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The day just doesn’t feel right until someone becomes decapitated and I just don’t know why. It is the way it is and nothing tastes right like the coffees, the bread and supper. Nothing feels right like the wind in your face, or sinking into a comfy sofa and going into your warm bed from the cold outside. It doesn’t feel right until someone becomes beheaded and it’s always been like that since when I was a child. Someone getting beheaded will start the day off and everything will feel right. Even breathing air feels wrong and upside down until someone becomes beheaded.

Then someone came up to me and asked me the most horrible question I have ever had to answer. He told me to explain to him and to make him understand why beheading someone will make the day right for him. I couldn’t believe he would ask me to explain myself, it’s such a blasphemous question. How dare he try to understand and not just go through with it. It’s like trying to understand volcano when lava is flowing and you touch the lava to understand it. Some things are not meant to be understood and are simply meant to be and do and to exist.

I wish past beheadings could make the present day feel right but those past beheadings made the days gone by feel right. I remember each of those days and they did feel right and everything flowed how it was suppose to flow. Then that stranger wanted more explanation and I couldn’t believe how rude he was being at wanting an explanation as to beheadings make the days feel right. It marks the day forever and no one can make a lie about it. If you did someone on a particular beheading it will forever be connected to that day.

Like when fradul set a car on fire and the beheading that day, when fradul tried reconnecting the head with the body and tried stitching it on, it rewind the time and the car was not on fire anymore and was new. This is why the day feels right when someone is beheaded. Anything before the beheading will always be before, and anything after the beheading will always be after the beheading. The stranger keeps asking for more explanation and my rage is now before a beheading and my peace will come after the strangers beheading.