Frant Peeps on a Hot Tin Roof : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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Afta foggy thinkered sun stumble across a steely building roof he knew not-a-nothing how he got there, Josh eye gazed a tin can, a soups can, a tin soups can with certain kinda what’s’that soaked around it.

Josh plumb-plum squatted and stared with narrowed lookers at the can. Wow howdy, there were peeps atop it! A coupla micro peeps atop the label-less soups tin! They were frant-panicking about some-o-thing, but being such small guys, Josh couldn’t make jam or jelly of what they were squawking.

As befuddlingly muddy this sitch was to Josh, he was sparked that there was some-o-thing on this sprawling lifeless rooftop to gander onder. The peeps peeped him a-course, being such a humungo as he was, so he gave ‘em a wag. Oh, the frants to those peeps had! Josh’s haw must have baritoned them to their eeny knees because they were wormy squirming on the tin like maggots finding their sea-legs.

Just as the think to grip and tip the tin came to Josh’s forebrain, the rooftop hatch flung open. The metal to metal clangarang banged across the rooftop loudly, so Josh couldn’t help but to tip an ear to it. Emerging like a ratcrab being smoked out of its hidey hole, a b’hoyo with a bleeding scalp and flapping coat screamed for Josh to stop-drop.

The man stumbled and stumbled but never tumbled until finally he was within a stalk’s distance of Josh. Wetty from sweat and huffing breath, the stranger began trying to explain some-o-thing seemingly important to Josh. Problem was his speaky was all other. B’hoyo kept gesticulating at the tin then back oh Josh then thrust pointing at the high-sky. Josh tried to cypher it all, but no go. The stranger all-balded hisself by pulling out the last tuft of locks, and then beefed it to the ground shouting and pointing at the sky buttside of Josh. Terror was in the lookers of this b’hoyo stranger, a vicious frant.

Josh twist-turned quickly because that frant was contagious. There, taking up the better half of the world view was another, even more humungo Josh, staring down with narrowed lookers, scary bewilderment bathed in ‘em.

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