Elias : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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Chris had had one hell of a day to say the least. He was usually bullied at school, but today was much worse. To put it simply and quickly, after school, he had the shit beat out of him. It had been an hour, but his nose was still slowly bleeding.

He did his usual routine for when he needed to calm down. He put his headphones on, and started listening to his favorite album on Spotify, “Songs From the Big Chair”, and opened up a small paperback novel to the page he last read. The novel was “Carrie”, and he had enjoyed it so far. Only 50 pages left to read of it, and he was sure he’d read all of them in this one sitting.

He wasn’t expecting Mother to come home earlier than usual that day, she rarely ever did. Today though, she had to come home early. She had been fired from her job, possibly due to what she did one month earlier or some other incident.

It wasn’t a good choice for Mother to come home early. Chris already wasn’t having a good day, and if one more thing happened that angered him, Elias would probably take control. Nobody was happy when Elias was in control.

If Sarah could be in control then, everything would be fine. Sarah could always find a way to calm everything down and make everything better. Sadly, she’d been asleep for nearly a month and wasn’t going to wake up anytime soon.

Mother opened the door. She was walking through the living room to go to the kitchen so she could make herself a drink when she saw Chris laying on the couch. Mother didn’t like it when Chris was on her couch, or anywhere in her sight. Mother began to scream at Chris.

Chris didn’t like it when Mother screamed or yelled at him, and neither did Elias.

Nobody suspected Chris. Nobody liked Mother. Nobody bothered to find Mother’s killer. And nobody would want to anger Elias again.

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