Theres a monster under my bed! : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

Dad there’s a monster under my bed!” Dad groaned. “Charles go back to sleep your too old for this.” “no really there is!”he got out of bed and went to my room “see Charles there’s no monster under your be- GAH!” it grabbed his face and dragged him under I screamed and ran to my sister “Melany there’s a monster under my bed!” She glared at me “its the middle of the night go to sleep” “no really it ate dad!” she stormed to my room “Charles I swear if there’s nothing here I’ll kill yo- AHH!” She shrieked “there’s blood seeping from under your bed!” She turned to run but it grabbed her leg. She hit the ground with a sickening thud. As it dragged her under she shrieked. I looked around frantically no one else around I was by myself with this monster. They were dead gone eliminated. “there…gone there gone THERE GONE!” My voice got higher and higher then I started laughing. “great job Dwindle” Dwindle grunted. I remembered what they said “Charles your work your writing will never amount to anything ANYTHING!” “whats next dwindle?” You let me into your body and we shall kill anything in sight it shall be a blood bath! I let dwindle into my body i felt a tingling sensation but that was it they called me crazy i preferred phscho . DWINDLES POV: puny mortal he didn’t know that in less then 24 hours his body would be evaporated and i’d be free to do ANYTHING.

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