BEST SEX EVER – Short Sex Story

Me(M, 24) her(F, 23)?I’ve been going out with the girl of my dreams for about 2 months but I’m not going to lie she’s a bit frigid.Frigid may not be the right word for it, she sees herself very highly and does not give her body to anyone without knowing it’s the exact right thing to do. Anyway the other night I went out on a date with her as we often do we got a meal and played mini golf it was her idea but it was a cute date. On our dates we have great fun, laughing all throughout have deep chats. I feel I know her better than i do myself however at the end of the night never sex. We at all times kiss, snogging and I’m just bricked up beyond belief so ready to go inside and make love but it never happens she says wait. So I wait for the next time and same again wait. It was this way until the other night after our mini golf date.

On this mini golf date she was different though on our dates she usually wears quite orthodox clothing no cleavage not showing too much skin however this night she was wearing u cute crop top showing definite cleavage and a short white skirt showing a lotta leg. Throughout the date she was being a lot more sexual dropping hints almost and just hugging and kissing me a lot more than typical. Anyway I take her back to her place and she invites me up to her apartment which she never usually does so I jump on the opportunity. I get up to her apartment and she opens a bottle of wine and we sit down to watch a movie we pick the batman of all films but we don’t rlly watch it, about 20 mins in we begin making out. I was to nervous to make a move I didn’t wanna scare her off but luckily she made it. Placing her hand on my crotch just stroking my dick over my jeans. And my god I was hard beyond belief so i put my hand on her tit and before I go any further I should describe this girl of my dreams she is 5,5 brunette with small perky tits and a perfect small ass. Anyway she takes off her top and so do I. I pull down her little white skirt and panties to reveal just a gorgeous pink pussy completely shaven and my god I just went down on her in an instant slowly licking her little clit then I slowly finger her pussy with two fingers and my god was she wet at this point I’d never seen anything like it, dripping. I start to speed up hooking her g spot about two minutes later she is rlly moaning and pushing my head into her pussy, she spreads her legs as wide as efficient and shakes profusely and cums for the first time. Ones she calms down for a sec she flips over and quite aggressively pulls down my genes and sucks my rock hard cock she was amazing at it just tonguing my nob and deepthroating down to my balls. After about 4 minutes im near to cumming so I stop her and give myself a second. I then flipped over into missionary and begin teasing her pussy with my dick. But I can’t withstand and insert my throbbing horny cock into her and slowly fuck her for about 5 mins till we begin building the pace. We nearly climax together but we both kind of slowed ourselves down and allow a sec to chill. She then climbs on top of me and slowly lowers herself onto my erect cock I just slip right in her like a knife through butter cos of how wet she i. We pick up the pace a lot quicker in cowgirl before I know it she’s taking the full length of my dick and just bouncing on top of me we both look into eachothers eyes and speed up ready to orgasm, I’m thrusting like never before into her tight wet pussy throbbing with cum and she is lusting for the pleasure of orgasm we reach climax together in a moment quivering screams of love and affection. She slides herself off of my dick and reveals a condom full of my thick cum.

NSFW: yes

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