Reddit – Dive into anything – Short Horror Story

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Everyone needs to unionize and I mean everyone. As employees we all need to make sure our employers are treating us right and with unions, the work place will be literal hell. I remember when I was selling drugs and the guy who gave me drugs to sell didn’t pay me the usual amount, because his lame excuse was that I didn’t sell enough. This was absolutely wrong in terms of labor laws as I still worked the same hours and days, and I got my union involved and we both went to my drug supplier and he started shooting at us and my representative got shot on the shoulder. It was so unfair and I decided to find other work.

Then I worked for a guy who made and sold cocaine, and where he made and looked after his cocaine, was in some underground bunker under some fields. I had to work everyday processing the bags of cocaine and it started to affect my mental health and bodily health. I told the guy who employed me about my mental health and how I needed some time off, but he started swearing and trying to intimidate me back into work. I even promised him that I would find someone who could do my part of the work while I had some time off. He just shouted at me more.

I was hoping the other scared workers would rally with me and stand up to our employers but they were too scared, and I also got threatened with death if I told anyone about the cocaine farm. I told him about labor laws and unions and he replied to me about how he doesn’t give a shit about labor laws and unions, and that I should get back to work. Then a couple of weeks later I brought my union representative to the place where I handle cocaine and I was feeling good. I tried getting the other workers to join me but they didn’t care and were too scared. My union representative got shot in the head and I got told to fuck off and that I would die next if I told anyone else.

You know even though I lost it felt good just trying to fight back against my sleazy employers and I am trying to get some people who work as hookers to get unions involved with their pimps. It’s going to be a hard fight but I think that we still deserve worker rights even if we do work in illegal activities. Wish me luck.

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