I need to come clean about what happened : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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I work for an organization called the AOA

Also called the anomaly observation agency. I know it’s a little weird for something like this to exist but hear me out.

I have lived in Carveston, Wyoming my entire life and weird shit has always happened here. One such example is when the water in my fish tank floated up to the ceiling and kinda just stayed there. Just random stuff like that happens all the time here. I know your like “ this sounds like gravity falls but garbage” but here me out.

On April 27, 2013 a man named Victor Sanchez was carried into the emergency room my his friend. He was said to be having auditory and visual hallucinations as well as screaming “Polaris” over and over again. He was tested for illegal substances and such but tested negative for all doctors checked him for. He had stable vitals and no exterior injuries so doctors knocked him unconscious and kept him on surveillance.

The events next are up for interpretations. A man said to be made of light walked into the hospital. He was said to be about so large the his head scraped the roof of the building. Victor woke up and screamed in fear. Then both men vanished in a wave of light. Witnesses say they were unable to move when they were in the presence of the Being. The whereabouts of both individuals is unknown to this day.

Authorities the next day searched Victor’s house for clues and found nothing. Afterward, the house was burned down for unknown reasons. I’m nosey so I drove by the house and saw a shiny object sticking out of the rubble. I for some reason was very intrigued by the object. All day I obsessed over it. I got to the point to where I had to figure out what it was. That night I snuck over to the burned down house and found a metal box. I brought it home and opened it. Inside was a book with no cover. It looked like it had been partially burned by the fire. The story it told was an anomaly. Go to r/davidishere for the first 8 entries.

I started working for AOA shortly after the incident. We have been able to find out clues that we are not willing to release to the masses at this point. I’m making this post to try and find people who are willing to join our cause. As of late multiple sighting have been reported as well as multiple disappearances with no substances as to what happened. It’s getting really concerning at this point as two children have gone missing with no trace. If you have any information on the disappearance of Victor Sanchez and multiple unknown individuals please contact me or comment any info you have. Enjoy the rest of your day.