Coach Gets the Best Out of His Athlete [M42F20] [dubcon] [noncon] [degradation] – Short Sex Story

I sat in my office, behind my desk. My leg was bouncing up and down, my hard cock had already slunk down my gym shorts, hugging my thigh. It was strained, straining. I needed release. It was my own fault, really. Dancing around the idea of blackmail, coercing a school student into sex, fucking one of my athletes on my desk. Nothing, I mean, nothing got me off more…

I adjusted my comment. It wasn’t my fault. It was her fault. She was a goddamn idiot. Useless on the court. She couldn’t serve for shit and she never communicated. I mean, she never fucking communicated. I shook my head just thinking about how shit of a volleyball player she was. I knew she must have been hot in high college, anchor of the team, now she was here, big fish in a little pond. She was my issue. Well…

I smiled. The issue for her was that she was here on a scholarship. I kick her, that’s gone, then she’s out for real. Packing her bags back to mom and dad somewhere. The school had handed her to me on a silver platter, all I had to do was have the balls to take her. My balls were aching already.

A knock woke me from my thoughts.

“Come in,” I shouted.

She came in. Kelly. Those half asleep eye lids, vacant stare, blonde hair tied back in a bun, big, fresh tits, a tight stomach, a firm ass, muscular thigs, long legs. Good god she was a nightmare. I’d already masturbated three times to the idea of fucking you raw, spilling my seed inside of you.

“Coach?” She sounded disinterested, bored. To be fair, she all the time sounded like that.

I gestured to the seat across from me. When she sat, I stared, waiting for her to shift uncomfortably, caught in the silence. “Kelly, I never like to do this, but I have to kick you off the team.”

Eyes wide, confusion. “What?”

I said nothing, stared back at her, impassive.

“Wait. Why?”

“You don’t pull your weight, Kelly. You’re-” I shook my head. “You’re fucking useless.”

She opened her mouth to speak. I could see the panic rising across her, a flush in her neck.

Before she could say anything, I pulled up a clipboard and made a show of looking at it. “Practice yesterday, how many assists? How many saves?”

She was off kilter, off guard.

“The worst on the team,” I answered for her. “That friendly we played last week against the community college.”

I could see the panic spiraling as she watched her life here at college crack and splinter around her.

“Worst on the fucking team, Kelly.” I sat forward, putting my hands on my desk. “I mean, tell me what it is? Is it drugs? Did you find some nice boys who are taking turns with you all night? Or were you never good?” I sit back, savoring the look on your face.

The next few moments, nearly a minute, you combust, driveling, pleading for another chance, bitching about how you’ll have to leave.

I wait. I know what I’m waiting for. This isn’t my first rodeo. Maybe it’s cliche, but-

“Anything, Coach. Anything.”

There it is. Now we can get to company. I nod, putting my hands up to fend off her pleas. “Alright, alright. Look, maybe we can work something out. I don’t want to get you kicked out of school. Why don’t you tell me how you can be useful.”

Confusion, a slight ray of hope. “Um…okay, sure. Well, I’m going to double down. If you can help me figure out what I need to do better, then I can-”

“I think we’re pretty much past that, Kelly. Look, I’ve got a better idea, why don’t you come over here and sit on my lap.”

Confusion, frozen. She says nothing.

I wait.


“Didn’t know you were deaf, Kelly. Come over here. Sit on my lap. That, or you can start packing your bags for…where the hell are you from anyway?”

“…Iowa.” She shook her head. “I don’t know what-…I’m not-”

“Don’t lie to me you stupid bitch. You’re a useless fucking player, Kelly. I bet your grades are shit too. There’s one way you stay here. One way you get to go to all your little fucking parties and hangout with all your dumbass friends. That’s through me. I’m the man you’ve got to please to stay here, Kelly. And I have to tell you, I’m hard to please.”

Hesitation, shame. We were close. Then, I saw her begin to stand.

She was hard to read. Maybe I’d gone too far, but when she began to move, I saw a deep and profound shame across her face, tears in her eyes. She was mine.

She padded slowly around my desk. I drank her in openly now, her body was so very nearly mine. “That’s it,” I said, hushing my voice. I turned my chair to face her, savored the look on her face as she saw the arc of my cock running down my thigh, the big, thick thing that would soon be driving into her.

She paused in front of me, unwilling or unable to go through with it.

I smiled, baring my teeth and patted my thigh, then reached out, grabbed her wrist, and planted her firm butt on my leg. I put my fingers, my hands on her waist, the small of her bag. I sighed as I looked at her. “Be a good whore and kiss me.”

“I’m not a fucking whore!” she hissed, tears in her eyes and on her cheek.

I smile. “Sure you are. In fact, you’re a pretty high class whore. “What’s tuition now, $50,000? That’s good money.” I moved my hands along her stomach, rubbing the small of her back. She squirmed in my grasp, but she took it, as I knew she would. I reached up, and tugged at her sportsbra, grinning stupidly as I pulled it down, off her shoulder, down her arm. I exposed her breast, soft white skin, a sweet pink nipple. “We’re gonna have a lot of fun together, Kelly. Trust me. I’ll treat you right, don’t worry.”

I dug my fingers into her soft flesh, kneading it gently in my hand before I brought it to my lips. I kissed her nipple, then bit down on it, holding it softly between my teeth as I teased it with my tongue. I smiled as she whimpered and shivered. I kissed and sucked on her breast, then put my hand back on her stomach and began sliding down towards her tights.

“No!” she hissed, grasping my hand. Her attempt was feeble, just for show.

I pressed on, teasing her for her reluctance, then wriggled my fingers into her waist band as she tried to stop me. I felt pubic hair run through my fingers, then my middle finger found her slit. Without warning, without waiting I plunged my finger inside.

Fuck! Not so fast!”

I sucked on her tit as I explored her pussy with my fingertip, then, slowly, sinking up to my knuckle. The warmth, the wetness was enough to make me melt as it engulfed my finger. I toyed with her clit as I fingerfucked her steadily, rhythmically.

She was holding my arm, grasping there for some sense of control, her mouth falling open as she tried to stop the bursts of pleasure I inflicted on her.

I was relentless, pursing the orgasm I knew was there, the one she’d give me if I was just determined and savage enough.

…She came, biting back gasps of pleasure, sinking her nails into my arm, her pussy clenching around my finger.

I slowed, letting her enjoy herself. It made me feel generous, kind. Finally, I patted her butt and moved her out of the way as I stood. She was still caught in the afterglow and lost the initiative as I reached down and wrenched her tights down to her ankles, then pushed her down onto my desk.

“Wait. Please, you need a condom. You can fuck me, just, please.” She whimpered.

I put a hand on the small of her back as I spread her legs with my feet, splitting that dripping pussy wide. I held my cock in my hand. “I don’t know if you’re naive or really that fucking stupid.” I ran my bare cock up and down her slit to soak it in her juices before sinking my head into her.

“Coach, please. Don’t-”

I grabbed her hips and thrust inside her, half way on the first drive. She was tight, so fucking tight, gasping and grumbling as I took her.


“Shut the fuck up. This is what you’re good for, don’t you get that?” I put my palms against her back and pushed her down into my desk, bracing her there as I started to fuck, driving in and out, her lips pulling against me each time I receded. “Fuck,” I moaned. “Good. So good.”

She said nothing, making little noises of stifled pleasure and pain.

“Good. That’s good, whore. Just enjoy it. I promise, you’ll get used to it.” I fucked her, grinding deeper, deeper inside, reaching for her depths. “You’re my fuck toy, Kelly. That’s your new job for this team. You’re going to help everybody out by keeping me satisfied.” I groaned as her pussy finally took all of me, up to my balls. I railed into her, driving in hard, steady thrusts. My grunting went faster, rising to panting.

“Coach,” her words came between thrusts as she was struggling to take me. “You. Can’t. You. Can’t. Cum. In-”

The pressure rose in my balls. I grabbed her shoulders and kept her there, braced against me as she bucked and fought as I emptied myself inside her pussy. My face was contorted in the agony of climax as she clenched, hard around me, not letting me move and inch. The warmth seeped up through my entire body, eventually leaving me gasping for air. “Fuck,” I moaned slowly. “So fucking good.”

“Bastard. You fucking bastard.”

I sighed, then patted her on the butt. “Good work today, Kelly.” I pulled out, my cum spilling off my cock and out of her pussy onto the floor of my office. I sank back into my chair and took a deep, long sigh of satisfaction, bliss. “Why don’t you hit the showers?”

Kelly said nothing, but slowly started picking herself up.

“I’ll join you in fifteen minutes.”

…She turned around to glare at me.

NSFW: yes

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