Dropping the Search – Riku and Leon – Celebrities & Fan Fiction – Sex Story

Riku and Leon from Kingdom Hearts. Set in the ReMind verse where Riku meets Aerith, Yuffie, Leon, and Cid. Yaoi.


Radiant Garden was calm during the night, and yet, the silence wasn’t the only oddly fortunate thing in this area.

There was no sign of Aerith or Yuffie, but Leon was there, standing up against the railing of the small staircase that led up to a bedroom. His muscular arms were folded over his toned chest. Brown orbs watched a curious silver-haired male wander around the place, often seeming out of place and confused. Leon quirked an eyebrow at the sight.

Riku switched off the computer…unexpectedly.

“Are you okay, Riku?”

“Mhm,” he intoned.

“Quit pacing around then,” advised Leon in the sharpest tone ever, “I know you’re worried about Sora but you aren’t going to find him if you turn off the computer.”

Green orbs looked directly at Leon now, albeit no expression was formed over Riku’s face. Instead, Riku just nodded.

“I was thinking about my own sanity.”

“Hm? That again?”

“Look, Mister Leonhart-” Riku voiced, approaching the taller man.

Green eyes glanced up at Leon’s face, particularly eyeing that brown scar that was situated in between the brunette’s eyes, extending from his forehead and down to the upper part of his nose. Both hands pressed against Leon’s chest, Riku pushed Leon against the wall, and then, immediately pressed his lips against the older male’s in the process. Lips melded, saliva drooled from the silver-haired’s mouth. Riku’s height reached Leon’s chest, and for once, Riku had to look UP at someone.

“To be honest, Leon, I was thinking about you.”

In the process, Riku threw off his short-sleeved black jacket, leaving his torso clad in his usual tight v-neck white shirt. His legs still bore those three-quarter-lengths, and boots were still on his feet, not yet removed. Sweat formed over Riku’s forehead, as the sweep fringe of silver hair appeared stuck to his forehead and face.

“Look…” Riku continued, biting onto his bottom lip while green eyes couldn’t stop staring at Leon.


Placing a large hand onto Riku’s neck, Leon’s thumb pressed against the male’s bottom lip. Brown eyes stared into those green orbs.

“Let’s wipe that away, shall we?” Leon voiced, wiping the trailing drool from Riku’s lip.

Raising his other hand, Leon brushed short silver locks to one side, feeling the sweat in the process.

“There, much better,” he shared, pulling a smirk along his own lips, “I wonder, what did you come to me for anyway, Riku?” Leon checked curiously, coughing into a fist.

“Don’t play dumb with me,” snapped Riku, while his rims formed a snarl now, “I came here for you and only you.”

Green orbs looked down and then up, eyeing Leon’s clothes and countless belts. Riku remained a breath away from Leon, refusing to move away. A hand came forth, grabbing a fistful of Leon’s crotch. His face moved inward, the point of his nose lightly touching the brunette’s. Silver eyebrows furrowed.

“Why else did I turn off the computer? So Cid wouldn’t see us,” he replied, making his reason all the more obvious, “I guess I’ll have to fiddle with every belt you’re wearing? Do me a fucking favour and get naked.”

Smirking down at Riku, Leon began to unsheath the many belts that donned his black trousers. There were at least three or four belts; a mixture of black and brown. Chucking them all on the nearby table, Leon tugged his trousers down, along with his tight boxer shorts, thus showing Riku what monster he had in his pants.

“Are you going to squeeze properly with that hand or do I have to do that for you?” Leon gestured, maintaining eye contact with the shorter male.

In the background, a beep suddenly filled the atmosphere of the room. The computer system that Riku took the effort to switch off was unexpectedly turned on once again by a flying belt of Leon’s. This alerted the security camera to record the scene that was about to unfold between Leon and Riku.

Dragging those black trousers down Leon’s legs more hastily than Leon’s pace, both of Riku’s hands gripped onto the fabric of Leon’s black vest. He turned the brunette around, then pushed him on top of the desk. Discarding those three-quarter-lengths along the way, Riku tossed his bottoms down onto the ground. Now the silver-haired was merely clad in his usual white vest and that was it. Abdominal muscles were outlined through his vest, giving Leon the signal that Riku worked out.

Riku climbed on top of Leon, now straddling his hips with his knees. His face leaned inward, his lips catching Leon’s mouth with a kiss in the act. A fist was still gripping onto Leon’s shirt, as Riku raised it slightly during the lip-to-lip dance. His free hand moved in between his legs, beginning to stroke Leon’s manhood.

“I don’t have lube…” Riku mentioned behind Leon’s lips, and then released from the manhood, hastily feeling around for a lone potion that could be on the desk, “I wonder if you have any? Lube, potions, spit – anything would work,” Riku continued, finding a small elixir potion along the way.

Bringing the elixir towards himself, Riku eyed the bottle for a split second, before pulling a nonchalant shrug at the sight. He turned the lid, popping the bottle open. It had a funny scent to it, but Riku didn’t really care at the moment, he casually poured the curative liquid over Leon’s manhood to wet the sensitive flesh. This was before his hand travelled south again, gripping onto Leon’s cock, as he proceeded to tug on the length. His lips met Leon’s another time, beginning to meld his lips with the brunette’s like before.

Leon’s large manhood twitched at the feel of the elixir, every inch coated, feeling the cold liquid engulf him. The veins pulsated along the cock, and not to mention the sight of Riku going crazy never helped either.

“Tell me how much you want it,” sneered Leon as he gazed at Riku. He started to feel the effects of the potion kicking in, making him feel energised. Leon let out a short laugh, “I hope you’re ready, Riku.”

“Shut up and let me concentrate,” challenged Riku.

A string of saliva drooled down Riku’s bottom lip after the kiss broke, and Riku’s hand fiddled, trying his hardest to press the mushroom head against his anus without the constant trembling. Whenever Riku was horny, it was difficult for him to stay still. A low, long drawn-out groan rumbled in his throat during the time Leon’s cock finally slipped into his tight hole, creating a ‘pop’ feeling in the act. His eyes looked down, refusing to maintain eye contact with Leon now.

“I’m gonna try and ride, so don’t fucking move,” he challenged the brunette.

“You think you can order me?” Leon protested, gazing up at Riku, his hands resting on the desk.

At that question, Leon took the weight of Riku’s body and flipped him over onto the table, having Riku’s back on the surface. Leon pressed his hand down on Riku’s thigh, feeling those toned, hard hamstrings.

“I don’t think so,” Leon remarked strongly, pressing the mushroom tip of his penis back over Riku’s hole, making it more wet with the elixir.

An animalistic growl escaped Riku’s throat during the time Leon pushed his manhood inside Riku in one swift move. A hand lunged forward, gripping Leon’s wrist, fingernails digging into his firm skin in the process. The silver-haired’s body started to rock on the desk, making the table squeak each thrust. Riku still wore his black gloves, the material already soaked with sweat.

“I will order you, so fuck me harder…” Riku groaned, leaning his torso upward, swathing an arm around Leon’s collar while his other hand remained on his wrist.

“Is that so?”

Taking a belt from nearby, Leon wrapped Riku’s hands together behind his back as Leon picked the smaller male off the table, now embracing him. Hands held on Riku’s ass, a leg bent underneath for support.

“Don’t try to escape now,” Leon smirked, brunette locks stuck to his face with sweat.

“Why would I try to escape?” Riku chortled.

Squeezing his eyes shut, Riku cringed when his hands were tied together…and in an annoying place too, tied behind his back. The pounding was slow at first, making Riku feel it more. He felt his ring of muscle stretch, still stretching to the girth of Leon’s length. Being picked up by Leon, Riku was now towering over the desk.

“Are…are you growing bigger…or? I feel you getting bigger, I swear…” Riku droned, his face flushed red.

His own cock appeared erect, the tip drooling with premature sperm.

Leon chuckled softly in amusement as he pointed Riku towards the empty elixir that was used on his cock, still opened and just laying on the desk.

“That was an enlargement serum,” imposed Leon as he began to speed up, thrusting even harder. His hands felt sweat form on Riku’s ass in the meantime, too.

“Enlargement serum? Do they exist?” Riku perked up.

During the pounds, Riku could feel Leon’s balls hitting against the slit of his ass. In the position Riku was in, Leon had picked him up and so Riku’s chest was pressing against Leon’s. His legs trembled, coiling around Leon’s waist. Green eyes glanced towards the empty, opened bottle.

“That is definitely an elixir…unless an elixir is supposed to give unusual effects for a time,” mentioned Riku, “I can feel you inside…inside me entirely,” he swallowed a lump in his throat.

“For fucks sake,” snapped an old man’s voice; a low and husky voice coming from the computer, “I thought you were searchin’ for Sora, not fuckin’ around like a couple of rabbits,” he continued, and this was followed by a croaky smoker’s cough.

“W-what?” Riku’s eyes snapped open, looking at the computer screen and seeing Cid with a joint in his mouth, “Leon?”

“Where’s Aerith and Yuffie? They’re both searchin’,” grumped Cid, “I think you two are disgustin’ and should be dropped from the search party.”


Leon let out a moan, feeling the tightness of Riku’s anus practically wringing his cock like a towel at this point. Riku grunted, pursing his lips shut when he felt Leon’s cock target his enlarged prostate. He refused to make any sound, though.

“Fuckin’ idiots,” grumbled Cid, seconds before he switched off his computer, thus disconnecting from the video call.

Leon rested his face on Riku’s shoulder while his hips continued to pound, filling Riku’s backside with each thrust. Riku stuck his tongue out, beginning to pant. His palms were sweaty, and his wrists managed to pull out from the belt keeping them in place. Arms coiled around Leon’s collar, feeling slightly numb, and Riku grimaced, feeling pins and needles in his hands.

“Ugh…your belt was annoying,” grumbled Riku.


Fingers gripped onto the collar of Leon’s fur jacket, while Riku’s other hand clenched a fistful of short, sweaty brunette hair. Teeth bit onto Leon’s ear, nibbling it.

“I suppose we should finish up before the other’s find us like this,” stated Leon.

Setting Riku back down onto the desk, Leon pulled out his manhood. Thick, hot sperm drooled from Riku’s anus. It was gaped to the width of a can, and Riku was sure as hell gonna be feeling sore tomorrow. Riku panted, looking down at the white splurge already forming a puddle on the desk. Only a droplet of sperm showed up on Riku’s penis, however.

“I haven’t finished yet,” argued Riku.

Leon pulled a shrug.

Moving over to the computer chair, Leon sat down and stretched his legs aside. His hand proceeded to stroke his soaking wet cock, while his other hand gestured to Riku to come closer. Leon flipped his fringe to one side. Brown orbs continued to watch Riku on the table, seeing him still looking down.

“Come,” he beckoned, hithering a finger, “I want you to clean me off with your mouth.”

Green eyes rolled in contempt.

“Whatever,” answered Riku.

Slipping off the desk, Riku approached a sitting Leon, stopping right in between Leon’s open legs. He moved his head down, beginning to take the erect penis into his warm mouth. Riku’s face creased up at the taste. His mouth opened WIDE, too, due to the dick’s inflation. Head sunk down, then rose back up, only to repeat the same process time and time again. Riku’s hand slipped in between his thighs, gripping onto his own manhood, encouraging his own cum to the surface.

A large hand came forward, as fingers clenched onto those short silver locks while Riku sucked.

“Riku, you’re amazing,” gasped Leon, closing his eyes.

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