Residential Trespasser. – Short Horror Story

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According to google, just under 6000 souls claim residence in my little town.

Reality is, maybe a generous 10 in actuality do so. Generous, for I am counting myself in this tally.

Google isn't completely off mark, mind you. As all the structural trappings of a 6000 bodied town are to be found within the stated township limits…. Its just most of the building are in various stages of decomposition.

With the only exceptions being those buildings frequented by, or currently inhabited by the Lonesome Ten.

I cannot account for official miscounting. Nor can my neighbors. Although, seeing as none of us are local locales. This could explain why we aren't privy to such information.

As to a man, me and my neighbors were formally those who were just passing though. Found vacant buildings and decided to settle in and call the place home… until such time as we are forced out.

Which according to our oldest member, has been a wait of 11 odd years and counting.

Its not the most convenient life. As we must travel an hour to the next town over for supplies. Also to earn what little we can from selling weed, hand crafts; or even outright grifting.

Well if you have stuck around this long, listening to me recount the particularities of my little town. I can finally land on the particularity which I find most concerning.

Which, if being honest. All Lonesome Ten are most concerned with.

Three months ago we noticed it, Google has been reporting decreasing population numbers for our town.

Normally Google reports 8000 members rather statically.

Now its fallen to under 6000

Seeking the missing, more search terms were added to the mix.

Which lead to disturbing forums. Run by purported locals of our fair vacant town, linking back to our towns "official" paper.

What makes them disturbing you ask? Well both forms and paper are brimming with stories about disappearing towns folk.

Speculation about possible murder scenes without bodies. Figures seen wandering town late at night, who disappear whenever one gets too close. Muttering leaking from walls without any clear source. etc etc.

From the first thread to the most recent, one can clearly see the rising tides of paranoids and fear taking hold. As each post becomes a little more outlandish and desperate than the one before.

If this wasn't enough. The linked newspaper articles have pictures.

The pictures look like they were taken in our town. However its a town where the buildings aren't run down. Worst yet, alterations WE, the Ten have made. Well they can be seen in some of the pictures as well.

Included one taken from inside MY homestead.

I cannot explain it. We also can't make accounts on the form, nor contact the paper.

Until recently, the Ten were happy enough to carry on like normal, and watch the drama unfold in our parallel town.

Except now we are starting to see figures in the shadows, and hear muttering through walls.

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