Session Wrestler to Slave Ch. 23 – Fetish

“Master Ray. Goddess.” She greeted them, unsure what to say or if she should speak at all.

They laughed together for a quick second before Ray said:

“Well done, Jamie! You look the part!”

“Fucking ‘eh she does!” Shannon chimed in, “A slave girl outfit for a future slave? You can only fucking hope so, but that won’t hurt your chances.”

Jamie smiled widely and beamed inside as Shannon repeated her thoughts from a moment ago.

“Now, where is my dinner?” Ray said.

“It’s done Master. I wasn’t sure how to serve it, my thought was to put it on the table and let you help yourselves, but I didn’t want to imply you should eat at the table.”

Ray looked at Shannon and they laughed again, Ray then said.

“Put it all on the table, then you can serve us directly.”

“Yes Master.” Jamie said as she moved over the food.

She served Ray first, spooning a moderate portion of pasta in pesto alfredo sauce and slices of pan-fried chicken. She then added some seasoned green beans and a slice of garlic bruschetta bread and put a house salad next to his plate and placed Italian, Ranch, and French dressing between them. She then poured him a tall glass of sweet tea she brewed while the chicken was cooking. She repeated with Shannon. She hovered her head over the plate, smelled it deeply, and said:

“What the fuck is this?”

Again, the F word had no animosity in it, just a reminder of the way she talked. Jamie gave her details of what was in every dish just in case either was allergic to anything. She silently scolded herself for not asking about food allergies.

They began to eat and started to ignore her, so she backed up a bit and stood close, but not too close, as they ate and small talked.

“Jamie.” Ray said.

“Yes Master?” she said in a tone that implied a question.

“More pasta and bread.” he said flatly.

She obeyed, then backed away again.

They continued to eat and talk about their days and patients Ray had seen that day. Shannon offered her two cents on a married pair in couple’s therapy under Ray, Jamie began to get the impression these two had been in therapy with Ray for a while.

“Dessert?” Ray said.

“I hope you like it. I know it’s not typical with a meal like this, but I made chocolate chip cookies and bought ice cream. Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite.”

“Fucking ice cream, I can’t. I think I’ve eaten too God damn much already. One cookie.” Shannon commanded.

Jamie brought her the tray and she selected a cookie, Ray took two. She backed away when the conversation went back to Ray’s therapy sessions. Without saying anything to her, they got up to leave and walked back the way they entered from. Jamie wasn’t sure what to do when Shannon cheerfully said:

“Well, fucking come on. You can clean this shit up later.”

Jamie began to walk over when Ray said:

“Wait, don’t move.”

She stopped after only taking one step. He walked over, stood directly in front of her, looked up at her towering form, held out his hand, and said:

“Your chain.”

She was confused at first. ‘My chain?’ she wondered. He looked at her boobs, then down to her toes, and back up at her when she realized she was wearing this silly chain to this silly hard plastic collar. She grabbed it, brought up the end, and placed it in his hand.

“Here Master….” She stuttered. “Sorry Master.” she offered sheepishly for not realizing early what He wanted.

It was 7:18.

He turned and walked away without words, Shannon let out a laugh and said “Well played baby!”, and he pulled her chain and brought her along. She immediately felt hot between her legs. Despite this, her mind protested:

‘What the fuck Jamie, you collared and leashed yourself and gave it to him? All he has done is beat the shit out of you, twice, and now you’re his puppy?!’ Anxiety welled up inside as she walked to keep pace with her Master and avoid further pulls on her collar. ‘I’m collared for him? By my own choice? I paid 70 bucks to be his pet on a leash?! His bitch to call to heel?!’

Nerves followed the anxiety, panic followed nerves as she walked through a hallway she wasn’t sure she had ever seen before. They ended in the large room with a gigantic curved screen TV surrounded by a enormous U shape of sectional couches, recliners, chairs, and end table. It looked like the room by the wrestling ring/workout room, but it was distinctly different. There was a fridge, bar, six barstools, sink, and the biggest blender Jamie had ever seen in a “mini” kitchen in the back of the room, a kitchen table, and an open door to a bathroom.

The panic subsided when Shannon and Ray both sat on a sectional couch and Ray reclined and put his bare feet up while Shannon sat Indian style on a middle cushion and said:

“I should have gotten another glass of tea.” And looked right into her eyes. The look commanded obedience.

“Let me, Goddess. Master would you like tea?” she said through nerves and panic, unsure what was about to happen.

“Sure, light ice.” He replied as he dropped her chain and she left for the tea. This helped the panic, having a task to focus on, but her inner thoughts continued:

‘Now I’m getting them tea? She didn’t even ask! I just did it! What is wrong with me?’

She got the tea, light ice for both as she assumed the mini kitchen would have ice, and she returned.

“Good girl.” Ray said. Somehow that calmed her greatly, the panic eased, but remained.

“Sit.” Shannon said calmly. She knelt and sat on her heels, shifting her feet against the hard plastic of the slave outfit’s bottoms to get comfortable.

“Lick my feet.” Ray said. “Rub the left and lick the right.”

“Yes Master.” She said as she shifted over to do as she was told. She wiped the floor dirt off his foot and started licking his soles while caressing his other foot.

Shannon rolled her eyes, sighed, looked at him with a knowing smile and said:

“Of fucking course you would do that right now….”

“Yeah” he said in a simple tone implying his actions were obvious. He smiled crookedly back at her as he spoke.

“What the fuck ever.” she said as she slapped his shoulder playfully. After this Ray began:

“Ok, you may be wondering what’s going on. Why did it take us five days to text you? Why so little direction on the meal to be cooked? What “fucking slutty” costume to buy?” He said as he used air quotes for “fucking slutty” as Shannon rolled her eyes again despite flashing a enormous smile. “What happens now? Was this another test? Haven’t I passed enough damned tests?” He continued.

“Well, you have. You have passed our tests. Everything was a test to see how you would react. Karina, Josh was supposed to be there to push your buttons….”

“But that fucker bailed.” Shannon interrupted. “I’m pretty sure you would have passed that too.”

“Exactly…” Ray continued. “Not just that, there were little things we watched that you probably wouldn’t even realize. I’m not going to tell you what most of them were, that would spoil our fun and make you wise to our games. We can’t have our slaves getting wise about the way of things, now can we Jamie.”

There was no question there, but Jamie pulled her mouth off his pinky toe and said “Um, no Master, I guess not.”

“Good girl. Now, to my point: are you ready to become our slave? Our property for as long as you are worthy of our valuable time? Do you think you are up to it? Do you think you have it in you to serve us loyally? Be our devoted slave girl? Put us first? To suck my toes and dick because you want to, not because one of us tells you too. To be our wrestling dummy that we can crush when we want?”

He paused. Shannon stared at her. Stared through her like she had done that first night they met when she had Jamie in that front headscissor, hands around her wrists, and probed her thoughts and mind with those questions. However, unlike last time, she said nothing. Jamie looked back to Ray and pulled her tongue from between his toes.

“Yes. Yes, I can do all those things.” She said confidently.

“Ok. That is good to hear.” he said, then he looked at Shannon and said “Babe?”

On cue, she got up, walked across the room to an end table and came back with a small black bag in her hand.

“Do you remember the collar we showed you the first night you came over here?”


“Do you want it?”

“Yes Master.” she said as Shannon passed him the bag. He opened it and brought out the collar. Jamie felt her loins beginning to stir. It turned her on to see the collar that was gonna be the signature of her enslavement, and that was still weird for her. Ray pulled his feet from Jamie’s hands, kicked down his foot rest, and said:

“Here.” he said, the command implying that she should lean forward. She did. “Wait, take off that costume collar.” he commanded. She did so without leaning back. He then wrapped the collar around her neck and told her to hold it together. She did. Her crotch was on fire now, the sensation coursed through her entire body and she shuddered slightly. She shifted her position slightly to try to hide the fact she shuddered from being turned on by the collar, but she didn’t think it would fool Shannon. She looked at her after the shift, but her face didn’t give anything away. Shannon continued to stare into Jamie’s soul with a knowing smile.

‘That’s a smile of satisfaction. Of victory. I’m about to belong to her and her man and it looks like she both knows it and loves it.’ Jamie wondered wordlessly.

She continued to watch Ray as he reached into the bag a brought out a leash made of smooth silver chain. It was thin, the type of chain one would keep a small dog on, but Jamie could tell that it was made of metal and was very strong. It had a ring at one end and a black leather loop at the other end. Ray handed the loop to Shannon and reached back into the bag. He brought out a small padlock. He took the ring of the leash and the two ends of the collar around her neck and hooked them together with the padlock. He snapped it closed, she heard that trademark “Click” of a lock locking.

“There, all mine.” he said calmly as he leaned back and grabbed the loop of the leash being offered to him by Shannon. He continued:

“How does that feel? Now you are under lock and key.”

She didn’t know what to say, but she wanted to say the right thing so she said:

“Satisfying Master. It is satisfying.” She said. He smiled slightly but Shannon’s expression did not change.

“Good girl. Now, shall we talk about the conditions of us taking you on as our slave?”

“I guess so Master.” Jamie responded.

“You fucking guess so?” Shannon spoke finally, questioning her answer by emphasizing the word “guess”.

“Sorry Goddess. Yes Master, can we please talk about the conditions?” she made sure to phrase it as a question. Ray ignored the exchange and continued as if nothing happened.

“One: None of the conditions from earlier change. Don’t miss or ignore our texts or calls. Kneel or kiss our feet when we snap our fingers. Be obedient. Never lie.”

“Buy some more “fucking slutty” slave girl outfits.” He continued using the air quotes again around “Fucking slutty”.

“You fucking had to go there, didn’t you…” Shannon spoke again while smiling and shaking her head sarcastically, noticing Ray making fun of her opinion from earlier. A smirk appeared on Ray’s face, but he didn’t stop talking:

“This is a good start, but you will need more. I like a genie costume. An enslaved superheroine sounds fun too, but surprise us.”

Shannon looked at him with a sly and knowingly devious smile when he mentioned the superheroine, but Jamie could not sense what the inside joke was.

“I bought….” She started, but Ray continued speaking over her, so she quickly stopped talking.

“Order a few ASAP. Understood?” he said as he raised his eyebrows expecting a response.

“Yes Master.”

“Good girl. Now two: your total submission. You have given quite a bit, we have your phone’s pass code, but there is more to do.” He said as he went back to the bag. He started again as he brought out a notebook and pen. “Write down your session email password. We want access to it. Same with your social media accounts, email, every platform you are on.”

Jamie hesitated. She almost asked why, but she didn’t think it was a good idea. Ray continued, easing some of that apprehension, and Jamie wasn’t sure if he saw the hesitation or if he would have said this either way.

“Don’t worry,” he said “we aren’t going to mess with you on email or social media. Think about it, that doesn’t get us anywhere, right? Why mess with you and make you look bad? A happy slave is a better slave. We gain nothing humiliating you online. In fact, that would be a terrible move for us as you would probably leave and never come back.”

After a second or two of hesitation she took the notebook, wrote it all down, and passed it back to Ray.

‘If they do something on my social media I can all the time say I was hacked? Right?’ Jamie wondered to herself, still apprehensive about giving them all her passwords.

Shannon chimed in, almost reading Jamie’s mind:

“If we did fuck with your accounts, you would probably just tell friends you were hacked, and everyone would fucking forget about it anyway.”

“Good girl,” Ray continued, seemingly getting them back on track “but that hesitation may cost you next time. I wouldn’t do it again and risk punishment so early.” Without pausing he went on:

“Next, you will meet Shannon at your bank next week and add her name to your bank account. I don’t care what you tell them about why you are doing it, but I would suggest you pretend to be lesbians or fake a business venture together. You can coordinate later when to do it. You will also write down the info for all your credit cards.”

“My bank account and credit cards?” she interrupted. “That’s my only bank account, you would have access to all of my money and everything.” She wasn’t sure what was gonna happen, they had just said she had to be obedient. Shannon spoke after a second of silence.

“Ray, did she just fucking defy a command? I’m not fucking sure… surely not, right?” There was some attitude behind the words.

“Not at all babe, I think she was confirming the command. Right Jamie? Confirming that you are adding Shannon to your account and supplying us all your credit card information?”

“Yes Master.” She said quickly.

“You are too fucking nice baby, one more of those and we…” She stopped when Ray looked at her, an unspoken communication letting her know he had this under control. He turned back and continued:

“After you add Shannon, you will give us a budget of your bills and income and we will decide how much your tribute will be. Go back six months to get accurate numbers, you are an accountant, don’t make us do the math.” He ended the sentence with a sly smile as he looked at Shannon, who muttered “Fuck fucking math…” under her breath as she shook her head.

“Master, can I ask what you mean by tribute?” Jamie said, confused at what it might mean.

“Yeah, you are going to pay us to be enslaved. This isn’t a free service. You now exist to make our lives easier and more fun, money helps. We won’t ask too much, don’t worry about that, but everything in life is worth working for and part of your working and session money will be given willingly to us. No, we don’t need the money, obviously, look where we are living for fucking free.” He said as he looked around and raised his arms, also using the F word for the first time.

“But, it will make it more real for you, that makes you put more into it, making it better for us. Free things aren’t always valued, subconsciously or consciously, when you give us your hard earned money you will put out more effort to serve. Simple. Right?”

“Yes Master, that makes sense.”

“Ok, I think that covers total submission. Now three: your body. We own it now, and you will take care of it for us. We will have no fat and out of shape slaves. Keep your nails painted too, fingers and toes. I don’t care for unpainted nails. Neither of those will be a problem, right Jamie?

“No Master.”

“Good girl. Last, you need a man. You are straight, right?”

“Yes Master.”

“Ok, it doesn’t matter to us, but we know about Trevor from social media. Either way, you need a man and you need to begin getting laid more often. Its simple psychology and physiology: sex is crucial to our psyche and you haven’t done it for far too long. You don’t have to go get laid tomorrow or become a slut, but make an effort to discover a man. Plus, you are fucking beautiful, every warm blooded man alive would take a beating for one night with you. One hour with you. Discover one of them.”

“Do you have any on the line. Any fucking prospects, pun intended?” Shannon spoke again.

“Ummmm I don’t know… I…” Jamie stammered as she tried to suppress a smile.

“You do, don’t you. Fucking spill it, don’t babble.” Shannon said, seeing immediately that she was holding back.

“Well, there is this one guy….” And she proceeded to tell them about Tim, their sessions, his divorce, and her contemplating asking him out. They listened intently and she could tell the wheels were spinning in Shannon’s mind. She didn’t speak, however.

“Ok, well it doesn’t have to be him, but date, discover someone. A sexually satisfied slave is a better slave, and I won’t be having sex with you so…” he said the word “I” in an exaggerated tone causing an outburst from Shannon:

“Oh what the fuck ever!” she exclaimed as she playfully punched his leg “How many times has this fucking tart sucked you off? You horny piece of shit!” she continued through laughter “we both agreed to the fucking rules: no fucking the slaves.”

“Well, about that rule I could be…”

“Ok, fucking moving the fuck on.” She laughed. “Close the fucking deal already.”

“Fine.” He playfully relented with a huge sigh. Jamie did enjoy their odd and insanely profane back and forth couple’s banter.

“Ok, last thing. This isn’t full time. We don’t want a live in slave, we want a play toy we can use at our convenience. While we are about to own your mind, body, soul, and finances, it would be exhausting to have you at all times. We won’t be calling you every day either, maybe weekly or a few times per month. Too much would spoil the fun.” he said. He went on:

“Ok, closing the fucking deal already.” he said as he smirked at Shannon again. “Jamie, you may think there is a contract or a phrase to utter pledging your devotion, but we aren’t doing anything like that. That shit is for the movies. If you accept the terms and want this, there is one thing you have to do. Or: you can walk out now and it all ends. If you walk you never get to see either of us again. Period. What are you gonna do?”

“I don’t want to walk, what do I have to do?” Jamie said, her vagina still hot and ready after all the waiting.

He took off his belt, unzipped his cargo shorts and said:

“Suck my dick. When you swallow my load you will belong to us.”


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