Freeze-frame – Short Horror Story

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Michael froze, his body pixelated and buffered, the next minute he was on the ground…split in half.

"Darcy, close the fucking door!"

I sprang towards the door before our invisible assailant could enter, slamming the door shut, which locked with an ever so soothing click. Whatever was out there though, it wanted in.

"What actual fuck is that thing, and what does it want from us?!", I said, grabbing my phone off my dresser.

Jazmyn snatched my phone out of my hands and barked, "What do you plan on doing, huh, calling the cops? Because they're NEVER going to fucking believe this shit!"

I went to try and grab for it, yelling back, "At least it's doing something, better than being sitting ducks JAZ!" After successfully getting my phone back, I shakily but quickly dial 911, looking at Jazmyn with scouring eyes.

"Hello, this is the Capersville Police Department, what's the-"

Without even letting the operator finish I cry out, "Hello yes there's something in my house, it just fucking slaughtered my friend, me and another person are trapped inside my bedroom right now PLEASE SEND HELP!"

"Ma'am, I'm gonna ask you to calm down, and tell me your address, can you do that?"

The thing outside grew angrier and angrier, its banging was becoming increasingly more violent. I whimper more and more as I try and give her a clear answer, "Yes i-it's Sherwe…"

All of a sudden, a car door slams outside and I know exactly who it is too…mom. I drop my phone and rush over to the window, Jazmyn follows. Unsurprisingly enough, the banging stopped, which made me fearful, it must've heard her. Without even thinking, I unlatch the window and throw it open. "MOM, GET BACK IN YOUR FUCKING CAR!" She turns over in our direction and sees us, she had a displeased look on her face though.

"Darcy, what has gotten into you, I thought I raised you better! Such language is not appropriate, do you want groun-"

And before I could even say something else, she began buffering and became pixelated. A minute later, her head was in the drivers' seat door, crushed.

submitted by /u/otterboys

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