I hate it when my dog leaves me alone in my house : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

I hate it when my dog leaves me alone in my house and I’m not trained to deal with things in the house, more like dealing with the things my dog brings home. My dog goes out and I become afraid, and I then hear my dog growing and attacking people out on the street. I really want my dog to come back home and I start to feel anxiety creeping up on me, I don’t like it when my dog leaves me alone in the house. Nothing seems to go right and I know my dog has to go out, but I need my dog here.

Then the small child my dog has killed comes out of the cupboard and starts screaming and talking incoherently. This is the type of thing I can’t deal with and I try to get away from the dead child and all I can make out from the child is “your dog killed me” and when lost the boy, I locked myself in the bedroom. Silence comes over and I was glad silence was here and some peace for me to gather my thoughts. I should be able to deal with this stuff now but I just can’t.

Then inside the bedroom the 3 dead burglars my dog has killed come out from under the bed. The 3 dead burglars come out crying and sobbing and I could see the fatal bite marks my dog has left on them. They kept saying how they just wanted to steal a few things and that my dog killing them wasn’t deserved as they are so very poor. I tried giving them stuff from my bedroom which was expensive, but they shouted in anger at how they don’t need stuff anymore as they are dead.

I then ran into the bathroom and in the shower I could see someone inside, I opened the shower door and it was a woman and her baby my dog had killed. Blood was everywhere and the dead mother kept on saying “why didn’t your dog spare my baby, I was just taking my baby for a stroll” and as the baby cried the bite marks on them started speaking and they were saying “we are ashamed on being bite marks on a mother and a baby” and I ran out of there I lost my mind and started screaming as all of the people my dog had killed started to complaining to me all at the same time. I’m not trained for this.

Then my dog came back home and everything was fine, he brought home two more people he had killed on the street. I don’t like it when my dog leaves me at home.

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