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I am a predator.

Currently, I was stalking one of the most elusive prey.

I sat patiently waiting, as the creature rocked gently back and forth.

It was medium in size, covered in a soft grey fur.

The slightest puff of wind would send it scurrying away, fleeing it’s inevitable demise.

I watched, pupils dilated, my heart thrumming in my chest. I shifted slightly, rising into a half crouch as I got ready to pounce on this thing that had so daringly trespassed into what was my territory.

Before I could make my charge at the creature I froze. Off in the distance I could hear it.

The sound of my one true nemesis.

The soft jingling of bells.

I shot up, energy filling me like electricity. I could feel my hair beginning to stand as I leapt forward, crazed with the need to destroy that terrible feathered menace.

I dove around the corner, running full tilt towards where I knew that thing would be, where it always was.

I skidded to a halt just as it came into view. There, laying on the soft, green, tufted ground it called home, Was the beast.

I could smell it from where I was. By some form of physiology I didn’t understand, it exuded a stench that drove me crazy.

Every plan, every instinct, everything that made me an efficient and deadly hunter, fled from me at that smell.

I charged.

Just as I closed in on the beast it leapt into the air, floating almost, landing a few feet away.

I crouched, staring at it. It began to move slowly, tauntingly, in a slow circle around me.

The smell of it filled me, being this close to it was almost overwhelming.

I waited, knowing it would draw closer. It stopped, I could see the feathers on it twitching.

I knew it would make its move soon.

It charged and I rolled out of the way, almost dancing as it chased me.

I turned at the last moment, opening my fang filled mouth, paws extending, claws unsheathed.


I was rewarded as I yanked my nemesis to the ground, I bit, and scratched, and rolled upon it’s corpse.

The stench of it fills my mind, sending me into a realm of euphoria.

I heard the approval in my master’s voice as I reveled in the kill.

“Good Kitty”

I am a predator.