The Harbinger’s Song [700,000 Subs Contest] – Short Horror Story

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Beware. Beware!
This path leads to horror and despair.
Turn back, run away if you know what’s good,
because bad things happen in the woods!

The curse started way back in 1825,
The first settlers here never made it out alive
Butchered and slaughtered in a Shawnee raid,
Neither woman or child were spared from the grave.

Forty years later in the war between the states,
Twenty union soldiers met a harrowing fate.
On a trail not far from where your campground sits,
Their cannon misfired, they were blown to bits.

In 1944, the history would repeat,
for a group of churchgoers on a Bible retreat.
When heavy rainfalls sent a great flashflood
buried their tents under three feet of mud.

Be ye gone from this place as fast as you can!
Take heed this warning from a kindly old man.
Listen to my words it’s best that you should,
because bad things happen in the woods!

In 1965, it was summer I recall,
a husband and wife, out for a stroll,
along a forest trail above a ragged ravine,
'twas the very last time they were ever ever seen.

Until late in the fall of that very same year,
a hunter with a shotgun was out hunting deer,
found the wife’s dead body all bloated and stiff
broken on the rocks at the bottom of the cliff.

What happened to the husband? Alas, no one knows.
A deadly lover’s quarrel is how the story goes.
But before they had time to call for the hearse,
everyone ‘round here just knew it was the curse.

Run away, young fools! You best turn around,
before you are the ones lying dead on the ground.
This road you’re on, well it ain’t no good
Because bad things happen in the woods.

And now the latest chapter of a story so sad,
high school sweethearts named Natalie and Chad.
And the awful turn that their lives did take,
from an innocent picnic down by the lake.

GONE! Up and vanished these past two weeks.
Last seen in the woods, those woods you seek!
Not a note to be found, nothing left to explain,
just a blanket and a car, they are all that remain.

Now two grieving mothers and two grieving dads,
are losing all hope for poor Natalie and Chad.
So if you love your parents, and I’m guessing you do,
better leave this place before it happens to you!

Head not to the camp! Leave it far, far behind.
‘fore the curse of the land and your souls are entwined.
I’ve warned ye now as best as I could,
because bad things happen in the woods.


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