Does that feel good? Does my small soft hand feel good on your big hard cock?” she breathily says, her eyes wild and lust filled as her other hand runs through my hair. I nod, still keeping my lips around her nipple, her smiling down at me as she pumps me faster. “You’re so good at his, have you *moan* been practicing with your *moan* girlfriend?” Kassandra’s moans grow louder, but she suddenly stops stroking me. “Let’s make our way further up the bed,” she says, crawling away from me on all fours, and I quickly follow after her.

“I-I was lying before, I haven’t been holding up, but I can not do anything to satisfy my cravings,” Kassandra says as she sits on the bed, legs spread, reaching over the edge of the bed with her hand, as she takes out a bag of chips. Her stomach growls loudly, but she hesitates with opening the bag. “I want, no, my body needs me to eat, to stuff myself, but I don’t want to. I’ll look hideous as a fat bitch…” Kassandra says, her shy and reclusive voice coming back as she holds the bag in her trembling hand.

“You will not look hideous at all. My girlfriend is chubby and thick. Recently she’s been stuffed to the brim from the food I’ve fed her, and she’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. I believe you’ll be even more gorgeous if you follow that desire,” I say, kissing Kassandra’s naked body, causing her to relax, suddenly hugging me quickly.

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