Let Daddy Take Care of You [restraint][good girl][wholesome ending][script] – Short Sex Story

Take your shirt off.


I said SLOWER!

Good girl. Now take your pants off.

>*I see you hesitate as your face turns red*

I said NOW!

Good girl. Now lay down on the bed.

>*you lay down face up on the bed and watch me handcuff you to the bedposts*

You’re mine now, and I can do whatever I want with you.

>*I climb on top of you and remove your bra, then lightly run my hands over your body, following with gentle kisses as I watch you tremble*

(Whispering softly in your ear): Yeah you like that don’t you.

>*I run my hands down your thighs and begin to pull your panties down as I listen to you whimper and see you begin to squirm*

Be patient now, we’re almost there.

>*I feel you shudder as I run my hand over your pussy, lightly grazing your clit. I hear you moan*

(Softly): Good girl…

>*I slowly slide my fingers inside you and you let out a squeal*

Oh, my. You’re already so wet and we’ve barely started! Time to take things to the next level then.

>*I step back and take off my clothes, then climb back onto the bed. I lift your legs onto my shoulders then slide the tip of my already hard dick between your pussy lips. I hear you begging me to put it in already*

The more you beg, the more I tease. Now behave for me and settle down.

>*You nod your head and whimper softly*

Good girl. Now I’ll give you your reward.

>*I plunge my big cock into your small, tight pussy. You let out a big moan and start to pant. I slowly pull out and then just as the tip is about to pop out, I slam back in, which makes you scream and beg for more. I do it again, and again, and again, until you finally can’t take it anymore and beg for me to make you cum*

>*I slide out and move down until my mouth is hovering over your hot, pulsating pussy. I slowly glide my tongue over your pussy, then I begin to circle your clit with my tongue. You ball your fists up and try to pull your legs together in response*

No resisting. I get to do whatever I want to you.

>*I force your legs aside and you arch your back as you get closer and closer to cumming. Just as you are about to climax I pull away*

You don’t get to finish quite yet.

>*I listen to you plead for a release*

Ok, ok, you win.

>*I go back down and continue to work my tongue in between your pussy, then let my tongue glide back over your clit as I feel you begin to climax. I hold your legs in place as your body spasms and your pussy contracts while you cum. I let you settle down from the orgasm, then I pull away and sit up*

Ok now it’s my turn.

>*I push your legs up then slide my cock back into your soaking wet slit.*

Oh my fucking god, your pussy is amazing!

>*I can barely hold back as I pound harder and faster into your sensitive pussy. Your screams get louder as you beg for more. I can feel that I am about to climax, so I thrust deep and release my cum inside you. You can feel my cock pulsing as I ride out the orgasm.*

Holy shit you’re such a good girl.

>*I pull out and lean in to give you a kiss. You can feel my cum leaking out of your pussy and running down the side of your thigh. I let you out of the handcuffs, noticing bright red marks where you were straining against them. I lay down and you curl up beside me, gently murmuring with a soft smile on your face. I look down at you laying peacefully next to me*

NSFW: yes

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  1. randomthrowaway7390

    Note: this is my first attempt at writing this kinda thing, so if anyone has any input/edits/advice it would be greatly appreciated.

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