shame on you rudan : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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Shame on you rudan absolutely shame on you. It was in the will of lurak that when he dies 4 of you will inherit the bad genes of lurak, and the other 4 will get the good genes from lurak, at the time of his death. It is the will on his genes and on the will written by lurak himself that it read ‘the fairest way to divide my good and bad genes is for all of you to swap bodies each month and experience it all, the good and the bad, for a month’ and this was luraks final testimony.

The first 4 experienced luraks bad genes like diabetes, Crohn’s disease and joint pain. While the other 4 enjoyed luraks good genes which were intelligence, good hair, good teeth, athleticism and talent in music. All 8 of you swapped bodies every month and when it was your turn to experience luraks bad genes you all hated it and wanted a way out of luraks will. There is no way out of luraks will and all must abide in luraks will, to those that were named. One of the names was you rudan and you cannot escape this in any way.

Then the ones who ended up with luraks bad genes they ended up dead before the month’s end, and the specific bad gene from lurak had died with that person. This made it easier as you lot had one less thing to experience for a month. Then another person ended up dead when it was their turn to experience luraks bad gene for a month and that was another bad gene you lot didn’t have to endure for a month. It was clear someone was killing another person when it was their turn to experience luraks bad gene for a month and by completely killing them, you kill off another bad gene from lurak, which the lot of you that are left don’t have to deal with anymore.

The lot of you that are left get to swap with bodies that are experiencing only the good sides of luraks genes and less of the bad side. Then when the last of luraks bad gene was killed off by another person experiencing it for a month, you all now get to enjoy the good sides of luraks genes as all of the bad sides of his genes have been killed off by killing off the person who was experiencing it at the time. Our investigation has led us to finding you rudan as the culprit. You waited for a person to experience going through one of luraks bad genes and you killed them which also meant that it killed off a bad side effect of luraks genes, which also meant the lot of you that are left, won’t have to experience anymore bad genes from lurak when you swap bodies with each other after a month.

Shame on you rudan.