No one can see me – Short Horror Story

No one can see me. No one can hear me. No one can feel me. No one knows me.

My family thinks I'm dead. I've been like this for 14 years. I can interact with things at times, but communicating is futile. I try communicating with people but they just get scared or ignore it. Its absolute hell.

I feel like a ghost, but I know I'm not. I never died. I just woke up one day like this. I feel so alone in a world full of people. I spend most of my day watching people, pretending like I'm living a life along side them.

I've only had one interaction, with someone not to afraid of me. It was hard to talk to them over all of my tears, finally interacting. They where able to hear me talk through a box it seemed. But they left abruptly, as if they got enough information. Its tough

Maybe someday I will be normal. Maybe some day, someone, will be able to see me.

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