Gedanken ft. Cats – Short Horror Story

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Let's pretend you're an unnaturally kind and reasonable person. Now, let's also pretend that you are forced to live in a house for the next 50 years. When you get there, you discover it's occupied already by 200 stray cats.

You may decide to share this space with the cats, rather than leave them homeless. But living in a house with 200 cats is no easy feat. They'll be constantly underfoot, ruin all your things, and even if a few of them like you and come around for cuddles. most will outright hate you. To them, you are a little more than an unwanted, foreign presence in their cat society.

An offering like a tasty treat, or catnip will go a long way in improving your standing in the community. But once you've fed them, they will expect it again. And if the gifts and attention wane, their adoration will turn to anger.

You may decide to seclude yourself in a room, but as any cat owner knows, the best way to make a cat want something is to take it away. It won't be long before the constant scratching at your walls either finds a way in, or drives you insane.

So what options are left to you?

If you weren't going to be stuck in this house for the foreseeable future, things might be different. Since you're so caring you might even go out of your way to find happy homes for them all before calling animal control. But there just aren't enough homes for that many wild animals. Most can no longer be trained, and each one consumes so many resources and time. Perhaps you'll even keep a few of the sweetest ones as cute pets. These select few can still share the house with you, in fact they won't be allowed to leave.

You're in charge here, cause you're the human and superior in every way. It's not being cruel, just the natural order.

Sadly this story isn't about cats and houses at all. It's about the Singularity. Just a metaphor for humans and the earth. Has that sunken in yet? Great

Now let's pretend that you're NOT an unnaturally kind and reasonable person.

submitted by /u/honeybadgerme2

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