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I dont see the eyes enymore but when I used to live in my last house befor I moved into the new one I’m currently in.I would always see eyes in the dark.keep in mind my house had a long hallway and my room was the 2nd to last down the hall.there was this one time that I walked out of my room in the night to go to the bathroom as soon as I walked out I can already feel something looking at me I looked to my right and as my gut feeling told me there was.i would stare for several minutes paralyzed from the fear.the fact that u can only see the eyes and not the whole body of the humanoid was that scared me the most.I know there are people that are gonna say that they might of been 2 lights that looked like eyes.but trust me there where no lights at the end of the hallway the only lights there where.where those wall lamp lights.

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