[55] [MF] pt2 naturist holiday – Short Sex Story

After a while I woke and through the patio windows I could see Emma’s naked form leaning against the balcony. She must have spotted something down on the ground in front of the hotel as she was having to lean forward. Her naked breasts were hanging over the balcony and she had to raise herself on her tip toes to see what was going off below her. This action along with her legs being slightly aside gave me a perfect view of her swollen pussy lips. And if I wasn’t mistaken I could see two fingers working themselves in between them. This was hot and made me think about what she was looking at that made it so interesting. I recalled the time she watched a couple having sex in front of everyone at a hotel we’d been stopping at in Corfu. Emma at the time got the perfect spot for watching that time. Maybe something similar was happening below her again but rather than watch she was contributing to the scene herself. By this time my cock was rock hard and as I was just about to place my hand on it I felt a warm moistness envelope it. My foreskin was pulled back and I could feel a tongue circling my end. I looked down and realised Jayne was still in the room and she was taking my girth in her mouth. Wow this was fucking horny. Emma was, without realising it, giving me a show of her own and here was this other woman sucking and licking my rock hard member.
Jayne had obviously seen what Emma’s actions were doing to me but realised that she herself wasn’t getting anything from this encounter. With my cock still deep in her mouth she spun around and straddled my face. I didn’t need any encouragement and immediately penetrated her very wet pussy lips with my tongue, lapping at her swollen clitoris, savouring the nectar running all over my face. What an image that must have been. Jayne was clearly ready as the tonguing around my manhood became more intense. She let out a little moan as I penetrated her with my tongue, holding it there before making circular motions deep inside. Emma on hearing this moved from the balcony and came back inside. She said “your both awake then. I’ve just been watching a show near the pool which was very similar to what’s happening right in front of me here. Do you mind?” At which point she came over to the bed. Jayne sat up, my face firmly stuck between her legs. Emma then lowered herself slowly onto my swollen penis mentioning how hard and big it was. I couldn’t figure out why though. Here I was both women grinding themselves on my body. I looked over to the mirrored doors of the wardrobe and good just see Emma and Jayne caressing each other’s breasts before kissing each other. They were clearly enjoying themselves, as was I. It wasn’t long before Jayne and Emma pushed hard down onto me before letting out loud groans as they both came. Emma bucked and ground herself hard onto me and Jayne pushed hard onto my willing mouth. I couldn’t control myself any longer before pumping cum deep inside Emma’s very hot and by now very wet pussy.
After a while we all got up, showered before going for breakfast, still in our birthday suits. At the breakfast table Emma finally revealed that the earlier show between her and Jayne wasn’t just for me. She wanted to experience the taste of another woman and distribute in the excitement of what only two women together could know. Once again I could feel my cock start to swell…..

NSFW: yes

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