The games I play – Short Horror Story

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I love playing games. The games I play are ones that no one else seems to really pay attention to, though. The reason for this is because of just how real it all feels, and I know that every mainstream game has its large flaws. I can always feel myself being launched through the air, tasting the food, feeling the emotion that the character feels. Some may call this great writing, but I call it my special talent.

Nobody else seems to really feel this. The only time I’ve ever played a mobile mainstream game, I said to my friend, “the food smells really good, doesn’t it?” He looked at me like I was crazy for smelling food in a game.

I recently found a new game to play. Seems fun, it’s about working at a Chuck E. Cheese’s type of place with creepy animatronics that children seem to love. The room smells damp, like a sewer had been leaking water in. The air was chilling, but not cold. The player had no fear, not until I opened the cameras and saw a fox run.

All in a moment, I feel my body being squished and my bones breaking in painful ways, my teeth falling out with my eyes bulging out of my head. The last thing I could see out of them before I passed out was the image of an animatronic bear with eyes and teeth coming out of them.

submitted by /u/Genderfluid_Cookies