[36F] Getting eaten before anything else

I love men who actually enjoy eating pussy. Like I wanna cum all over your face and when I say cum I mean genuinely squirt and for you to taste it, and after that, i will do something nice for you cause I’m such a nice person. Is that so hard to discover? One of my best experiences was in an uber when a guy went down on me as he dropped me home

I didn’t have to do anything in return but he did it because he wanted to and I loved that, a lot of guys don’t do it anymore and I’m wondering why

I met him again and he came over to my house, I got dressed up in my favorite set of lingerie and didn’t have anything on just stockings, He brought me into the living room and made me get into doggy style, told me to spread my ass while he started licking my pussy again. It was truly amazing and I’m loving all the attention he gives to my body

I wanna keep it going but I know he wants more which is only fair but i wish i could begin every time i had sex like this to get me truly wet and warm

NSFW: yes


  1. Slythrinlrd

    I love to eat, I always make sure to eat her out till she has at least 3 orgasms before we fuck.

    I never understood why since guys don’t. Pussy is delicious 🀀🀀

  2. Massatak

    Nothing better than eating pussy. Love your cum dripping down my face while you ride itπŸ˜›πŸ˜πŸ˜ˆ

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