Lunch With Dad – Short Sex Story

Last year I went back to my hometown and stayed there for about a month. I don’t have a lot of friends back home, and my relationship with my dad isn’t necessarily amazing, but I hadn’t seen him in a while. Things did improve a lot since I left after graduating from university, I guess being his adult daughter who had a life of her own made him respect me more. He never let me forget that at the end of the day he is the parent and I’m the child, and I respect that. There was a shaky period in our relationship that started when I was 14, he introduced me to his girlfriend, two years after Mum passed away. I didn’t react well, at all. What sickened me the most though was how young she was, only 22. dad was 45. They broke up 3 years later. Now that I’m a few years older than she when they first got together I know it was inevitable due to their age gap, but at the time I wondered it was because I never made any effort to let her in and be anything more than just dad’s girlfriend. Before I left home at 21 he had another failed relationship, this time age appropriate. This time around I had warmed up to the idea of dad having a new girlfriend. I genuinely liked her, but for some reason things didn’t work out between them. It was one of the reasons I decided to move to another state, I figured that once again I was the one who did something wrong and that I needed to give dad space.

So, back to last year. After almost a full week in, dad had proposed that we meet during lunch at a restaurant. It was the one we’d go to almost every Saturday after walking down the shopping street, the food wasn’t exceptional but the place had been around for ages, both my parents spent their whole lives going there with their parents so I guess it became a tradition in our family. While dad went to work that morning I slept in and went to a museum near the restaurant when it was close to noon. I got a message from him, saying he was already on his way, so I picked up my pace and went to meet him. Once I arrived our usual spot wasn’t taken, the whole place was pretty dead. I took a seat and messaged him, letting him know I was already here. 15 minutes go by and nothing. I decided to go to the toilet to wash my face, it was a hot day and I had gotten a bit sweaty from the walking. The bathrooms were all the way to the back after a long hallway. At the end of it there was a wide wall with ribbon windows showing a parking lot and a few commercial buildings. To one side it led to the men’s restroom, and the other to the ladies’ restroom. The sinks and mirrors were outside with one door on each side leading to the respective single stall.

As I made my way I could hear what I recognized pretty soon as sounds of sex. A man’s heavy breathing and a young woman’s slutty giggles. Once I reached the end and looked to the side I saw a couple in the middle of fucking. Another thing I recognized soon was that the man who was balls deep in his lover’s pussy was my father. What the hell! His pants had been pulled down so his bare ass was in full view as he stood in front of the vanity as a girl sat on it. One of her hands roamed his broad back, still covered by a t-shirt, while the other ran through his salt and pepper hair while she nuzzled his neck. At this point I obviously knew my father was an adult with a sex life, but to see it play out right in front of me was a brand new experience. I knew I had to walk back and wait for him but I just froze. I couldn’t believe how sexy his growls and grunts were in that deep voice of his, it sent chills down my spine. And his taut ass, thrusting in and out of that woman’s pussy, it was hypnotizing. My panties were starting to feel wet, I was getting so horny! As one of my hands made its way to my crotch I nearly yelled out when I saw that the woman wasn’t kissing dad’s neck anymore, she was looking right at me. She had this sluttly, almost proud, look on her face. Seemed like she enjoyed having an audience. It was pretty obvious she couldn’t be any older than 19, and I could see her bag laying on the ground, it had a patch with a local university’s logo on it.

He was in his mid fifties yet he was still fucking young women, young enough now to be his daughter. Not only that but actually younger than that! dad spoke up, telling her he was gonna lift her up. She squealed as he did just that, before the even finished the sentence. dad turned around so he was now facing me, shit this is it. I found out that when dad was in the middle of his rutting he didn’t really give a fuck about anything else, he just nuzzled at her neck and didn’t even noticed I was there. His arms were wrapped around her petite body, one hand grabbing her ass rather forcefully while the other was around her waist. His forearms were so thick and his hands so big! Just the perfect amount of hair on them too. I was still trying to fight it, it was so wrong to look at my dad’s features and feel turned on! But regardless of our relationship I couldn’t deny he was a fine looking man, I remember some girls at college who never gave me the time of the day would go say goodbye to me when dad was the one picking me up, it was so obvious the way so many women looked at him with lust in their eyes. Before this day I couldn’t figure out why, but now that I could see him for what he truly was, a man, I felt just like they did. She was moaning loudly now, it was obvious it was all she could do, dad was the one in control, setting the pace as he moved her tiny frame up and down.

What finally made me lose it was the sight of his thick cock impaling her pussy. I was rubbing myself out with abandon at this point and nearly came when dad spoke to her. He taunted her, telling her how much of a slut she was to let herself get fucked like that in public, by a man old enough to be her father. She just moaned like a whore, begging “Daddy” not to stop. He chuckled, saying he’d just keep going no matter what she said, she was nothing but his toy now. Holy shit! Not only was dad sexy as hell, but kinky too! He turned around again, moving her out of his dick and flipping her over the counter, this time with her upper body laying down and her ass turned to him. First he kneeled down and began to eat her out, going from pussy to ass and back again as if his life depended on it. He got up again, slapped her ass, hard, and commanded her to spread it open for Daddy. She did so before he even finished as he spat on it and wasted no time ramming his girthy cock inside. The girl let out a pained yelp but he told her to shut up as he held her head down with one giant hand. dad had no mercy, he just kept pounding away at her ass, harder than he fucked her pussy. Between her whorish moans he taunted her again, telling her had lost count of how many girls just like her he had screaming at this dick at that same spot. I could never see this as the restaurant I practically grew up in, the one where dad took me almost every Saturday. This was his spot to fuck whatever young slut he could score. He groaned, saying he had to be quick because his daughter was probably waiting for him. She was the one taunting him now, asking if I even knew how much of a prevent my father was. He slammed away at her with even more brutality than before, between groans he said he didn’t give a fuck about that and told her to just “fucking take it” as he thrusted one last time.

He leaned on top of her, both of their screams were replaced by heavy breathing. He bit her neck which earned a yelp from her before getting up. I ran back to our usual spot, as quickly as my wobbly legs would allow me. What the fuck had just happened? As I sat down I realized I didn’t get to cum yet, fuck! dad walked out of the hallway, he looked surprised but happy to see me. He greeted me with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I could already tell he was sweaty but now I was feeling it on my face. It wasn’t the the ordinary thin layer of sweat you get on warm enough days, it was because he had just fucked the shit out of a school student. He commented on how warm I was, I just said it was a long walk and he seemed to accept it. Our time together felt like torture, I constantly zoned out as I looked at him, his mouth moved yet I didn’t hear a single thing he was saying. All I could hear was the sounds he and that girl were making back there, all I could see were glimpses of his manly features.

Later that night I couldn’t sleep, I had this overwhelming mix of emotions. I felt rage, that dad was, as the girl said, a gigantic pervert. Not only was he having sex with girls younger than me but he did so in our restaraunt, while I was there waiting for him! I felt ashamed of how turned on I was, but most of all I felt an intense jealousy. All these years he was right in front of me yet I was completely unaware of him as anything but my dad. Yet now I had seen that he was a man like any other, he used his voice to put his lovers in their place, he used those same hands to masterfully bend a woman in whichever way brought him the most pleasure as he fucked them with abandon. I began to wonder how many times this happened, when he was late for my volleyball matches, when he’d tell me he couldn’t make it when he had promised to give me a ride, when he’d make me get groceries out of nowhere during the weekend. How many of these women were former classmates of mine?

NSFW: yes

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